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Discussion in 'Beta Bug Reports' started by Sorann, May 13, 2022.

  1. Sorann New Member

    I leveled to 48 before bauble
    • Summoner pet tanking better than me as a tank
    • I leveled all the way with no healer using the summoner pet to engage mobs while i the tank DPS
    • example - Me Tank with no gear, no healer with a group of 3-4 could go through Fallen Gate leveling with summoner pet tanking most encounters. Without a healer no way should be able to go through that zone.
    • Stat Jewelry seems one tier to high from neriak - qeynos but it is not in freeport that i could find
    • Icy Dig needs some work to tune encounter to make it a challenge
    • combat stats giving everyone melee, defensive and caster stats all rolled together seems strange. Is this intended?
    General feed back
    • 64bit server stable and runs well except for slow zoning
    • overland encounters and loot seems ok
  2. Nata Member

    Should have had the mage pet tank it all, holds agro just fine and doesn't die to the mobs in there while doing 3x the damage of the tank pet.
  3. Sorann New Member

    Was using Mage/Scout pets, encounters we using it were hard so the pet would go down just before mob. I would recue/taunt mob on me (tank) and it would almost be dead.
  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I do think that some mobs are hitting for a lot more than others. I was in Everfrost farming heroics with my 50 Necro. Some mobs would absolutely destroy the tank pet while others my pet could almost solo. Go pull the level 44 ^^^ Brood Mother as a naked Necro using the tank pet and watch your pet get destroyed.
  5. Sorann New Member

    It seems some type avoidance issue has been addressed with todays patch.
    Yesterday with a Conj (me Tank) we just killed Brood Mother this mob hits much harder. Like Pumice in Lavastorm we couldnt kill that as Duo.
  6. Dhol New Member

    Ran Icy Dig. Seeing about same thing as mentioned here. Trash seems fine now but named are a bit undertuned in Icy Dig. Tank was full geared and others mostly just mit and vendored. The Queen was hard but other named went down surprisingly quick, encounters mostly under 5seconds except for a few.
  7. boho Member

    All those ice lizards are massive undercons and I can't figure out why. A green ^ was hitting about as hard as one of the ^^^ blue Kromif outside Permafrost.

    Everfrost has always been a little zany in terms of mob consistency though.
  8. Nata Member

    Does the mob have a specific ability? Like many of those mobs are brigands and debuff mitigation. Others have high damage CA's they can use.
    I suspect you're avoiding the autos roughly the same, but something else about that mob is causing it to hit harder.
  9. Runalf New Member

    I think the problem space is called out well here and in other threads, but honestly the biggest issue I observed in The Icy Dig run yesterday was Summoner DPS output. Consistently pulling over half of the DPS output for a full group, trivializing many encounters that I suspect would feel better tuned if they weren't over so quickly.
  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Then your group was doing something terribly wrong. Summoner pets are strong, but they are not 2x3 times a normal DPS at level 50. But if you were judging a class based on 15 second parses... idk what to tell you.

    The problem in Icy Dig is bosses die in 15 seconds, without even having a summoner in the group.