{Broken} A Sleeping Stone: Bones of the Lost

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  1. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    In attempting to perform the various quest steps for my mystic's epic weapon, I find a number of BROKEN steps in this quest series.

    The "pyrorock sand" part of the quest NEVER updated, NEVER indicated how much sand was required to 'repair' the tablet, and even after >3200 harvested items later, only 10 ea. where ever found.

    ~surprisingly~ these innocuous ten were accepted.

    Now on the step of Kill-the-skelsetons-to-free-the-spirits, I kill the (UNFEATHERED!!) skeletons in the appropriate areas.
    These spawn the 'spirits' which are processed through the dialog boxes about them being free and they disappear.

    I then receive the announcement text of "you have freed...", I hear the 'ding' of quest update, I see the quest helper text flash.

    Yet, when viewing the Journal, I see NO check boxes filled with checks.
    Additionally, I see NO amount of spirits required i.e. ( 0 / ## )

    This quest is obviously broken, and needs to have its details gone through to assure detailed requirements are presented to the quester.

    I am one whom chooses to pay attention to details, and I present myself if this service is needed to resolve the issues in this (or any other) quest.
  2. Kaitheel Developer

    You mean like when Grunnin Copperfist says, "...I'll need plenty of the sand, maybe about ten piles. Get 'em and bring 'em back to me." or "...Get some more, then come back to me... I think about ten piles of the dust should do it. Good luck to ya."

    I know that you're referring to the quest journal, but the class epic quests were intentionally designed to be less hand holding along the way. Some find this frustrating, others find it challenging. In this specific case the quest is intentionally not updating for each item obtained, but instead updating when you get enough of the item and bring it back to Grunnin. It isn't broken. It's just that it isn't guiding you along with way, like other quests may.

    ~ Kaitheel
  3. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    My own impatience in not actually reading his dialog, expecting all his requests to be diligently posited within my journal;

    Were it months that I got back to this quest, how exactly would one remember a conversation were it not cataloged within one's journal.....

    Hence my original point of the quest being broken in that the journal not being populated correctly....
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  4. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    except he just said it's not. it's not populating like you want, because these quests were built around the idea of you paying attention to or even writing down what the quest giver tells you as much as looking into your quest journal. it's liek with the beastlord. there's a part where the journal ttells you to find various rifts between the Truespirit realm and norrath. that's all it tells you. but to see the rifts, you have to do a collection in those zones. turn int he collection, you see the rift. the questgiver mentions this, the Axioms, but it's not in your journal. you had to keep track and pay attention on your own. the journal for the epic quests is more an outline, then a step by step guide.

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