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  1. ARCHIVED-megaira13 Guest

    I've got to stop being a lazy slacker about posting pics, but I keep thinking "I'll do it when I finish" - then I tear it all down and start anew.
    But, these homes are more "me" and so will be hanging around a while. All are unfinished, alas!

    I am *still* lazy about pictures, letting facebook do all the cropping for me. My apologies. I'll get to it sooner or later!
    All the homes are on Butcherblock.
    Megaira's beach house in SFP Mistmoore Estate:


    Falada's Retreat - SQ

    Fala's home is actually designed after my grandparents former vacation home in Ontario:



    Sault's mountain lodge:


    I keep starting new homes halfway through the old, so all will be finished sometime around 2012!
  2. ARCHIVED-megaira13 Guest

    Oops, missed one from Sault's (SFP):
  3. ARCHIVED-Aiana Guest

    Ooohh...very nice. Lovely. I like all the windows.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lady_Ninette Guest

    This definitely looks like a building from real life. I love the facade and all that window space. Glad to see more and more people breaking out :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Gzelle Guest

    Great job on the whole assortment. I think I like the vacation home the best! Nice work!
  6. ARCHIVED-Afista Guest

    They all look really lovely. I'd love to see more pics when the interiors are "finished" :) I really like the last pic of the Mountain Lodge!
  7. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    Great work Looks like you have been busy and have mastered the art of the breakout:)
    Well done and great use of "windows" :)
  8. ARCHIVED-megaira13 Guest

    Thanks! :)

    Now I'm wishing I'd kept so many of those icy dividers I had decided I couldn't find a use for, ages ago. Oops!

    By the way, to make a "solid" deck, flip the sandlewood platforms upside down so they're not invisible from below. Lowers your item count a bit, but it's an inexpensive fix.
  9. ARCHIVED-megaira13 Guest

    My Brigand, Reimani, had an oceanfront home built (Mistmoore, again, SFP) When she said "i want to be on the water" she meant it!
    This one is more complete than the rest, at the moment - kitchen needs work but the rest is cosy enough. Might need a dresser upstairs to put her clothes in, I suppose, and I'm on the way out to buy some deck furniture from the kerrens.
    Decent light during daylight hours.
    If you visit, be sure to wait 1-2 min for everything to render after taking the portal.


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