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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Aull, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Aull New Member

    Hello all. It has been nine years since I quit playing and just wanted to ask how are the bruisers, berserkers, and shadowknights playing these days? Just researching I seen that bruiser combat arts were boosted but how are they playing since that update.
    The berserker was my very first EQ2 creation. Had a blast with that toon. My SK was very interesting to play and seemed to not lack much.
    Just thinking about playing again and just slowly researching things to try to get an idea if I do decide too.

    Also, looking at combat arts and i'm not able to find what "Hadooken" for the bruiser is?
    Thanks all.
  2. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    I think a lot depends on your play style and ambitions. Are you aiming for the end game and min/maxing? Or just playing casually / solo / group a bit here and there? All of the above classes are fine and well equipped for casual play, any relative weaknesses only become really apparent when you're in the raiding crowd.
    Last I heard, Monk was still considerably stronger than bruiser after the changes, but that the bruiser can play independently now, without the need for a carer to follow him/her around and change their diaper and spoon feed them.
    People complain that SK is weak. I dunno, they have their strengths, and in raids a good player can make them a solid off tank.
    Zerker is the one I never saw live up to the hype. I played on Thurgadin and I don't think there was a good one on the whole server. As a monk I utterly destroyed every zerker I ever played with in both tanking and dps, or both at the same time. But the US players seem to all agree that they're amazing /shrug. They do have very nice buffs.
  3. Aull New Member

    Mercy how awesome are monks now lol. I remember monks and bruisers doing well single target but berserkers and crusaders where awesome in AOE. One of the reasons I left was the sheer boredom of mass pulling every single instance every time and everyone just burning mobs down. Rinse and repeat. At least back then it was like that. No need for crowd control and no limitations.

    If I do come back it will probably be just casual. Years back raiding was fun but it became a chore and the time constraints hindered real life.

    Thanks for the reply Tanto
  4. Obano Well-Known Member

    Hadooken is a Bruiser ranged attack that replaces Sonic Fists. It does pretty decent damage. Most people don't care what Bruisers do because everyone is playing Monk now.

  5. Aull New Member

    You know after all these years it’s great that your name is still here Obano. You always had great insight for bruisers and I always appreciated your dedication and ideas.

    Thank you for responding.
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