Bruisers, why do we suck so badly ??

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Primula, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Primula New Member

    Monks can Solo heroic Group dungeons , Bruisers with Same gear will Never be able to do this,

    that is all i know , and its enough to show that monks are Way more powerfull then a Bruiser can ever be
  2. slica Active Member

    I don’t see how if you’re geared you couldn’t as any tank.... I solo’d Torden on my brig and I don’t have any raid gear....
  3. Drona Active Member

    How do you pass the tank check? Tank on second account at the door?
  4. slica Active Member

    Nah, just kill it quick enough. Might die once bc of it if my epic doesn’t proc but merc just resses me then I finish it off.
  5. Arclite Active Member

    Just roll an sk and face roll on the keyboard. Practically require little or no skill to play one these days.
  6. Kabbe Member

    Fixed it for you! :p
    Manageing stats and have patience to farm is 95% the rest 5% difference is dependant on your skill.
  7. Sounson Active Member

    This is the verbatim response from people who are average and make excuses.
  8. Abuj New Member

    I've recently returned to EQII after a four year break and was pretty amazed about the power a Monk now has. Dragonfire is lethal, especially boosted by the ascension spells. I hardly use my old spells anymore, although I do admit that I'm still just grinding in PoM to get to 110. So I have little experience with grouping and heroic instances at this point. Bruisers used to be about higher DPS and more damage, Monks about defence and surviving, but that seems to have changed.
  9. Bennnji New Member

    All classes require little to no skill to play these days. No class is easy to master though. What tank class are you arclite?
  10. Adoninilol Active Member

    Bruisers have never really been better than monk in the entire history of the game.

  11. Strac Active Member

    Any update on Bruisers ? Perhaps some insight of Caith or Gninja ? A little bit of information as to why Bruisers are left behind ? Even if you say "we think Bruisers are at the spot we want them to be" that would be useful information. Altho personally i would really enjoy the reasoning of current monk vs bruiser state.
    It's really the non-communication that is frustrating us bruisers....oops sorry i mean, me...the only pop raidgeared bruiser on my server (?) Just kidding, there's tons of happy bruisers everywhere
  12. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    I know one that is horribad. Can't tank (keep aggro or stay alive). Can't DPS. =/
  13. Earar Well-Known Member

    i think it's time to betray ..; aaaaaaand maybe get back if they are more suitable later ...

    sadly it's not as if they really had utility monks don't have
  14. Revanu Active Member

    Monks don't have utility?
  15. Meilay Active Member

    Yeah, it would be nice to get some sort of a rework on our class- given other class alternatives with superior broken-ness. Even a small bone like Epic 2 buff as an "until cancelled" since it can be recast before it expires anyway and toss some more dmg on it- we'd be on our way to a good start.

    Most everything about our class that made it shine...has gone by the wayside-

    Still a diehard bruiser...just hoping one day we get some spotlight.
  16. Furycai Member

    Count me out. I recently became the latest class trader. I did it to see what it was like for myself and figures I everyone was exaggerating. I didn’t want to and I was doing just fine as a bruiser, I just wanted to see what all the hype was about first hand. I thought I would miss the ethereal class rune, but no. The bruiser class would be extinct if everyone switched to try a Monk.

    I have to say that the game just got easier. A lot easier. There seems to be less to do. I can start the encounter then go change the baby’s diaper and come back and still have aggro if I want to. If I stayed at the computer the fight would be over more quickly and it is really nice to have that kind of impact. You know the kind, when you hit a button and see the health go down. Although, it seems that Monks are a bit squishier, there seem to be less abilities to keep me alive now when the healer goes down, so there is that trade-off. Or maybe I just haven’t figured out all the nuiansces out yet.

    In my opinion, the dps of a monk seems to be right where it should be for a fighter. No one knows what the devs are doing to the bruiser class, but the difference is too big to ignore the way that they have.
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  17. Earar Well-Known Member

    squishier ? less abilities to keep u alive ?

    tsunami 20 sec reposte
    tag team 8 sec dodge
    bob and weave 12 sec dodge
    provoking stance for DR

    winds of retribution that wards and heals u

    more base defenses

    epic 2 spell that gives 10% DR

    mend that removes noxious
    will of the heavens that removes all detriments

    + other stuffs bruisers also have

    since I betrayed I feel stronger in both offense and defense. sad but true ... monks can easily tank in off stance .. harder on a bruiser
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  18. Furycai Member

    I do not really want to get into a this is better than discusion. No energy for it. I will point out that I qualified it all with it seems that way and maybe I haven’t figured it all out, being that I just betrayed.

    For the nostalgia feeling and to make myself feel less like a class trader, the low energy rebuttle goes something like this: tag team is one of those shared abilities while Unyielding resolve, bruising spirit, impenetrable will, ignore pain, close mind, and brutal stand are at least comparable to the other 6 abilities you mentioned. There are other abilities that match those on the Monk side that you didn’t mention as well.

    If I say that I just have not got the hang of Monky defense like I had for the Bruiser, maybe that will equal things out.

    The difference in offensive output is so great by comparison that the Monk is hands down way better, it seems in everyone’s opinion that had venture to try, so it really doesn’t matter.
  19. Earar Well-Known Member

    yeah .. well things weren't that bad .. till they decided to boost monks like crazy

    but when u dig a bit, u see monks are better version of bruisers. They even have better range. And their differences, strength weaknesses are not clear enough.
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  20. Revanu Active Member

    anyone recall monks suffering the worst nerf hit of them all in regard to the reflection adjustment?

    seems to have disappeared entirely.

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