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  1. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Mages do very well in Den Challenge once they get the potency>Combat Mit. So gear is needed.

    I have grouped with a number of good scouts this xpack on live and a good brig could not even come close to a good Swash or Assassin or troub or dirge or coercer...

    But guess I could be mistaken. I would love to see some data to back this claim... I mean convince me and I will go back and test again myself. But I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out since I used to main a brig back in the day. I wish Brutalize was still around.
  2. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Brigs should just be recast as a DPS scout and drop the debuff nonsense. I know go play a swash right? Well sure. But at this point are we ever going to see a brig fix, doubt it. So...
  3. Diveris Well-Known Member

    Mages need far more gear in Den challenge than any scout does, which is the reason behind my statement.

    Assassin, troub, dirge and coercer all do well in short duration trash fights due to a few hard hitting aoes (that reset often). Any fight lasting more than 30-40 seconds they start to fall behind. They should all fall far behind on boss fights, with the exception of sin, which should be above a brig but not by a large margin.

    Personally I have never been out parsed by any of those classes, short of sin on my brig, but I am not about to go waving parses around.
  4. Diveris Well-Known Member

    I have been defending the class, but this I cannot agree with. Brigs debuffs are mega-trash atm. If this class gets any fixes it should be to increase CA damage by around 15% and a sweeping massive increase to their debuffs. What a swash has to offer in their buff department is far superior to brigs debuff capabilities.

    A brig should be able to debuff 10's of thousands of combat mit, for a short duration. Imo at least.
  5. Spurn Member

    If this expansion as a brig you can't parse tiptop T2 to T1.5 you are kinda doing it wrong.

    You need to max out AbD (400++) and have Ready Up along with the obvious stuff. More than previous expansions not being set up right really really hurts this time and the playstyle for brigs has changed.

    What we used to do doesn't work any more.

    For what its worth, I've been brigand-ing since August 12, 2006 after retiring my paladin.

    Huh. Damn, tomorrow's my birthday!

    Strongly disagree on Crimson Swath!

    Crimson Swath is one of our best CAs when used correctly. You can do massive sustained dps with it and Forced Arbitration 2.

    Danse Macabre -> DUp -> CrS -> FA -> Cornered -> FA -> Blinding Dust -> FA -> Dagger Storm -> FA

    Brigs do need time to ramp of meaningful dps since we don't have that many big hits so we are painfully anemic on short fights.My Double Up rotation has massively changed this expansion as well which makes that even worse.

    Swashies certainly do NOT 3-4 times my damage. I tend to do slightly better on single target, about the same for small of shorter AOE fights and get spanked on big AOE fights. Speaking from a raid and hard content view and assuming proper / similar group setup which can completely change that.

    Easy content is too fast and little more than face rolling at this point anyway so the dps ranking is irrelevant.

    But your mileage may vary, just speaking from my experience playing this expansion.

  6. Unrivaled Member

    A lot of you are confusing mitigation debuffs and combat mitigation debuffs - with incoming damage debuffs.

    A incoming damage debuff is a raw flat % increase to damage incoming to a mob. Meaning if you hit a mob for 1 million with a 10% incoming damage debuff on it, you now swing for 1.1million. This is raidwide every hit the mob takes.

    Change of Engagement does not stack anymore between multiple rogues (as of the last time I checked...), but the Debilitate/Will to Survive debuffs are still unique to the Brigand and work. Thugs poison in the left side prestige also adds some just physical incoming.

    Yes, these work to the best of my knowledge. No, they're not capped by those minuscule weapon procs that people go on about.

    Brigand also provides shortsight, which may or may not still work on live anymore (?). It's hard to keep track of which debuffs are randomly working/not working between these live expansions just thrown together.

    Correct me if i'm wrong if any of the above is not the case anymore.
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