Brackish Vaults [Duo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Gninja, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Gninja Developer

    Please post any feedback on this zone here! Make sure before posting that you have tested it against the most recent build as things are changing rapidly within beta.

  2. maxximum Member

    Don't know if it's intentional but trash in there ripostes for 80m hp.
  3. Gninja Developer

    When was this? They should be toned down with last night's patch.
  4. maxximum Member

    About 6 hours ago, checked my ACT
  5. Gninja Developer

    What specific creatures did you see this on? I am looking them over and see no reason they should do that.
  6. maxximum Member

    An aqueous source, it actually double hit me with it lol

  7. Gninja Developer

    Found the problem, will get a fix in. Thanks for the info!
  8. maxximum Member

    A bit unsure whether this is intended or not, but the names in there are hitting hard:



    I know bosses shouldn't be easy, but I went in with Vannyel and we had lots of problems killing the second name. The flash freeze is the script, so that's my fault for getting hit by it, but the armor buster (which can hit 4/5 times at once) and crushing attack is unavoidable as far as I can see. We're both decently geared out as far as it goes at the mo, I even have 5 pieces of the new heroic gear and all the adorns from beta buff, but I don't know if it was meant to be this hard. If it is meant to be this hard then it is what it is, but it feels like you'd need very specific classes to clear the zone in a realistic time.
  9. maxximum Member

    Just went back in to test trash and three different types are one shotting:


    Briny Undertow
    Coral Guardian
    Aqueous Memory
  10. Gninja Developer

    They should have been fixed last night so they will be part of the next update we do after now (6pm 11/2)
  11. maxximum Member

    Not sure if working as intended, but Aqueous Memories still hitting for 50m+ hp after warding.

  12. maxximum Member

    and all bosses hitting for 180m hp constantly

  13. Leed Active Member

    Is this the same as the Solo Brackish Vaults? (Don't see a thread created for solo)

    At zone in you can run right into water, and instead of swimming you fall and it says 'You have been teleported to a safe location in the zone, because you appeared to have fallen through the world.'
  14. Forgesplitter New Member

    1. Found an Aggressive inkfish(non aggro) in the corner on left side as you zone in behind the wall.
    a. As soon as you attack it, it breaks encounter and resets but merc still fights it. had to leave instance to reset merc.

    2. Armor Buster on Memory of Povar is still Brutal.
    a. Trying a different strategy to see if i can bypass the murderous onslought...
  15. Gninja Developer

    Fixed for Monday's update

    Was this damage really high from the beginning or did it just grow out of control after a little while of fighting?
  16. Leed Active Member

    Seems none of the platforms have any movement restrictions and if you run off the edge you fall under the world and get teleported.

    Could you make the doors on the platform you zone in on clickable to exit the zone? Or move the mobs just enough to let you leave without being attacked right at zone in?
  17. Gninja Developer

    You should be able to walk right up to the portal without having to kill those mobs. They have really small aggro range. I will double check it.
  18. Leed Active Member

    I had been testing the named by running off platform and seeing how they would react (like jumping off and trying to land on entrance platform and seeing if named would follow me down), so after a bit of that it might have messed with something in regards to aggro and zoning out that you wouldn't normally see. Nothing seemed to break in terms of making the zone easier in any way though.
  19. Forgesplitter New Member

    It grew out of control...
  20. Gninja Developer

    After how long?

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