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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Bryce1976, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Bryce1976 New Member

    I did play little beta and got to like level 40 then all my friends quit, and I lost interest. I am looking to try it out again, looking for a guild/server that is very active, possible raiding, with voice chat, vent, teamspeak, something. I am 36 and looking for older more mature players. I will probably play almost every night for a few hours if I end up getting into it. I am in CST zone and try to call it a night by 10 every night sometimes I end up staying up later. Anyway any help picking a very active server and guild would be appreciated.
  2. Ohgren New Member

    Well The Council is Recruiting on the Freeport server if you'd like to look us up
  3. Valaran New Member

    Champions of Norrath on Crushbone is guild with players in there 30s and 40s and we are recruiting. We stop around 11 to 11:30 eastern time so that's good for your goal of stopping around 10 central. Drop me a line in the game I'm on usually with Valaran but anyone set to recruit in Champions of Norrath can easily help you get into the guild and start your journey.