Bristlebane Day feedback and bugs 2019

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  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Bristlebane Day is active on Test!

    Jesters, thieves, bards, or simply fans of mischief and frivolity, are all encouraged to enjoy these holy days honoring Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane! Begin your celebration in Enchanted Lands, where you will find plenty of laughs and pranks that await you amongst the congregating revelers, like Zruk, a troll interested in items of luck. Elsewhere in the world, you may be fortunate enough to spot the Grand Prankster, himself! Of course, you can get even more involved by crafting your very own items in celebration of this wonderful holiday. Visit your local tradeskill house to purchase these special recipes!


    Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special events, especially in Enchanted Lands, occurring only on the highest of silly days, April 1st!

    New Bristlebane Day Features for '19!
    • TLE servers:
      • Fallen Gate - All of event is active!
      • Kaladim – No participation.
    • New Quest
    • Pot of Luck
    • 9 New Merchant Items, including a new mount, sold by Bristlebane Day merchant in city tradeskill houses – including a new mount!
    • New Tradeskill recipe book, "Perfectly Serious Items to Craft X" sold by "a Bristlebane Day merchant" in city tradeskill houses.
    Returning Bristlebane Day Features for '19!
    • In-game mail to announce the event and summarize location of quest givers.
    • Fool's Gold Coin: These are available from repeatable event quests, and drop off of Patchcraft creatures found throughout Norrath.
    • Achievements:
      • Patchcraft Slayer
      • Honorary Gigglegibber
      • A Plethora of Pranks
      • Conniving Confections
      • You Jelly?
      • Snack Attack
    • Jester's garden spawn in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea.
    • Previous craftable recipe books sold by "a Bristlebane Day merchant" in city tradeskill houses.
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft II
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft III
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft IV
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft V
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft VI
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft VII
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft VIII
      • Perfectly Serious Items to Craft IX
    • Quests:
      • “Pains of Herding - Repeatable every year
      • "Rescuing the Princess - A Bristlebane Tale" - Repeatable every year
      • "Plethora of Patchcraft Parts" - Repeatable, once per year
      • "Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt" - Repeatable
      • "Ratical" - Repeatable, once per year
      • "Gnary a Joke to Tell" and silly Bristlebane Day themed dungeon. - Repeatable, once per year
      • "Bristlebane Day Snack Snatcher: Enchanted Lands" - Repeatable
      • "Bristlebane Bounce: Sinking Sands" - Repeatable
      • The Bristlebane Quest Outline started by Blat Berisen - NOT repeatable
    • Collections:
      • Impossibly Rare Objects
      • Prankster's Piece of the Pie
      • Bristlebane's Memories
    This event content is currently set to run 3/28/19 at 12:01 AM PAC time until 4/11/19 at 11:59 PM PAC time on the live servers, with special hijinks available on 4/1 only.


    The 4/1 only content is now active on Test. It will run 3/19 - 3/22, and then be back on 4/1.
  2. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Woot - awesome - hops over to Test
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  3. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Love the new brilliant blue metal square!!!!
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  4. Mirt Well-Known Member

    love all the new buyables :)

    that cockatrice appearance weapon ..hahahaha!
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  5. Mirt Well-Known Member

    I crafted all of the new recipes and they all worked fine. I placed each one and they all placed fine, including resizing up and down nicely. I checked the descriptions on each one and they all look fine.

    The two new bandanas are fine as well and look good when worn.
  6. Mirt Well-Known Member

    I tested the new quest 'Pot Luck' and everything worked fine, although I do have a couple suggestions regarding the white heather.

    They were very hard to see, even when zoomed in first person and they were not that plentiful. I think it would help to make them a bit bigger and a bit more plentiful.

    Concerning the reward for the quest the vulrich pet, he placed fine, resized fine, and his animations worked fine.

    Any chance we can please get that in a plushie also? Thanks
  7. Kasa Well-Known Member

    When using my mount appearance slot with the Gryphon of a Different Color I can only use ground mounts.
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  8. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    oh damn. Er, I'll be on tomorrow but I have charts to finish in beta first, sorry Kaitheel.
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  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Oh, I get it. It's a super full weekend for all of us!

    I would have put off testing for a bit to give some breathing room for the 20th anniversary and new servers this weekend, but spring live events scheduling is tight already. *rocks back and forth*

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Kaitheel Developer

    Right!? And be sure to play with sound on. That was a fun addition.

    ~ Kaitheel
  11. Kaitheel Developer

    I'll take a look at it!

    Not this year, but I've added the suggestion to my list for next year.

    ~ Kaitheel
  12. Pijotre Well-Known Member

    So is there a new mount on the merchant? Just making sure...
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  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    {rocks back and forth along with you} I ... just {rocks more} I'll just have a very late brunch here while I poke at it all.
  14. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Yes :)
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  15. Kasa Well-Known Member

    All the new merchant items are resizing and working correct, (except the mount). Love the Were-Bear Plushie animation!
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  16. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Pot of Luck

    - the clovers were easy to find
    - the Ryjesium vulriches could use a slight beefing up for the 110 version of them. (They were almost dead before I could hit them - level 110, thorns buff on me, epic 2 pet beside me - they are pretty underpowered for heroic 110s :D)
    - the heather, as Mirt mentions, needs help. It is only visible from a VERY short distance (it disappears totally if you take a few steps back), and could use some help in that respect. Once I knew to zoom in my focus a lot, I found enough of them, but seeing them is problematic, especially since I was there at "night" game-time.

    Cute little questline!
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  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    What, if anything, will TLE get of this festival?
  18. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Per Kaitheel's notes at the top, FG server gets it all and the new server doesn't get anything.
  19. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Tiniest of tiny nigglies.

    The new reward for "Pains of Herding" does not use capitalization, so the reward window looks a bit odd. "a ruby skimmer", vs the returning option of "Topaz Skimmer"
  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And you're getting into game just fine? Lots of folks on regular Live servers are having major, weird issues. :-/


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