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Discussion in 'Scouts' started by badname912, Jan 17, 2024.

  1. badname912 Active Member

    I would like to use this space to allow commentary and thoughts on fixes needed for the brigand .

    I'm gonna repost what I wrote in the bug report thread as I feel it makes more sense in a class thread.

    So many people seem like they jumped on the brigand bandwagon once word got out that TG was actually useful..
    It was the only thing they really brought to the table..
    We've been talking about buffs and fixes to the brig for awhile with 0 changes . And 0 adjustments to their parse, which was also being carried by TG themselves. Now this nerf will squash the brig DPS too not just their buff.
    This is a massive unnecessary nerf.. and if it was necessary needs to be balanced with buffs to the class in other forms, such as personal DPS, and debuffs. A swash should not be able to out DPS a brig single target (just like a brig shouldn't outdo a swash on AoE) but changes like this just wreck the whole class ..

    Utility comes in 2 forms.... Buffs and debuffs... Neither the brig has excelled in for a long time.. then all the sudden it's briefly fixed (well more like a bandaid from TG) and less than 2 months later it's obliterated..

    So much money has been spent on Brigs this expac when now they are outdone by their counterpart in all 3 things, DPS, debuff, and buffs...

    Wonder if they'll give us a refund for everything to allow us to properly main/class change..
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  2. badname912 Active Member

    I will also reiterate a few points that were made prior to launch of BoZ as well..

    Increase to all debuffs to actually make them useful and feel viable. Decreasing cmit by like 500 when mobs have 900,000 just feels as if you did absolutely nothing but waste a cast spell.

    There's no real offensive buffs the brig provides especially with the insane TG nerf ...

    The epic 3 spell does basically 0 damage, less % increase than than any other epic 3 debuff. And even less cmit reduction than others (easy fix for this would be to increase the buff by a large chunk to make it actually worth casting) there is 0 difference if one chose to simply not cast the spell.. for a supposed EPIC SPELL. That's wrong..

    Personal DPS definitely needs a large chunk of an increase now especially amplified by the brig losing so much stats from the TG nerfed. It was the only thing that actually attempted to keep them on par with a swash on single target (not even talking aoe).. but now that TG is gone the swash is extremely superior..
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  3. Ionized New Member

    Just make double up turn into triple up on non- aoe combat arts. Oh wait I'm dreaming, I'm going to be a swashy soon so it not going to matter.
  4. Austerity Member

    I play one of the very few raiding brigands in the game right now. This nerf has to be the worst slap in the face yet to the class. We got one thing that made us viable and desired in raid and it wasn't nerfed just a little.. they reduced it by 87% rendering it useless, might as well just take it away entirely. I want the GM back that I used to upgrade a now PoS ability., I want the celestials back so I can use them on another class that will actually be useful in raid. Brigand debuffs are minimal at best, our dps has been nerfed due to the complete lack of any auto-attack, I offer no thanks to the devs for nailing the coffin on a class I have been playing for years. I am sad and disgusted at this development. Of all the classes to be nerfed Brigand is not one that needed it. They should give us a break not a nerf!
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  5. appathy Member

    something changed late friday night my dps dropped on my brigand and i run with the same group every night before the nerf to Tg
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  6. Svenone Well-Known Member

    I play a raiding Brigand as well, and while I admit that I am not excellent at the job, it really hurts my soul to see how little the brigand debuffs and DPS are valued by other class and the raid leaders. All they see is the big DPS numbers they can measure with ACT. It has gotten to the point that, when they want to swap in another class or want more DPS my brig is the first to go. I will never betray to a swasybuckler, but at the same time this lack of attention by the devs is extremely depressing.
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  7. Raifus New Member

    I am starting to look into making a wiz over a brig. It stands to reason that brigs are useful in the right setup, otherwise not so much. When i group with zerker tanks, their dps increases compared to when im not. Problem is i can barely keep up with dps compared to swash, assasin, ranger. Nevermind the conjy wiz warlock.
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  8. Aull Active Member

    What I do not understand is why are brigands being hit like this? Honestly, what are swashbucklers doing? Just my opinion here but since a swashbuckler can aoe so far above brigands then a brigand be noticeably above swashbuckler on singles? If a swashbuckler can equal or even beat a brig on single target then it just isn’t fair in the aoe department.

    Again, trying to wrap this around my brain as to why it is ok for swashbucklers but no not brigands?
  9. Cyenadros Active Member

    unpopular opinion
    i for one will not switch to swashy, TG nerf made us from being S tier to now a third rate utility, but it is still a permanent buff so it is still better than swashy's 8 second fervor boost

    and if parse is your primary concern, you've played the wrong class!
  10. Andronak1989 Member

    Cyenadros - the Brigand was a A/B Tier DPS Class and a very good debuffer...but today nothing we do has a impact. Our Debuffs doesnt work like they used to. And if they change that, that our Debuffs are important again. The utility is bad. And por favor, but when a Swashy outparses a brigand at a solo Boss...then theres something wrong.
  11. Cyenadros Active Member

    but we got the better looking class hat
  12. Spurn Member

    The Hamburglar hat? No, just no.