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  1. Tyler Moore New Member

    Bring back pvp damnit, I can't do this just pve ****.
    LONG LIVE NAGAFEN AND DEATHTOLL. Remake the pvp server and manage it right and people will come back and play. Wonder why there is no population. Just go back and look how much of the population came back for the beginning of deathtoll, but people quit because you didn't manage and fix little problems that would of kept people playing.
    Bring back the pvp server and do it right this time. Learn from your mistakes, don't just give up on the pvp aspect of the game when it's been in the game since release smh.
  2. Tyler Moore New Member

    Yes, bring back pvp. And do it right this time! Was such a fun game when pvp was here!
  3. Satyr Well-Known Member

  4. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    PVP wasn't in this game until like the 3rd expansion, Wasn't in the game at release.
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  5. Rolien Active Member

    Duels weren't even in at launch yet alone an entire pvp server.

    So you're wrong. Plus PvP in EQ2 is horrible so no don't bring it back, also the PvP problems were not "little problems" they were freaking massive problems that have accumulated over the years.

    EQ2 has always been a PvE focused game.

    If you can't handle only PvE to bad deal with it.
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  6. Brightlyz Active Member

    I hear wow has good pvp :p
  7. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Why bring it back only so it can die again?
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  8. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Incorrect. EQ2 had the best PVP of any MMO released since 2006. The notion that PVE and PVP communities need to be segregated is what makes a lot of new releases trash.

    Also, when it was released is irrelevant unless you're really desperate for internet points.
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  9. Twinbladed Well-Known Member

    They have failed at every single attempt to bring back pvp including destroying all the servers and losing massive amounts of players. It is clear that they do not have the tools to make pvp work in this game.
  10. Tyler Moore New Member

    I'm wrong about what lmao? Eq2 was a great pvp game when they took care of it, Don't hate on people that was pvp. Just because you suck at it doesn't make it not fun. Why play just a pve server to gear up to max lvl in 2 days and then gear out. do raids every now and then. that's all the game has become. You wonder why all the newer games nowadays put pvp in their game. Because it gives you something to work for, and never any down time.
  11. Raff Well-Known Member

    PvP has crashed and burned on 2 servers so far. Time to put it to bed and leave it there.
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  12. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Tyler Moore, I agree with you, but with the reduced staff they have now, they just can't do it properly. It was NEVER properly done in the past, just semi-close, so I'm told. But now? Not unless you buy the company AND pour millions of dollars into it with no real expectations of getting it back. May be use it as a tax write off for profit loss... *sighs* We can only dream...
  13. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Allow PVP on any server, which should be quite easy:

    - Step #1: every character can flag himself for pvp (checkbox in options) - if done so, others which are also checked can attack you if you are within +- 7lvls - this is allowed everywhere, of course.

    - Step #2: there are warfields, which means you will be flagged for pvp automatically if you walk into them. They are there to offer an alternative grind for faction/pvp items from merchants which can be found in cities.

    - Step #3: Re-introduce arena like it should have been in the first place - applying pvp-kills etc. when you host/join a set up match. This is mostly for players who a) would like to grind pvp-achievements (e.g. me) or for others to actually practice with friends without the possibility to get interrupted.

    - Step #4: re-roll Battlegrounds to use Sentinel Fate mechanics minus all those deathprevent abilities which could proc for an unlimited amount.


    Any other details, e.g. the terms when you can un-flag yourself again from pvp etc. are negotiable.
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  14. Rolien Active Member

    Saying it was the best is an opinion not a fact. When you say segregated communities what do you mean? Factions such as WoW's horde and alliance? Or servers because if you mean servers there is a reason they are segregated, and that reason is PvE people play on PvE to avoid PvP.
    I was pointing out that the OP has no clue what they are talking about. Also I need those internet points it's my only reason to live my life is meaningless otherwise.

    You were wrong about when it came out simply put meaning you are talking out your *** I understand reading comprehension is hard though, also nice insult.
    If you are hitting max level and getting best in slot gear in 2 days you sir deserve a medal, max level in 2 days I can see best in slot gear not happening no lol.
    I don't wonder why they put PvP in newer games however most of those games are also designed with PvP also in mind. EQ2 launched without PvP it was a after thought, when PvP launched in EQ2 it was decent but as time went on it got to the point where it's a mess. Certain classes out classed others so much it's not even funny.

    Over exaggeration to the max, insults when people point out they obviously have no clue what they are talking about, insults on PvE, And mad about PvP.

    I have seen these signs before. Hello WoW kiddie, couldn't afford a WoW token I see.

    Also the second post in this thread is you, almost like replying to yourself did you think you were on a different account or something? Like come on.
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  15. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    Nope, don't bring it back. I subbed for this game in 2004 because SOE said no PvP ever. I am glad it is gone.
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  16. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    That's an awful lot of programming work for something with minimal return.
  17. Finora Well-Known Member

    OP, you seem to be under the mistaken impression that PVP was popular ever in EQ2. So much so that you chime back in on the second post to agree with yourself.

    At it's peak, we had only a handful of servers. Nagafan, Vox, Harla Dar? and ... was there others? I can't remember names, but I feel like there were a couple more that were much shorter lived. There had to have been at least a EU pvp.

    Due to the incredible lack of popularity of PVP in eq2 one by one each of them died until only Naggy & Harla Dar (Rus) on the live servers & they were then merged into regular PVE servers. There was a brief resurgence with Deathtoll, but that died pretty quickly.

    If they put back PVP back in the game, you can pretty much rest assured it's going to be in the form of a Prestige server. I personally feel the only way PVP will be successful in EQ2 is if they introduce a short term event (think Race to Trak) type pvp server, not a permanent one. It would of course need to have rewards available for the regular servers based on achievements on the prestige event server and offer transfers when the event is over.

    I certainly don't see them reprogramming the standard PVE servers specifically to cater to such an low popularity playstyle at the risk of alienating the people who are the larger portion of their player base.
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  18. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Tyler, there are better games coming down the pipeline that will hopefully give us a solid PVE/P experience like EQ2 did. The community is hostile and ignorant, and DBG is a terrible company. We all had fun on Deathtoll for a few months, and it was great being able to relive the old days, meet old friends and make new ones, but it's done. Most of the community wouldn't give DBG one red cent even if it was brought back.
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  19. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    They DID learn from their mistakes. Peak population on Nagafen was around 40, last I looked (I had one toon there I'd log in and /who all), and that's not enough to support all the time and rescources that went into fixing PVE stuff for PVP.
    The world is an aggressive crap hole as is... do we really need yet ANOTHER place to fight and kill each other? No, not really.
    I'm really loving this Hero festival where people seem to be cooperating for once. XD

    Not saying that I don't wish there was still a PVP server though. It did seem like normal servers got an influx of aggressive and ... not sure how to put it nicely... but you know... I wish those types still had a separate server with no cross world chat...
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  20. Evilnok Active Member

    if you want PVP soo bad...move to WOW