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Discussion in 'Quests and Live Events' started by ARCHIVED-rbritz, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-rbritz Guest

    I've already completed all of the pirate illusion quests and received the charm from Accord. The issue is I'm at -50K faction with BrokenSkull and want to complete the 3+ quests from the Pirate at the docks. The Illusion doesn't work anymore of course.
    Yes I know I can kill Ykesha mobs outside Guk, but -50K at 25 faction a kill is 2K kills just to get to 0 and I don't even know what faction is needed for him to respond.
    A) Any way to raise faction quickly?
    B) For those that completed the 3 Pirate quests, at what faction did you do it?
  2. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    3 pirate quests? There are only two according to wiki. Drop down to "Salty Sea Port"
    Lets see. You get a book and no faction for completing "A Pirate's Tale," which you have to buy the quest starter off a merchant while doing the Pirate illusion questline.
    And then there's "Tracking the Croc" from Captain Azhub on the dock, who may or may not need faction at all to get his quest. You get a house item and no faction out of that.
    The end of the Pirate Illusion questline will give you a Rat illusion that, when used, will let you talk to General Rattamus Musk in Gunthak's Shanty. No particular faction there, but it's 4 more quests to do.

    However, if you do get Ally faction with the Brokenskulls, you can buy a title from them.
  3. ARCHIVED-rbritz Guest

    Yes, I've done the rat quests already, was no additional pirate faction increases. The 2-3 quests are from Captain Azhub per Fluffy. He won't talk to me at -50K faction. Hence the need to raise faction but how much is needed and how quickly can it be achieved is the point of my message.
  4. ARCHIVED-dirtymeat80 Guest

    I was sorta hoping the illusion they give for finishing the questline would do the same as the previous illusions that gave you the faction to walk among them..........boy did I find out quick that it didn't work lol.
    Not sure I would've even finished the questline if I had known, it was kinda cool :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    rbritz wrote:
    *looks up Fluffy*
    ... Only 1 quest from Captain Azhub.
  6. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    ya i missed getting the quest from the book. it seems like a permanite missable due to the way faction resets on zoneing.
    im rather unhappy now. wasent even aware it existed till after i finnished the illusion quests.

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