Bring back City PVP

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  1. Toadyatheking New Member

    City PVP was always a good idea and lots of fun was had doing it.
    After raiding or not wanting to go from zone to zone you could always do the riskier thing , going into the city of the enemy.

    with the server pop low I'm throwing out suggestions that could help bring some back.

    Also having players drop coins from pvp would make people want to fight more.

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  3. Freddie_Mercury Member

    The only thing that will ever allow a PVP server to survive and maybe thrive is the complete change of how its implemented...

    The toxic scumbags that think its fun and funny to raid vs 1 a naked level 10 new player to the server / PVP as they are just learning the game and have no chance to ever win against anyone, much less a band of fully mastered twinks with AA cap... and then proceed to do it ad nauseum until that person quits the server... THOSE are the people that are single handedly responsible for the death of every single PVP TLE on day 1...

    They kill it before it has a chance to grow...

    Any chance of anyone new to PVP ever wanting to continue to play it after they hit lvl 10 is nonstarter because of this.... They kill every PVP TLE on day 1 simply because there are never any new players to the game... there can't be... there will NEVER be...

    The ONLY thing that might save a PVP server is the change of when PVP starts for a new player...

    Instead of lvl 10 it should be lvl 30... This would give people a chance to learn the game a little bit... learn the class a little bit... invest some time in the game to where they see ... hey... this isn't too bad... gives them a chance to make a little money, do a little crafting and prepare for the battle that they will see when they hit 30..

    There is at LEAST a chance for someone to enjoy PVP at 30 when they have learned the game a bit...

    There is ZERO chance for someone to enjoy PVP when they hit lvl 10 with 100% ap1 spells, 50% naked, and the rest lvl 1 island gear, and nearly no spells on their hotbar...

    And yes... I have been playing since 2006 on VOX and then Naggy until its fall from grace... and have 1000's of PVP kills and have played on every PVP TLE since the fall of Naggy.....

    NOTHING will help a PVP server at this point other than a fundamental change to how its implemented...

    And guess what... there is a 100% chance that will never happen because the devs are lazy... So therefore, PVP is truly dead and gone on EQ2
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    I don't think the dev's are necessarily lazy. More like the higher ups are motivated by what will earn them the most money. You look at all the stuff they add that increases time played, you can tell they are about motivating our wallet's into paying for more stuff. PVP would require way too much work to get in a usable fashion and then there is no guarantee that it would end up bringing in enough players to bring a profit.

    When you think about this game puts out a new expansion each year, where others with more staff take 2 years to create an expansion, you can tell the dev team works hard. Just wish the higher ups would do more for the players instead of just thinking of their bank account.
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    I don't disagree. The devs are spread thin and it shows, but the same logic was used to argue against bringing PvP back to the game in 2021. *shrug*
  6. Evilary Well-Known Member

    Bringing it back and doing a huge overhaul to it is something different. It seems like most MMO's run into a wall over time on their PvP aspect. If they did invest the time, who knows how many new/returning players they could snag if they made it successful.
  7. Dude Well-Known Member

    Bringing it back was a huge overhaul. In fact it was several huge overhauls as they tested things out on temporary PvP servers.
  8. Evilary Well-Known Member

    Ok, so people are asking them to do that again on something that has been a failure. How does that make sense to any company?
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