Bristlebane Day feedback and bugs 2023

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  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Bristlebane Day is active on Test!

    Jesters, thieves, bards, or simply fans of mischief and frivolity, are all encouraged to visit Enchanted Lands during these holy days honoring Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane! But that’s certainly not the only place where laughs and japes await you. I know for a fact, Southern Ro and Vetrovia has had an influx of patchcraft creatures and there’s been reports of bovoch riders getting pranked! So, be on the lookout for shenanigans of all kinds! Of course, you can get even more involved by crafting your very own items in celebration of this perfectly serious holiday. Visit your local tradeskill house to purchase these special recipes!

    Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special events, especially in Enchanted Lands, occurring only on the highest of silly days, April 1st!

    New Bristlebane Day Features for '23!
    Special Rules Servers:
    • Varsoon – The “Prankster's Piece of the Pie” collection and Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt quest is available in Enchanted Lands and special holiday merchants, located in Freeport and Qeynos Capitol District, have over 20 Bristlebane Day themed house items and equipment pieces for your celebrations!
    • Kaladim and Kael Drakkel - The entire event is active!
    Live Servers:
    • New Quest “Saddle Up!” - Find a peculiar item while harvesting silly items from Jester's gardens.
    • 9 New Merchant Items sold by Bristlebane Day merchant in city tradeskill houses!
    • New Tradeskill recipe book, "Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XIV" sold by “a Bristlebane Day merchant” in city tradeskill houses. The recipes require holiday harvestables gathered from "Jester's gardens" and other low level harvestables as components.
    • Patchcraft creatures can be found in the following zones:
      • Takish Badlands - patchcraft crab
    Returning Bristlebane Day Features for '23!
    • In-game mail to announce the event and summarize location of quest givers.
    • Fool's Gold Coin: These are available from repeatable event quests, and drop off of Patchcraft creatures found throughout Norrath.
    • Creatures can be found throughout Norrath, sewn and buttoned up by Bristlebane’s own hand!
      • Antonica
      • Greater Faydark
      • Frostfang Sea
      • Darklight Wood
      • Commonlands
      • Timorous Deep
      • Obulus Frontier
      • The Blinding
      • Aurelian Coast
      • Wracklands
      • Savage Weald
      • Shadeweaver’s Thicket
    • Achievements:
      • Patchcraft Slayer
      • Honorary Gigglegibber
      • A Plethora of Pranks
      • Conniving Confections
      • You Jelly?
      • Snack Attack
    • Jester's garden spawn in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea.
    • Previous craftable recipe books sold by "a Bristlebane Day merchant" in city tradeskill houses.
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft II
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft III
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft IV
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft V
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft VI
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft VII
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft VIII
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft IX
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft X
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XI
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XII
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XIII
    • Returning Overseer Quests and Agents
      • Offered: a Silly Billy Talent Scout in Qeynos Province District or City of Freeport.
        • Heist Societies - The Sham Plan
        • Heist Societies - Recruiting Talent
        • Heist Societies - Send in the Clowns
        • Heist Societies – Swipe the Swap
        • Heist Societies - King of Thieves
    • Quests:
      • "Pot of Luck" - Repeatable every year
      • "Pains of Herding" - Repeatable every year
      • "Rescuing the Princess - A Bristlebane Tale" - Repeatable every year
      • "Plethora of Patchcraft Parts" - Repeatable, once per year
        • You can now collect magical ribbons from patchcraft snappers in Takish Badlands.
      • "Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt" - Repeatable
      • "Ratical" - Repeatable, once per year
      • "Gnary a Joke to Tell" and silly Bristlebane Day themed dungeon. - Repeatable, once per year
      • "Bristlebane Day Snack Snatcher: Enchanted Lands" - Repeatable
      • "Bristlebane Bounce: Sinking Sands" - Repeatable
      • The Bristlebane Quest Outline started by Blat Berisen - NOT repeatable
    • Collections:
      • Impossibly Rare Objects
      • Prankster's Piece of the Pie
      • Bristlebane's Memories
    Any feedback submitted after 3/12/2023 may not be received in time to be taken into account for this year. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave us much time.

    This event content is currently set to run 3/24/23 at 12:01 AM PAC time until 4/6/23 at 11:59 PM PAC time on the live servers, with special hijinks available on 4/1 only.

  2. Kaitheel Developer

    The 4/1 only content may not be activated early on Test, this year, but I wanted you to know what Bristlebane has in store for it!

    New Bristlebane Day Features for ’22 –High day 4/1
    Special Rules Servers:
    • Varsoon – Special holiday merchants located in Freeport and Qeynos Capitol District have even more Bristlebane Day themed house items and equipment pieces available only on 4/1
    • Kaladim, and Kael Drakkel - The entire event is active!
    Live Servers:
    • Grabby Gigglegibber, the Nights of the Dead Treat Trader, is available on this day in Qeynos and Freeport to help organize loot obtained from Jester's superior gardens.
    Returning Bristlebane Day Celebrations –High day 4/1:
    • All chests = gigglegibber comfort cubes.
    • The harvestables from previous holidays can be harvested from Jester’s superior garden (Frostfell, Erollisi Day, Nights of the Dead, Tinkerfest, Brewday Festival, Bristlebane Day) in Enchanted Lands.
    • Heartgar MacInnes, the Erollisi Day exchanger, is available on this day in order to help organize loot obtained from Jester's superior gardens.
    • Frostfell tradeskill stations & fuel merchants set up in Enchanted Lands and Sinking Sands. They are visually marked by candy canes!
    • Achievements:
      • Fur Finder / Rabbit Nabber / Bunny Hoarder / Hare Wrangler / Cottontail Collector / The Fast and the Furriest
        • Bunnies in Raj’Dur Plateaus can be captured for this event!
    • Collections
      • Prankster’s Novelties – Not repeatable
    • Quests
      • Riddled Throughout the Land – Repeatable every year
      • Riddled Again – Repeatable every year
      • Riddled Yet Again – Repeatable every year
      • Riddle Mei-Theiz – Repeatable every year
        • New reward choice: Twelve-Sided Stone of a Different Color
    The 4/1 only content will run on all servers from 4/1/23 12:01 AM PAC time until 4/1/23 at 11:59 PM PAC time.

    ~ Kaitheel
  3. Kasa Well-Known Member

    1.) Rivervale Kitchen Fireplace: The wrought iron spit is protruding beyond the bottom of the fireplace. Does not effect placement, only cosmetic.

    2.) Thicket Fir Rocking Chair: Bottom of seat has the cushion texture not wood.

    3.) Pickclaw Reveler Plushie: His right side fingertips disappear into the floor with the thumb going the deepest into the floor, only cosmetic.

    4.) Blooming Sunset Barrel Cactus: Resize smaller? When placed part of it sinks into the ground but can be raised up.

    5.) Rivervale Sconce: Flames are floating above the sconce candles.

    6.) Rivervale Chandelier: Not all candles have flames (intended?) and flames not attached to candles.
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  4. Kasa Well-Known Member

    New Quest “Saddle Up" = I did not encounter any problems with this quest or the reward.
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  5. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Will the loot from the patchwork keeper be upgraded to include level 125?
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  6. Kasa Well-Known Member

    I can confirm patchcraft snappers in Takish Badlands.
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  7. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Also the canopy mount to the ceiling on the Rivervale Chandelier is protruding up into the tile I tested it on and can't be pulled down.
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  8. Shaie Active Member

    Kaith, you might want to remove the part about the entire event being live on Kaladim, as Kaladim will cease to exist on 3/23/23 - the day before the event goes live. Other than that... Guess I'll have to log in on Test later :D
  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Ah, yes! I had written that all up waaay before any date for the merger had been nailed down. Good catch!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  10. Kaitheel Developer

    Oh! I'll ask about getting some loot for 125. At the very least, I'll make the level 120 loot drop in Takish Badlands.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  11. Adrastus New Member

    Any chance you force everyone into /cutemode again for April 1? LOL I would love to see that!
  12. Kaitheel Developer

    We've got two changes headed to the servers in time for the event:
    • Blooming Sunset Barrel Cactus - House item initial scale is now much smaller.
    • Patchraft keepers now have level 125 loot!
    I'm not sure when these changes will be on Test, but they should be included in the update notes at that time.

    ~ Kaitheel
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Adrastus you're an Imp, lol.
  14. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    This makes me very happy. :D Also, love the new crafted house items and the purple palatial tiles, they look great.
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I love all the Palatial Tiles; would love to see them in all the various colors! :D

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  16. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks for the 2 outfits on the merchant

    you better be at least level 44 in Enchanted lands if you don't what to have fight for your collectables with the mobs.
    And the spawn rate for the pie collection is a little slow.
  17. Kattt Well-Known Member

    FYI, both race leaderboards are not working. The scores all say "Nobody with 0 snacks" in both zones, for both races. I even tried racing 12 times in one of them to see if it needed more than one race to start recording scores. But it still says the same.
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  18. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I cannot find the Saddle Up quest giver on live; where is s/he?
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    go harvest bushes, at least that's what the instructions say.
    Live Servers
    • New Quest "Saddle Up!" - Find a peculiar item while harvesting silly items from “Jester's Gardens”.
  20. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Schmett- I have been harvesting, but have not seen the new quest. I will keep trying!
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