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    Created this thread so I can update any new breakout coordinates when houses are added, etc. All coordinates are rounded up to two decimal points. All information was taken from old breakout coordinates thread created by Jazabelle, Housing Breakout Guide, and any new coordinates found in other posts. Here is link to old breakout coordinates thread. If you have a breakout coordinate that is not listed below, please post in this thread so I can update the list. Thanks!

    Housing Breakout Guide -
    Coming Soon! How to video on breaking out using coordinates below.

    Evil Housing
    Freeport Large Homes (no fly zone):
    North Freeport Waterfront: 43.37, -0.04, -21.61

    Gorowyn Large Homes (no fly zone):
    By the river: 54.65, -161.77, -699.56
    On the docks: -247.64, -150.54, -31.49

    Neriak Large Homes (no fly zone):
    At the teleporter for Death Grotto: 25.22, -14.10, 130.58

    Good Housing
    Aerie Kolmas and Aerie Amree (no fly zone):
    Outside: 30.48, -38.17, -12.43
    Cave: -550.51, -123.43, -1.13

    New Halas:
    New Halas Large Homes (no fly zone):
    Base of the ice pillar: 492.70, -111.31, -341.21
    Docks: 63.93, -111.92, -370.53
    Top of the waterfall: 35.22, -33.04, -469.98

    Qeynos Large Homes (no fly zone):
    On the exterior steps of 2 Bayle Court: 13.81, -4.74, 32.11

    Neutral Housing
    A large Maj'dul Residence (no fly zone):
    Bottom of stairs that lead up to Skygazer Plateau: -18.17, 16.30, -187.12
    Entrance to Court of Truth: 27.29, 7.90, -60.26
    Open, sandy area overlooking part of the city: -23.18, 19.26, 30.07
    Red and Blue tent visible from the outside area of that house: -36.89, -8.82, -58.95
    Roof: -6.80, 13.13, 14.82
    Street level: -41.02, -8.82, -64.36

    Thurgadin Grand Hall (no fly zone):

    Guild Halls
    Highhold Guild Hall (fly zone):

    Skyshrine Capital Guild Hall (fly zone):

    Tier 1:
    North Qeynos Tier 1 Guild Hall (no fly zone):

    South Freeport Tier 1 Guild Hall (no fly zone):

    Tier 2:
    South Qeynos Tier 2 Guild Hall (no fly zone):

    North Freeport Tier 2 Guild Hall (no fly zone):

    Restored High Keep Tier 2 Guild Hall (no fly zone):

    Tier 3:
    Antonica Tier 3 Guild Hall (fly zone):
    ??: 162.63, -17.44, 654.53
    Bridge: 31.46, -5.81, 154.76
    Overlooking the beach in Archer's Forest: -764.07, -9.47, 732.92

    Commonlands Tier 3 Guild Hall (fly zone):
    Coast: -377.94, -46.68, -955.94

    Restored High Keep Tier 3 Guild Hall (no fly zone):

    Tier 4:
    Antonica Tier 4 Guild Hall (fly zone):

    Commonlands Tier 4 Guild Hall (fly zone):
  2. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Prestige Housing
    Arcane Academy (no fly zone):
    Attic: -4.71, 16.86, -111.93
    Fountain: -83.26, -24.45, -44.21
    Just outside the door: -8.21, -5.91, -109.34
    Roof: 7.35, 36.90, -118.35
    ??: -29.97, -18.80, -261.48
    ??: 13.96, 36.65, -124.01

    City of Mist (fly zone):
    Ocean area floating above "water": -210.65, -7.94, -567.54
    Ocean floor (no real water): -225.75, -55.99, -559.25
    Tree area (no real ground): 321.62, 46.18, -628.95

    Court of the Master (no fly zone):
    Bell tower: 198.79, 265.14, -56.68
    Westernmost tower, outside the window: 196.31, 254.28, -45.09
    Westernmost tower, lower ledge: 200.58, 221.12, -72.97

    Darklight Palace (no fly zone):
    Outside front doors: -589.34, 27.90, 33.36

    Deepwater Retreat (fly zone) (Video):
    East Waterfall Start: -716, 261, 1137
    West Waterfall Start: 1286, 342, -122
    South Waterfall Start: -618, 259, 1153

    East Waterfall Solid End: -3059, 515, -428
    West Waterfall Solid End: 3022, 515, -184
    South Waterfall Solid End: -1099, 515, 2870

    East Waterfall End: -3726, 515, -399
    West Waterfall End: 3356, 515, -290
    South Waterfall End: -1219, 515, 3099

    Tippy Top of Water Dome: -217, 2580, -396
    "Cave": -1407, -328, 1811
    "Cave 2": -1960, -392, 1185

    Deepwater Retreat Miscellaneous Waypoints (not in breakout)

    Top: 0, 1168.44, 0
    Bottom: 0, -700, 0
    Southeast Shelf: -839, 293, 580
    Northwest Shelf: 621, 260, -973

    Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep (fly zone):

    Dimensional Pocket (fly zone):
    Top platform above entrance: 88.43, 417.31, -1.97

    Elaborate Estate of Unrest (fly zone):

    Ethernere Enclave (fly zone):

    Everfrost Summer Home (no fly zone):

    Fearful Retreat (fly zone):
    Behind the fire wall: -19.43, 5.26, -609.81

    Felwithe Mansion (no fly zone):
    Ceiling hole (able to run on air here): -78.27, 173.68, -703.69
    Tower (land here for building): -81.41, 175.00, -346.37
    Waterfall (bring own flooring materials): -75.88, 114.54, -450.98
    Waterfall "Cliffs": -131.31, 111.76, -542.94

    Freeblood Lair (no fly zone):
    Just outside balcony: -58.23, 3.57, -14.73

    Fright Manor (no fly zone):
    Inside mausoleum: -21.36, 1.76, 30.65
    Outside fence: 8.32, 6.27, 55.33
    Basement: 5.34, 1.79, -9.42

    Galleon of Dreams (no fly zone):
    Back crow's nest: 4.14, 76.95, -58.75
    Boarded up room: -12.91, 12.60, -60.12
    Ceiling beams in room outside boarded up room: -5.22, 21.08, -55.25
    Front crow's nest: 4.04, 80.11, 20
    Middle crow's nest: 3.86, 95.38, -24.77
    Top of rearmost room: -0.37, 51.56, -114.78
    Under the grate--floor is not solid: 16.20, 8.94, -25.30
    Under the stairs (1): 16.50, 17.80, -47.60
    Under the stairs (2): -16.50, 17.80, -47.60
    Upper roof: 6.81, 51.19, -111.55

    Hall of the Champion (no fly zone):

    Hua Mein (no fly zone):

    Isle of Refuge (fly zone):

    Kerafyrm (fly zone) (Video):
    Awakened Above Middle: -1172.75, - 38.75, - 80.00
    Awakened Below Middle: -1126.75, -184.75, - 89.45
    Sleeper Above Middle: -1107.25, 126.75, 463.25
    Sleeper Below Middle Above Floor: -1114.00, -193.30, 480.00

    Below NW Corner Above Water: - 940.00, -169.00, 300.00
    Below NE Corner Above Water: -1269.00, -169.00, 300.00
    Below SW Corner Above Water: - 940.00, -169.00, 630.00
    Below SE Corner Above Water: -1269.00, -169.00, 630.00

    Kromzek Keep (no fly zone):

    Lavastorm Winter Home (no fly zone):
    Edge of the world: 503, -72, -1,407
    Mountain: -60, 30, -228
    Mountain (other side of lava river): 69, 102, -137
    Ocean: 12, -70, -325
    Rocks in the bay: 235, -68, -763

    Maj'Dul Astronomer's Tower (no fly zone):

    Maj'Dul Vacation Suite (no fly zone):

    Mara Estate (fly zone):

    Mistmoore Crags Estate (no fly zone):
    Beach: -330, -135, 145
    Beach (eq2wire source): -284.30, -140.23, 174.77
    Crypt of Valdoon door: -150, 5, 15

    Oakmyst Glade (no fly zone):

    Personal Dojo (no fly zone):
    Attic: 5.26, 5.48, -7.35
    Roof: 3.76, 8.22, -8.88

    Personal Grotto (no fly zone):

    Personal Library (no fly zone):

    Personal Planetarium (no fly zone):
    Moon area (behind invisible wall): 0, 3.1, -118
    Moon ledge: 0, 9.9, -53
    Sun area (behind invisible wall): 0, 3.1, 118
    Sun ledge: 0, 9.9, 53

    Private Opera House (no fly zone):

    Relic Tinker (fly zone):

    Researcher's Sanctum (no fly zone):
    Out in the water: -204.15, -60.15, -331.76

    Residence of the Blades (no fly zone):

    Rum Runners Cove (fly zone):

    Santa Glug's Cheerful Holiday House (fly zone) ( Video )
    Counter Globe Breakout: -561, 47, -1020.5

    Table Globe Breakout: -1506, -55, 1004
    Mantlepiece Globe Breakout: -78, 363, 1634

    Double Door Breakout: -2596, -329, -32
    Inn Door Breakout: -1749, -357, -1860
    Top of Stairs Door Breakout: 1708, 381, -1053

    Ceiling Breakout: 717, 1745, -107

    Secluded Sanctum (no fly zone):
    Below the entry area, over the abyss: 54.79, 345.74, -25.03

    Skyblade Skiff (no fly zone):
    Sterncastle: 30.33, 27.68, -71.14

    Snowy Dwelling (fly zone):

    Storm Tower Isle (fly zone):
    1st Tier Catwalk: 77.25, 117, 25, -104.31
    2nd Tier Catwalk: 75.26, 99.24, -97.13
    Top of tower: 68.48, 78.10, -107.39

    Tenebrous Island Refuge (fly zone):
    Upper Island: 65.2, 162.39, 47.97

    Tinkerer's Isle (fly zone):

    Tower of Knowledge (no fly zone):

    Uncanny Estate (no fly zone):

    Vacant Estate of Unrest (fly zone):

    Vale of Halfpint Delight (fly zone):
    SW of docks (very close to barrier to the NW): -206.75, -2.59, 153.18
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  3. Wulfen Active Member

    Hua Mein:
    I don't have the coordinates for Hua Mein, nor specifically for the exterior cave which some people use. But for sure, above the Tiger's Head unlocks miles of bare mountain country. I use that to store the giant Vesspyr trees, although they require time and proximity to spawn, squashing my dream of creating vast, dreamy vistas. And you can't fly there; it takes time consuming ground travel to get anywhere.
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That's my major gripe about Hua Mein. For cryin' out loud, it's OUTDOORS. If there should be any restrictions to flight, it should only be in the caves, where we have "roofs" over our heads. :-/

    Right now, it's climb up as high as you can, then use old-school scaffolding, then try to plant a 'pad just beyond where you're bapping your head against the flight ceiling. X-/

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  5. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I plan on continuing to add more breakout locations for houses. I will be adding some non breakout points as well for those houses that you cannot fly in but are huge like the Hua Mein house and put a note (non-breakout) in title of the waypoint. I just wanted to make sure the old ones were listed before I posted and a few that didn't get updated but I knew were posted somewhere.
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  6. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for taking this over!!
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Re: the Qeynos houses:
    (whoops, hit the wrong button too soon :oops:)

    I've found that if you tilt a Divider or whatever up to the level of the slanting roof edge over the balcony (the one that looks out to the Mage Tower, no matter where your house actually is ;->), you can then scramble up to the flat top of the roof, which offers yet another "room" for decorating! :D

    Once up there, if you slither down again on any other side of the roof other than the one you came up (there's an invisible barrier around the balcony), you'll find yourself in "South Qeynos" (but be careful, you could fall through the world, too). If you've already placed a t-port pad somewhere you can get back to, you're good to go. :)

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  8. Karamella Well-Known Member

    Yeah, first attempt and successful. Now I can start with the front garden at 2 Bayle Court :)
    Thank you all for this great guide.
    @ Uwk: your walkthrough using notepad helped so much as well :)
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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You're welcome! I do tend to ramble a bit (no, really! :D), so if you could wade through all that confusion of mine to have it be useful, I'm impressed! You're welcome. ;)

    who'd like to see your results when you're done! :D
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  10. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Added Deepwater Retreat and Santa Glug's Cheerful Holiday House breakout locations. I also did videos and made these house available to tour and see the breakouts in person for a limited time. Where are the houses....Antonia Bayle, Freeport side, owner Ocarinah. I will be slowly adding more breakout videos.
  11. Mirt Well-Known Member

    If I understand the post correctly, you can't breakout of High Keep Tier 3 guildhall at all then? Thanks
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  12. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Correct. If there is no waypoints listed under the title then most likely it doesn't have a breakout. I basically took the old list and updated it with any info that was posted afterward that I could find. I have added some of the new housing breakouts as well. I do not own this guild hall to even tried to breakout from it. If I had access to someone else's, I am willing to try. If someone else knows of any breakout for this guild hall or any guild hall/house that the list is missing, please let me know and I will update the list.
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...the High Keep ones are still in Antonica and the Commonlands, right? I haven't ever broken out of a Tier 3 before, but I've been in a guild that had; seems to me, just stand as close as possible to the front doors, look at those coordinates, and maybe pick a spot 10 or 20 farther out from there (i.e., if your farthest coordinate point might be to the East or something, go out another 10 or 20 to the East)? Not sure. :-/

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  14. Lowretta Member

    For Sanctus Seru Promenade, one breakout is -77.57, 272.33, -13.72. This puts you on the roof of the main building. Enjoy!
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Actually, that middle coordinate, the height, should be more down around -138 or -139, because -135 is a wee bit too high; you come in pretty far above the beach, though not high enough to do any damage.

    (For those unsure about such things, negative numbers in the height coordinate reduce the height; the bigger the negative number, the lower something is. Yeah, I know, it's weird; numbers...)

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