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  1. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    The breakout coordinates are behind the invisible wall, so that you can "touch" the moon/sun. But they aren't solid.
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  2. Sharann Well-Known Member

    Can we have this stickied please?
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    WOOT!! I can deal with that. :)


    P.S. Always love your signature, Jaz! ;-> --U.
  4. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a breakout point for the personal dojo? and yes sticky please!
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  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

  6. suka Well-Known Member

    says it in the first post: Qeynos:
    Tier 3 Guild Hall:
    ??: 162.63, -17.44, 654.53
    Bridge: 31.45707703, -5.81116867, 154.75904846
    Overlooking the beach in Archer's Forest: -764.06713867,-9.46582699,732.92364502
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I think the person's request was for a break-out of the North Qeynos guild hall (T1?), not the Antonica one, but I could be wrong...

    I found a couple more "break-out" areas in the Felwithe Mansion on Test, based on the ones here:

    *Felwithe Mansion:*
    *Ceiling hole (able to run on air here):* -78.27, 173.68, -703.69 [this is true; there's a very wide invisible floor there --U.]
    *Tower (land here for building):* -81.41, 175.00, -346.37 [beautiful area! goes on for quite a ways! --U.]
    *Waterfall (bring own flooring materials):* -75.88, 114.54, -450.98 [at first, it was a little spooky on the 'pad way over nothing, but there seems to be an invisible floor in this area, too...I TRIED to "fall off the edge of the world" several times {if anyone knows of a way...I didn't jump off the 'pad, I had too much I wanted to check out, but maybe I will next time, just to see ;->}, but just kept trotting about until I ran into invisible walls and floors, and could run back into the main waterfall area through the cliffs and other features. I finally had to /house to get out, then back in again. ;-> --U.]

    Try placing a 'pad at the base of the main waterfall, then raise it to 107 (middle coordinate number; rather than 114.54). This is where the "floor" is, roughly, and you can run on air to the start of the falls at the top. Lots of room up there, nice deep-ish water (but like the "water" on the beach in the Mistmoore Estates; it's not real...sigh) until an invisible boundary wall to the northern side of the small waterfall farthest east. Due to the rises and falls of the invisible floor, you can go up from 107 to:

    -131.31, 111.76, -542.94

    It's a lovely area, and these coords will get you past the invisible wall, in that corner. There are seemingly vertical ways up these "cliffs" you can run up until you're in the trees off to your left; there are holes here and there near the edge of the dome, but don't worry, since apparently you still can't fall "off the edge of the world" that way...the wall doesn't block you again until you're overlooking the westernmost small waterfall. Lots of room for more building. ;->

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  8. Exalia New Member

    Looking for co-ordinates for break-out locations within a T2 guild hall in South Qeynos, if anyone knows of any that would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. Alanducar Active Member

    That's awesome Uwk, those coordinates are going to be fun to work with. Now that i know of all those secrets i'll make sure to make a full investigation based on your post. Perhaps i can make something wholy unique aside from trying to use the really difficult slanting walls inside.
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  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Good luck to you! I'm not even gonna try dealing with the slanting walls, I think; stand-alone walls, doors, etc. and tiles will be my thing...which reminds me: must get more Ice Tiles... :p

  11. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Dojo Breakout waypoints are

    Attic: 5.26, 5.48, -7.35
    Roof: 3.76, 8.22, -8.88

    Sorry I haven't been checking out forums frequently. Those are the waypoints of my teleporters but I have built a floor so not sure if that is over a beam or not. Cannot check since the house is in Hall of Fame. You can move the teleporter around and fall back down into the house without too much damage so easy to get the teleporter set where you want. The Attic is the area with the support wires. The roof is completely above the dojo and just black space. For the roof area you must build not only the floor but the walls and ceiling. It was a pita to place anything on the walls in the roof space. If you would like to see a house with these spaces,

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    Location: South Qeynos
    House: Dojo
    Owner: Acotta
    Hall of Fame Name: Squeal

    Hope this helps you out Avianna. Rinah
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  12. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I have a couple more breakout points.

    A large Maj'dul Residence
    Roof: -6.80, 13.13. 14.82

    Arcane Academy
    Attic: -4.71, 16.86, -111.93
    Roof: 7.35, 36.90, -118.35
    Fountain: -83.26, -24.45, -44.21
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  13. grlnxtdr Active Member

    Anyone Have a breakout for Court of the Master Yet?
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  14. suka Well-Known Member

    i found that if you float a teleporter pad up to the walkway on top and then place tiles to make connections along it, there are plenty of places to put rooftop vistas there. with four such courts though, there are just too many places to put the teleporter pads, still, with well placed tiles, you can pretty much run around most of it. i didn't see anything when looking over the side though.
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  15. suka Well-Known Member

    ok at 198.79, 265.14, -56.68 you are in one of the bell towers, but there is only a blank floor so bring tiles and some areas won't show the tiles at all. at 196.31, 254.28, -45.09 you are outside one of the pretty windows. this is all in the most western tower.the tower seems to be all blank inside and i found some of my tiles disappeared so i am not sure if you can build anything in them. worth a try though
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  16. suka Well-Known Member

    and at 200.58, 221,12, -72,97 you are on the lower ledge of the same tower. there is an even lower ledge that will create a walkway that is easy to get to.
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  17. suka Well-Known Member

    my breakout point for a large Maj'dul Residence where i put a garden at street level is -41.02, -8.82, -64.36
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  18. suka Well-Known Member

    and above the roof is a path that is an open sandy area overlooking that part of the city. the point to put the teleportation pad there is -23.18, 19.26, 30.07 from there i was able to jump into the city and roam the streets and contemplate what i could do to the tops of the buildings if i had more pads
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  19. suka Well-Known Member

    in the secluded sanctum there are ledges that will support a teleportation pad they are along the edges of the abyss. there are otehr ledges behind the beds in the round room. however, i wanted to build an area below the entry in the abyss. I placed my teleportation pad at 54.79, 345.74, -25.03 and added tiles then build up from there. at this level you can add ramps to connect with the upper area that forms the entry deck.
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  20. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    Anyone have FP breakout coordinates? Working out of 1 Compassion Road.
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