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    The following are screenshot "Mock-ups", created for use as Proof-of-Concept only, and are NOT official. (aka FAKE)

    The mechanics decided upon for a viable bounty system were written up last September*, including full UI Modification requirements, NPC additions including full text script write-ups for NPC interactions, along with logic flow-charts and a full-features list detailing how Bounties can be possible in Everquest 2.

    The full write-up was never included with the original post with the intention of stimulating peoples minds, and testing the public to see if the interest was there, to determine if such an undertaking would be viable, and worth investing time and money into.

    Unfortunately, despite even the greatest efforts of any corporation, no creations are infallible, and everything becomes victim to exploitation, as would be the case if such a theoretical system as hinted at below, was introduced into the game.

    A bounty system IS possible, however as it stands, the requirements for re-working the game to point where it would run 'Un-Exploitable' are, assumedly, beyond the scope of the game, given that PVP makes up only a small minority of the Game-playing population as a whole.
    In other words, work required would more than likely outweigh the benefits of adding such a system. (The Risk vs. Reward model for example)

    Major game additions such as these require heavy duty work, and as such, for now anyways, must stay in the realm of imagination.

    But they cant stop me from imagining =P


    The OP never actually made claims that bounties had been added in any form, or on any test server, merely hinted at, with the hopes that it would be found to be plausible, perhaps taken more seriously, and more passionately, as it seems to have.

    Additionally, the post began with 'this shouldn't be shared for another 3 months'... Which hints at April... --> April Fools! " />

    Someday perhaps.... someday...

    Placing a Bounty


    Bounty Master Window, -- Bounties Claimed so far...
    Notice you can be both a Bounty Hunter, and have a bounty placed on your head at the same time.

    A Fugitive checking the outstanding bounties currently on their head.

    Initial screenshot Mock-up showing a player receiving notice that a bounty has been placed on their head.

    The money shot, literally LOL

    Skilled Bounty Hunters would earn not only Titles, but other rewards as well..
    This illusion is called a Spectral Stalker.

    *written up by a think-tank of personal friends, not anyone official or in any way employed or related to SOE or EQ2
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    Looks awesome. But when you have people with multiple accounts, who feel the need to cheat their way to general, will cheat their way to these titles. If that isn't bad enough, place a bounty on a Fury's head we all hate, and he just collects it with his other account. Just another bragging right for the wrong people, which can ruin an awesome idea.
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    (( Well, the bounty money is posted BY people, it doesnt just come from nowhere.

    So putting a bounty on your alt, then collecting it with another toon you own is just taking your own money... so its a complete circle, there is no money coming in from NPCs or whatever

    It just seems to be a way for other players to reward eachother for killing people they hate.

    Re titles, right now Fugitive title gets applied to anyone who has a bounty on their head greater than 50 gold, i believe, last i checked.
    It might get replaced with an icon instead anyways, so no worries.

    The titles earned by bounty hunters (or Fugitives who kill their respective bounty hunters) take ALOT of kills to earn, and ALOT of bounties to claim.

    Think of it like the Arena titles, they are exploitable too, but only the most hardcore bored people with nothing better to do will bother getting that far.

    OHHHH and theres also a limit on how many times you can put a bounty (or raise it) on a single person in a week, or is it two weeks... ill have to check again
    But suffice it to say, it would take about 2 years to get a title by farming your alt.
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    -Arctura- wrote:
    That is how the Bounty system in UO failed back in 98. Friends would just kill each other and place bounties on each other's heads. The only place it worked was Siege Perilous where you could only have one character per account.

    Great idea.. and I adore the intention. But this has "exploit" written all over it. I hope the GM's are going to get extra Krispy Kremes every morning for the overtime this is going to produce if it ever hits the live servers.
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    Sightless wrote:
    Arctura I belive what he is saying is: Player X places a bounty on one of his alts. He watches other place there money into it. He then collects it by killing his alt.
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    (( i have faith that it will be tested until the wheels fall off to make sure its exploit free before going live....

    I havent really tried to find a loophole in it yet, but im assuming its pretty sound.

    You cant place bounties on people until they kill you in pvp, as it stands... so getting your low level fury to make a huge bounty would require you killing alot of people on your fury first, then have them place a bounty on you.

    You cant just put a bounty on a random person you dont like...

    Its like an... added bonus for dying in PVP lol.

    Personally its pretty thrilling when you get a Bounty placed on your head, when it pops up, if they place it immediately, its hilarious, a good way of seeing JUST how badly that person hates you lol, and how much they are willing to pay to put you away.

    Put it this way, even if someone did figure out how to exploit it and collect the money with an alt... To get the money that player you hate has to die... so they still die, does it matter who kills them? o_O Maybe more of a 'buyer-beware' sentiment towards bounty-placers... but who knows
    We shall see how it pans out
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    Good to hear! And many many thanks for showing us this!!!
  9. ARCHIVED-Kulssin Guest

    -Arctura- wrote:
    Good luck with that.

    While I love the bounty idea... I don't see it happening. I only see 100 more threads here about how "so and so" made the "Top 10" on EQ2Players because they cheated.
  10. ARCHIVED--Arctura- Guest

    biffenbob wrote:
    (( i.... might just scrap this thread and delete the OP, i think i might get in trouble soon... lol
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    Are they going to remove the fame titles as they are now? With a system in place like this, it would be nice to see them remove all titles, ether that or make them lose fame if killed with a bounty on their heads.
  12. ARCHIVED--Arctura- Guest

    Zimike wrote:
    (( Dont know what they are doing with fame titles, i haven't heard or seen any changes proposed regarding those, at least for now anyways... I would assume they remain unchanged unless you hear different.
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    The really effective way to do this would be to present certain penalties to a player for having fugitive on them. this is how i would do it.
    at the 10 gold bounty marker, you are displayed in a zone by everyone regardless or team and can be tracked from anywhere in the zone by anyone, at the 50 gold maker, the person with the bounty on them would be unable to evac or be evaced, and it takes twice as long for them to leave pvp combat once they have entered it. at the 1 platnum marker, the player gains no permenent pvp immunity in any zone, at the 2 platnum marker, the player with the bountry on them gains absolutely no immunity in any zone and when they zone they appear on the other side in pvp combat, at the 5 platnum marker, a bounty hunter can enter the same instance that the fugitive is in and can only attack the person with fugitive (but can be attacked by anyone else). at the 10 platnum level, the target can be followed from zone to zone via the global bountry hunting screen showing what zone they are in, and finally, the 50 platnum bountry marker would broadcast in a special bountry channel when they change zone, who they get attacked by, who they kill, and when they are killed, as well as displaying who set up the bountry and who killed the person.
    also, lets say the person who sets the bounty is subject to the same penelties as the person who fugitive on them, but if that person is killed by anyone else they gain no bountry, unless it is the fugitive who kills the bounty placer, and then the reward goes to the fugitive and the bountry is dropped.
    if the fugitive with the bountry on them is killed, the bounty placer recieves 5 fame hits from them and credit towards additional rewards available to bounty placers only ,
    the bounty hunter who kills the fugitive recieves 3 fame hits from the fugitive as well as bounty hunter credit for bounty hunter rewards and ALL of the money on them as well his choice of 1 pvp dropable item from the corpse of the fugitive.
    the fugitive, being the most vulnerable and powerless would recieve the most rewards for surviving, gaining double the fame hits of anyone who has accepted the bounty on them, all of their money, the choice of 1 dropable item from their corpse, the bounty hunters when killed will also reward fugitive credit so the fugitive recieves rewards if they are able to survive and kill. the fugitive gains the ability to track down the person who puts the bounty on them at all times and recieves the bounty as the reward for killing the person as well as 10 fame hits, all of the coin on them and massive fugitive credit to buy items with ect.
    just the way id do it TBH.
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    Aegiz wrote:
    (( So far as ive seen, the system is pretty much worked out, although im not sure its finished, so hearing other ideas is always cool.

    Some very extreme ideas here you mention lol, i like the sound of some of them anyways hehe ;)
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    Spyderbite@Venekor wrote:
    I was thinking that too.

    Let's just say I place a 1pp bounty on Player A. Player A is online, and immediately notified that there is a bounty on his head. He quickly logs in his alt on another account, and kills himself before anyone else can collect the reward. This is not him killing himself over his own money, it is actually my money. I placed the bounty, right? And if there is any sort of fame or other rewards, he will get that too..... for killing his own toon with an alt on another account.

    The idea would be cool if it worked and nobody had a real opportunity to exploit it.... but if it's this easy to cheat, a lot of people are going to do it. Especially if killing someone with a bounty on their head possibly involves big rewards.
  16. ARCHIVED--Arctura- Guest

    (( point is, the joke is on them though, cos they killed their own character, and thats very, very sad lol.

    And their characted died lol.

    Btw you can only collect a bounty on the same person once per period of time, 1-2 weeks i forget which.
    Also keep in mind, you can take back your bounty at any time upon visiting the Bounty Master, atleast so far you can.

    As for the people exploiting it, as far as it is now, there is NO FAME involved in bounties.
  17. ARCHIVED-Grayspirit Guest

    This is going to be ******* amazing. I'm putting a 5p bounty on my head as soon as I can.
  18. ARCHIVED-BWLeeEllison Guest

    -Arctura- wrote:
    To minimize the chance of people repeatedly placing bouties on the toons on a secondary or teriary account, they could simply tack on a processing fee similar to the broker percentages. Fifteen per cent should suffice I would think. Therefor, if you placed a 1 plat bounty on someone, you have to fork over 1p15g when the bounty is placed.
  19. ARCHIVED--Arctura- Guest

    BWLeeEllison wrote:
    (( Hey thats an AWESOME idea!!!
    Would (hopefully) deter people from paying for their alts bounties just to be at the top of the most wanted list... O.O
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    Thanks for sharing this! With dwindling numbers of players due to sudden changes on our pvp system we can use news about light at the end of the tunnel.
    Bounties.. cool. Tastes good. Sweet. I like em pure!
    SOE definitely listened to our calls.

    One question and a few remarks based on what you posted:
    Q: Are bounties only placable in a city - as in your screen - or also in front of the oblivious opponent?
    I see a 80 freep do a quickie on me in Kylong..
    in seconds
    1. the 80 sees me
    2. opens bounty master
    3. places bounty on me
    4. closes window
    5. targets my conjy
    6. kills my conjy
    7. collects bounty and reward
    oh well.. the fear for exploits has been noted already. "We shall see how it pans out"
    • Pitty there's a 30g minimum, making it impossible for newbs to bounty mark their menace.
    • In your chatwindow I read "Your reward was transfered to your Bank Vault" pff.. bounty hunters are carebears! :)
    • Cancellation costs are 150%. I wonder where/to whom this money goes?
    I'll just w8 and C :D

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