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    I have absolutely no idea how to participate, I'm relatively new to the game and the Halloween one was much clearer. ;)
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    i'm afraid Brew Day is over for this year. Bristlebane Day is not long off, though:), starts March 28. I recommend perusing the EQ2 wiki site for helpful info; lots of good stuff there. The monthly Moonlight Enchantments is active right now if ya looking for something else to do. It's kind of like a mini 2-day holiday thingy that pops up monthly; it is over after tonight though, so check it out on wiki, see if it sounds like fun to you. :D
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    Click the EQ2 button, then Calendar. That will show you when festivals and holidays are occurring. All month long, the Chronoportal Phenomenon is ongoing, Moonlight Enchantments happens from 12:01AM on the 20th to 11:59PM on the 21st of every month (PST), and Bristlebane Day festivities are coming up. The first week of each month has a City Festival that rotates among the major cities.

    The holidays are:
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