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    These are by no means all of the breakout coordinates there are. These are simply some coordinates to help you get started in breaking out of the various homes.

    Many of these are copied from Gracey's old breakout thread. The rest are from submissions to this thread. Please let me know if any of these coordinates do not work.

    If you would like to contribute locations, please include the location as well as a brief description of where that location is.

    Large homes are homes that include balconies with a visible expanse of city. Examples would be 3 Walk of the Dead in Neriak, 2 Bayle Court in Qeynos, or Timorous Heights in Gorowyn.

    Gorowyn Large Homes:
    By the river: 54.647, -161.774, -699.561
    On the docks: -247.64039612, -150.54301453, -31.48881531
    Tier 3 Guild Hall:
    Coast: -377.94,-46.68,-955.94
    Freeport Large Homes:
    ??: 43.37, -0.04, -21.61
    Neriak Large Homes:
    At the teleporter for Death Grotto: 25.22079086,-14.10311985,130.57824707

    Kelethin Large Homes:
    Outside of Aerie Kolmas and Aerie Amree: 30.47642517, -38.17166138, -12.42640114

    New Halas:
    New Halas Large Homes:
    Base of the ice pillar: 492.69662476, -111.30591583, -341.20819092
    Docks: 63.93198395, -111.91772461, -370.53201294
    Top of the waterfall: 35.22156525,-33.03961563,-469.97946167

    Tier 3 Guild Hall:
    ??: 162.63, -17.44, 654.53
    Bridge: 31.45707703, -5.81116867, 154.75904846
    Overlooking the beach in Archer's Forest: -764.06713867,-9.46582699,732.92364502
    Qeynos Large Homes:
    On the exterior steps of 2 Bayle Court: 13.80648613,-4.73966789,32.10585785


    A large Maj'dul Residence:
    Bottom of stairs that lead up to Skygazer Plateau: -18.17083740,16.30415344,-187.12429810
    Entrance to Court of Truth: 27.28735352,7.90306091,-60.26232910
    Open, sandy area overlooking part of the city: -23.18, 19.26, 30.07
    Red and Blue tent visible from the outside area of that house: -36.88594055,-8.82468796,-58.94791031
    Roof: -6.80, 13.13. 14.82
    Street level: -41.02, -8.82, -64.36

    Arcane Academy:
    Attic: -4.71, 16.86, -111.93
    Fountain: -83.26, -24.45, -44.21
    Just outside the door: -8.21,-5.91,-109.34
    Roof: 7.35, 36.90, -118.35
    ??: -29.96987724 -18.80211258 -261.48452759
    ??: 13.96024895 36.65136337 -124.00502777

    Court of the Master:
    Bell tower: 198.79, 265.14, -56.68
    Westernmost tower, outside the window: 196.31, 254.28, -45.09
    Westernmost tower, lower ledge: 200.58, 221.12, -72.97

    Dimensional Pocket:
    Top platform above entrance: 88.42973328, 417.30670, -1.96675348

    Fearful Retreat:
    Behind the fire wall: -19.42747879, 5.26211357, -609.80889893

    Felwithe Mansion:
    Ceiling hole (able to run on air here): -78.27, 173.68, -703.69
    Tower (land here for building): -81.41, 175.00, -346.37

    Waterfall (bring own flooring materials): -75.88, 114.54, -450.98

    Freeblood Lair:
    Just outside balcony: -58.23, 3.57, -14.73

    Galleon of Dreams:
    Back crow's nest: 4.14, 76.95, -58.75
    Boarded up room: -12.91, 12.60, -60.12
    Ceiling beams in room outside boarded up room: -5.22, 21.08, -55.25
    Front crow's nest: 4.04, 80.11, 20
    Middle crow's nest: 3.86, 95.38, -24.77
    Top of rearmost room: -0.37, 51.56, -114.78
    Under the grate--floor is not solid: 16.20, 8.94, -25.30
    Under the stairs (1): 16.50, 17.80, -47.60
    Under the stairs (2): -16.50, 17.80, -47.60
    Upper roof: 6.81, 51.19, -111.55

    Lavastorm Winter Home:
    Edge of the world: 503, -72, -1,407
    Mountain: -60, 30, -228
    Mountain (other side of lava river): 69, 102, -137
    Ocean: 12, -70, -325
    Rocks in the bay: 235, -68, -763

    Mistmoore Crags Estate:
    Beach: -330, -135, 145
    Crypt of Valdoon door: -150, 5, 15

    Personal Dojo:
    Attic: 5.26, 5.48, -7.35
    Roof: 3.76, 8.22, -8.88

    Personal Planetarium:
    Moon area (behind invisible wall): 0, 3.1, -118
    Moon ledge: 0, 9.9, -53
    Sun area (behind invisible wall): 0, 3.1, 118
    Sun ledge: 0, 9.9, 53

    Researcher's Sanctum:
    Out in the water: -204.15, -60.15, -331.76

    Secluded Sanctum:
    Below the entry area, over the abyss: 54.79, 345.74, -25.03

    Storm Tower Isle:
    1st Tier Catwalk: 77.25247192, 117, 24604034, -104.30835724
    2nd Tier Catwalk: 75.26461792, 99.24042511, -97.13478851
    Top of tower: 68.48439789, 78.09657288, -107.39396667

    Tenebrous Island Refuge:
    Upper Island: 65.2, 162.39, 47.97
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    Vale of Halfpint Delight
    (SW of docks, very close to barrier to the NW) -206.75 -2.59 153.18
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    Thanks for posting this Jaza!
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    Galleon of Dreams

    I did not fare well in Pirate Language Arts, so bare with me:

    4.14, 76.95, -58.75 ~ back crow's nest

    3.86, 95.38, -24.77 ~ middle crow's nest

    4.04, 80.11, 20 ~ front crow's nest

    -12.91, 12.60, -60.12 ~ boarded up room - wall is similar to the small nooks in Residence of the Blades in that the boarded up portion is see through and you can walk out but not in.

    16.20, 8.94, -25.30 ~ under grate by music changer - floor is not solid so you'll be swimmin' with th' sharks ye land lubber!
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    LOL Thanks Kitzy :)
    I came here to do the same thing - I didn't think of doing the fore and aft crows nests but I did this one
    - 0.37, 51.56, -114.78.
    Quite a nice area for roaming or building! Its the top of the rear most room and my total seamanship language arts would be "fore, aft, port and starboard"!! :)

    I was disappointed we couldn't utilize that below deck area - couldn't even place items when in there to create a floor - I might have to try harder on that one.
    Finally - can we please sticky this :)
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    -16.50, 17.80, -47.60
    16.50, 17.80, -47.60

    Little under-stairs areas to hide things in or place light-casting items!
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    You can get above the room that has the boarded up door that leads to a closet like space. Can walk on the beams and see into that room which you could make your own floor. Coordinates are: -5.22, 21.08, -55.25
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    I had to modify the MM ones as they put you in mid air.
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    The edge of the world spot for the Lavastorm house is stupid imo. It is high in the middle of the air and if you leave the pad you just placed you fall and die.
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    there is another nice place for a teleport pad. too bad you can only have 4 on this boat. 6.81, 51.19, -111.55 - the upper roof. nice view from up there. and btw, i can't walk out of my boarded room- the teleport is the only way in and out- makes a nice hiding place though.
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    Question about the break-outs for the Personal Planetarium, and a bit of advice for South (pardon, Southern) Qeynos...

    In the break-out figures for the "moon area" and "sun area" (the stages can be gotten to with enough stair type things), does this mean in front of the invisible wall, or BEHIND it, so we can "touch" the moon/sun? It would be so cool to have things orbiting or approaching the moon's surface (or on it! a lander, a rover, a BnL sign [just kidding with that last]...), or some ship trying that slingshot-around-the-sun-time-travel bit... ;->

    About SQ: you don't necessarily have to "break out" if you can get up to the flat part of the roof (which has its own potential for cool decorating!) from the balcony; once up there, just jump down into "Southern Qeynos" on any side but directly back into the balcony. Dunno if the other Large Homes can do that. ::shrug::

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    Is there a breakout for the GH in north Qeynos??

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