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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Fistpower, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    End game is all that needs to be fixed, so I don't know why I should care about other people's perspectives at all. People who don't play all the time won't experience this content.

    Look on the bright side, we might even get the loot/mobs fixed by the time they get there. I will handshake every casual personally when they hit fifty, and then SLR them some raid loot after they craft my spells for my 14th alt.
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  2. Atan Well-Known Member

    There is something in the middle.

    I personally do not enjoy when raid encounters die before I get 3 casts off. I'm not sure how we argue that is appropriate balancing.

    Looking at SoTL parses from last night, many of the encounters are not making 30 second duration.

    I'd use a simple rule of thumb that no current tier raid named should die in less than 2 spell rotations, trash can certainly be less, but probably more than 2 casts like it is now.

    The answer obviously isn't what they did on FG for SF tuning where they just gave Wing 3 billions of HP to force the encounters to be flawlessly executed for over an hour to kill them.

    I think there is something in the middle between 25 seconds and an hour+ in terms of where raid names should be tuned. I am careful for what I ask for, cause unless they're going to do some measuring and tuning with hard data, I agree they should stay away from it, cause the 'off the hip' tuning we got on FG was not good.

    It's pretty clear they don't have the resources to beta and tune, but I do not understand why they cant accept parses from the raid guilds in raid counsel forums and adjust HP accordingly.

    Lastly, lets not conflate HP with difficulty. Needing to execute a script longer because the mob has more HP does increase difficulty, but all the encounters in game right now have no scripting (they removed what little there was in SoTL cause of bugs). So in short, absolutely nothing in game right now has any difficulty, its just a matter of how long you stand there and push buttons before it falls over and gives you its loot. I advocate for a little more HP as these super short encounters make certain classes seem stronger than they are, and in general its just kinda lol dumb when people can't get more than 2 abilities off before its dead.
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  3. MazeEQ New Member

    Everyone here saying there's nothing to do, but Vox is still alive.
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  4. MazeEQ New Member

    Ok, now theres nothing to do. Vox is dead.
  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Under a day to level to fifty.

    Raid content all cleared.

    What do for three more months.... :thinkingface:

    I guess we can all harvest in enchanted lands? Maybe roleplay about the ferocious creatures lurking in the ferrott?
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  6. Earar Well-Known Member

    Make lots of alts, build houses, decorate, roleplay, cyber ...

    Do all HQ and all available quests ...

    So many things to do
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  7. Ghorast Member

    Yeah just max out your swimming skill people, that will keep you occupied for 3 more months.
  8. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Its posts like this that makes anyone that takes gaming even remotely serious laugh at the EQ2 player base. Your post makes zero sense. This is about endgame content, not doing HQs on alt u dont need once u got a voucher and housing is extremely limited on kaladim.

  9. Surgeon Active Member

    Play on the Nagafen Event Server.
    There problem solved.
  10. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Some people are expecting way too much from these TLE nostalgia servers. It is not going to satisfy full time gaming. If you play every day hours and hours per week for months on end, and want challenging endgame content you should really be playing on live... or better yet, a more modern game. It would be great if they re-tuned all the level 50 gear and mobs and even the classes. But that's not likely to happen, and even if it did, would not make the content last for 4 months for those playing on this server like it's the launch of a brand new game.

    But by all means, keep trying for change and posting the same threads every time they launch a TLE.
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  11. Earar Well-Known Member

    Maybe because it was supposed to be sarcastic.
    Game was slower back then.

    I couldn’t play as much but i remember each level took time. U had time to do lots of groups. I spent days in RE when I first played, not just 2 evenings to be good for CT.
    Levelling should take longer, even for HC players and then u wouldn’t get bored as fast.

    Now there r stuff to do. Whether you’re willing or not is tour choice. U don’t want an alt, u don’t want to level TS, u don’t want to do HQ ... ok, cool. But they are here and u could do it .. so liliting your gameplay only to endgame content in an old game is also your choice. With consequences.

    Sure, devs could change some dongeons to be proper lvl 50 with lvl 50 gear, but if one rushed through content while leveling, he will rush those new dongeons and complain at the end of the week.

    Vanilla leveling was slower. I guess there was a reason ...
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  12. Saints Member

    New Player here.

    While I am a bit concerned about the long-term future of Kaladim (after hearing some say that Fallen Gate is a bit of a ghost town), what I really want to experience is the older content, and as much of it as I can.

    I'm going all in on Kaladim. Prestige home, experiencing zone timelines, heritage quest, and group/dungeon content is stellar. I genuinely love all of it. When things become more modern with flying mounts and potentially other adjustments (plenty of mmos that love to nerf and trivialize existing content to filter players to the current expansion/cap, dunno if EQ2 does this, but it seems to, and if it does) then I'll adapt.

    Sure, we all could have been level 50 yesterday, it's rather easy to jump in a dungeon group and breeze on through. However, there is so much other content pre-50 to see and enjoy.

    I tried to play on the live servers so many times only to fall off before the 30's. Kaladim is my gateway in, and I hope to experience as much as I can... four months at a time.
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  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    FG fell the same fate that it's predecessor Stormhold did, after about 18-24 months it died for a myriad of reasons. Many of which were the same reasons SH died. It is quite likely that Kaladim meets the same fate 18-24 months from now.

    TLE servers are unlikely to ever be permanent homes for anyone. Just a place to relive nostalgic moments with friends.
  14. Seth Active Member

    All of this complaining about vanilla. Why do you think its called vanilla rofl. Your playing from the roots of EQ2 of course u are not going to have some insane Dark Souls Orstein and smough fight. yes levelling is faster. do you remember how much of a pain it was back then? or are you clinging to the " oh fluffy memories ". I'll let you in on something I remembered Kingdom hearts as this awesome and truly fantastic experience. I bought the game and was reminded that memories tamper with your brain and your logical thinking. Sure its a good game when it came out in that specific time period that's what my memory is from.

    But through exploring other games / styles I have noticed that visiting the EXACT same game from old it got boring, within roughly 1-2 hours of playing. For instance, fighting Hades in KH, you know great boss, bit hard I remember it being this insane bloodfest of sweat and grinding for hours before I destroyed it. Then I played Darksouls and well that speaks for itself. Sure the game could use itemization in some dungeons for all you crazy progression fellas who only care about the " when is the next raid " meme attempting to not look like those seagulls from nemo.

    I am pretty sure Everyone who actually replies on these kind of posts have a real good view of the game no doubt about that. you all voice your opinions and argue and whine and triumph but look. I am sure all of you here understand that Daybreak does not care. I mean honestly you write these thinking they will change it, and quite frankly it is not going to happen. It's just going to be a cycle of what they think is best for the game I doubt they even know how to kill Pawbuster without dev commands.

    You know the reason they dont actually play the " new expansions for instance" is not due to "Spoilers" on the dev stream. It's because they honestly could not care less about it. They would encounter something broken within two minutes. So they show off all the fluffy stuff the collectors edition all of the " goodies" then somehow drag that out for however long their internet connection lasts be it minutes or 2 hours. Then they might go into one of the overlands with god mode, do some whacks on a mob and not loot it.

    So Posting all this stuff about X being un itemized, X taking too long or too little time, you know it's really not going to change and if it does change you will still hate it because your memories are attempting to persevere over what is currently set in motion.

    I hate so many things about this game but look at me I have my left screen waiting to type in that password to enter game. I tried voicing my opinions/ questions to the devs before, you get a banhammer, you get blocked, you get ignored, its life they really dont care as long as they have you Hooked, which they do you are still going to play and pay. Be it with Krono or farming till your heart is content then buying a Krono off the market which in turn still pays DBG.

    Yes Icy Dig is the best place to go for gear, but have you noticed that menagerie takes 10-15 minutes to complete, or OoT takes 10 minutes or that other one in Sols eye the one with the Djinn with the lifting Lava, seeing a theme, speed. Maybe when this was released there was a reason for said " Speed ". Then all of you are complaining about Icy Dig, which takes like 30-40 minutes + if you are a " Normal " group. So of course the items will be good. Good on ya if you can whack that zone in 20mins I respect people that do speed runs , I have tried them myself.

    But honestly, everyone seems to obsessed with the huge stat inflation that seeing for instance icy dig drop what 19-20 stat pieces then with raids dropping 21. I wouldn't say the upgrade is a magical jump.. it could maybe use 1-2 primary/ few blues more I honestly wouldn't mind either way.

    Some of the stuff is broken, your still playing you have been for the last whatever many years it's been. you know the routine it wont get fixed till two expansions later. it's normal.
    Your Hooked DBG is capitalising on that and well we are a sucker for EQ2.

    Yeah raids are not perfect with loot drops you get some 40's you get some 50's its a gamble and all I can say is if you think that Raiding is ALLLLL about progression and " insane " gear upgrades then I dont know what to say to that honestly.

    Gear is broken, pets are broken, classes are borked. 10/10 when summoners are nerfed u will all start complaining about assassins but hey it's the way the game works. Yet you are all still here. it means you have a real passion for this game and I respect that. Dont take any of what I write personally or to offence it is not meant to be like that, it is simply stating what the game is and were we are at and how it honestly is going or if not, has turned out.

    I know a lot of you are just posting to voice opinions hoping that the one percentile will agree with you and " make a difference" but it wont. I mean the best you can do is to just let the game destroy itself and then make daybreak think oh what did we do, let it transfer to a new company and boom everyone goes back to being loving caring lul what am I saying this community is toxic and annoying but at the same time I guess it does hold respect in my heart for being straight out honest.

    I know lots of you like to reach end game and be op I ran through that phase for years on live being top 5 progression guilds serverwide blahdee blah.
    Everyone knows the majority that reach 50 within a few days is either a HCORE server first person or a Krono farmer.
    Shoot me your names so I can check your quest log please.

    It's everquest for a reason , if you get annoyed about drops go do a quest or a HQ, and if you done them all, go help out a friendly soul in chat who just joined the game. or start a cool conversation in the chat, you can do whatever you want yet most people seem to get fixated on a few minor and or major issues and then get so frustrated over them that they turn bitter.

    Well if you made it to the end of that within the time It took to write this ( a good what is it now, 60 minutes or so I guess ) congrats lol.

    Nothing in this is intended to be " troll " or any of that nonsense, I tend to come on here maybe once a week for curiosity, I guess this post just made me want to write something. TO be fair it did take a little bit of time reading all your comments from page one.

    Interesting points all I can say but Yeah this is My point, stated above. /target (audience) %T

    Forgot to mention I am 50 on 2 characters and I have not even got the courage to craft. RIP.
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  15. Atan Well-Known Member

    Agree. Maybe the next TLE will be focused at the 'hay day' of the game rather than repeating the same launch experience.

    Something more focused on EoF - DoV for that 18-24 months.
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  16. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I would love that type of server, starting with a level cap of 70 and everything unlocked through KoS on day 1.
  17. Dude Well-Known Member

    IMHO you have it backwards. You rushed to endgame on a server where you know unlocks happen at the 4 month mark. You missed the whole point of the server. If you're not into the nostalgia and leveling up slowly to enjoy the content, then I highly recommend not playing on a server specifically designed for that.
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  18. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    There is no taking it slow on this server. Even if u tried it wouldnt take you a week to hit level 50 if u play a few hours a day. So just stop it.
  19. Dude Well-Known Member

    No, you stop it. I'm still taking it slow and enjoying myself. If you aren't enjoying the server, then go to a live server. You can level as quickly as possible and not annoy those of us who are enjoying the server exactly the way it was designed.
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  20. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    cool story dude
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