Bruiser's Dark Gi

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greyskull, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Greyskull New Member

    I noticed that the appearance of this item changed with the update on tuesday's patch, but have been to lazy to get a screen shot of it. This is part of the Brawler's Ornamental Gi Crate from Marketplace.
    I dont have a screen shot of what it looked like before though. Please change it back to the origanal appearance, thank you in advance
  2. Gnobrin Developer

    Whoa, odd. I hadn't realized the old ratty starter brawler gi was used in any other places, since I have truly never seen it in other locations. I upgraded the Gi because it was pretty sad (and on the males, it was broken). Odd that your chest and arms are coming up black too... I wonder if that's something to do with tinting or if that's something to do with the quality setting. I'll dig into it on Monday and see what's goin' on.

  3. Gnobrin Developer

    Ok, got it. I was a little confused since the thread's named "bruiser's dark gi" but then you specify the "Brawler's Ornamental Gi Crate from Marketplace". Checking the "Brawler's Ornamental Gi", it's still fine and unchanged since it uses it's own texture. The "bruiser's dark gi" is a black tinted version of the ratty old set. I'll see what I can do about it on Monday.
  4. Obano Member

    The starter Bruiser Gi was found in a few places in the launch base game and were quite the collectors items. These Gis go well with the feel of the class.
    \aITEM -529584361 1950433277:Blood Drenched Gi\/a
    \aITEM -498390129 667723974:Gi of Madness\/a

    I would actually like to see the look again in CoE and future expansions with new retexturing.
  5. Gnobrin Developer

    Whelp, I've reverted the files back to the old textures. I'll whip up new sets for the bruiser starter gear since it seems that it's in use in multiple other places, just retinted. I have no idea when that reversion will show up in-game, more then likely after the next hotfix, since it's not new art to then require a new art build.
  6. Greyskull New Member

    Great, and reading your post, "Brawler's Ornamental Gi" does sound like the name, sorry about the thread name. I took a screen of the item description, and and was named "Dark Bruiser's Gi" maybe that part of the porblem?
    I first noticed it on my TS apprentice since i have those dressed like their owners, thinking somethings not right here. My setting are almost all on "High" if not "Max" so most things show up as they should.
    thanks alot for looking into this Gnobrin
  7. Obano Member

    One other thing to note Gnobrin this is an interesting bug. It goes not look that bad for a New Gi type on new items. No other Gi in the game looks like the bug below. I take my Gis very seriously as seen in my signature.

  8. Obano Member

    This now what the Blood Drenched Gi looks like. Now if this was only offered as a modern quest reward you would have made a lot of brawlers happy.
  9. Gnobrin Developer

    Yep, the "gi" we used in the past was just the bruiser's starter gi, just retinted. I've reverted the files to the old version, when we have a hotfix, it'll show up for you.

    Sorry for the trouble.
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  10. Obano Member

    Thanks Gnobrin I really do appreciate it.

    Please do save the Gi model for future use. It looks really good and could have been used as the base appearance for CoE Gis.
  11. Gnobrin Developer

    Sadly, we don't have a "Gi model" as such as having a plate, vanguard or leather model. Gi's are a more fluid armor, so I switch it up from time to time to alternate cloth types and sets.

    Keepin' it fresh, yo.
  12. Estred Well-Known Member

    This may seem random but if I had a base model I could work on making a "Gi-Model" rigged to the base races if i knew anything about your socket system. If you can read .OBJ files.

    Just an offer.
  13. Obano Member

    That is a great idea. Just let us download the .OBJ files and the players can make new Gis player studio. I think there is a lot of talent in what people can do here.

  14. Estred Well-Known Member

    It's not a small undertaking, There are what 13 base-races all of which would need a special Mesh for the Gi not to mention rigging and making sure the Animations fit. I won't know anything till Gnobrin responds if he even does.
  15. Obano Member

    If all one is doing is a retexture job it should not affect the mesh rigging or Animations. It may take changing 13 different texture files but I guarantee someone would be able to put in the work and figure it out.

  16. Estred Well-Known Member

    Depends on if the desired result was a reskin of the default GI atm or an actual new model which would require rigging and meshing/vertex weighting to be redone.
  17. Obano Member

    I was talking about reskinning with new textures the starter Gi and selling it through the player studio system.
  18. Estred Well-Known Member

    I think I read that somewhere down the line Player Studio may have that option for now though Armor/Weapons are not submittable for it. I hope to get some work done on house items over the winter break. Thank god my Finals are almost over, I have a pretty looking lamp-post that needs some other outdoorsy furniture.

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