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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Fistpower, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Earar Well-Known Member

    because DBG isn't gonna change anything ... so u go with the flow or like kander says .. if u don't like it don't play it
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  3. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Any guild that started day 1 and makes it to KoS with some resemblance of a raid team deserves a trophy. We are sure going to try.
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  4. Atan Well-Known Member

    That will be one hell of an achievement.

    I'd love to see a guild with 24 good players to play with, but thats never going to happen on this server.
  5. nawimgoodthanks New Member

    It really makes you wonder what the devs are thinking. With all the other bs they do to get money from people, you would think their servers would cater to the majority of players. How many people want a 4 month unlock, 1 in 10? 1 in 7 at the most? Could literally be 1 in 15 people. I dont get it. I can guarantee you if a vote was done the overwhelming majority of players would want 2 months. At least a month has to be taken off. Atm population is high, but the majority of players dont even know that their is nothing for them to do in the end. People will leave in droves, and guilds will die.

    The people who want slow unlocks, arent interested in end game content, they can just level, and whatever else they do, its not going to really effect them to shorten the time inbetween expansion releases. This makes no sense.
  6. Bekkr Well-Known Member

    The problem that I keep seeing you having with all this is that you're fundamentally misunderstanding something about how other people play.

    Playing the game is its own reward. There are a LOT of people, ones playing this game right now, that aren't trying to win like you and the rest of your ilk seem to be. If you really want to understand how folks can genuinely want these long unlock cycles, you have to be willing to adjust your viewpoint a little bit.

    I'm sure you'll come back yet again with how this or that aspect of something isn't rewarding or the itemization sucks or there's no endgame or whatever, but all of that is completely missing the point.

    Some people just enjoy the doing of it. Interacting with other people, having a laugh, killing easy monsters, decorating a little virtual house, etc. That's really it.

    As a side note I don't see anyone "attack OP's request for content catered to him". Some are disagreeing, some are pointing out, rightly so, that changing things to cater to the OP's request will ruin it for a lot of others, with no recourse, when really all OP has to do to solve his own problem is turn the computer off for a while. Your reasoning for that not being a solution seems disingenuous to me - certainly these guilds will reactivate when new content is released.

    I get that this server, at this point, isn't everyone's cup of tea. I get that some people's sole purpose for playing is to level up quickly and get ever better gear and whatnot. But we had a couple like that, and now we have this, which a lot of other people are quite happy with. Give them their turn maybe without talking like the current state of things is bad for everyone and anyone who doesn't think so is just too dumb to realize it. It's rude.
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  7. Grayven Member

    Anyoner who is asking for better itemization in endgame dungeons has my agreement. Anyone who wants more challenging raid content, the same. I doubt there will be anything done about it, but it's fair to ask.

    Anyone who is upset about the timing of the expansion release has me mystified. Was there something misleading or confusing about..

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  8. vexen New Member

    This whole thread is deja vu. The complaints are basically the same as the last two tles. Poorly tuned raid mobs and gear. I just have to laugh. What was it they said about gear being fixed for this tle? Well get use to the ******** if you plan to continue this server you will be constantly disappointed if you are a end game player. I'm not sure why it's so hard to create a gear progression. I mean they were starting from baseline it should have been easy. Early raid mobs could have been significantly harder and dropped better gear to kill even harder raid mobs. If they more end game mobs ended up being to difficult well they could have tuned them down after 2or 3 months so everyone who hadn't killed them already could. Now everyone will be bored after 2 months. I'm slow playing these first two expacs theres no point in raiding as I doubt any of the guilds will be the same by the time we get to KOS
  9. Elskidor! Member

    Nothing misleading about their announcement, but I'm still mystified they went the route they did. XP is done in a much more inviting way than it was done on FG. That's good as it will keep players around but the contents in these expansions are not enough to warrant the same unlock timers.

    I didn't play at launch or even keep up with what EQ2 was doing in 2004, but I wouldn't be surprised if DoF was originally intended to be part of launch base game and simply got scrapped and delayed due to deadlines. There isn't much content there, and it is technically part of the original EQ's continent that became shattered in EQ2 lore. They also knew it wasn't much of an expansion and pushed it and KoS out quicker than beefier expansions that followed. It really should either be lumped up with classic in TLE launch or be treated similarly to a mini expansion and be pushed out a little quicker to reach the real expansions.

    We are basically looking at 7 more months of classic+ a desert. It really should be revisited to speed things up to KoS before slowing back down. It would be wise for the overall health of the server.
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  10. Surgeon Active Member

    I could've sworn I posted a reply asking when the adventure packs will unlock.
    edit: I did..

    When are the adventure packs supposed to unlock?
  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Tell me your feelings in a month from now when you wanna play eq2 but can't because of lack of tuning.
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  12. Surgeon Active Member

    Since I can't edit my previous post, so 16. June 2019 = Tombs
    And Splitpaw is DoF era content? Since it caps at level 60.
    Or is it base game content?
  13. Byron New Member

    I think it's unfortunate that casual players have a history in this game of refusing to co-exist with people who enjoy other playstyles, even though literally all content caters to them. If fixes people ask for are implemented they benefit the server as a whole, or at the very least don't impact upon people 'taking it slow.' Just lifting the gear drops in half the end game raid content to 50 from 40 would provide relevant loot upgrades to casual players.
  14. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I think mid content patch will be in May? It will have Bloodlines and Splipaw. DoF does not have any mid content packs added to it.
  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    It would be nice if they added some HP to these raid mobs. I know it won't happen, but since we are dreaming... Killing a x4 contested mob in under 3 minutes with 2.5 groups does not feel epic. Kill the mini bosses in SoTL in 17 seconds does not feel epic. I know mob HP tuning has given DBG troubles in the past, but I don't understand how just increasing all x4 mobs health by 200% is hard.

    And who thought it was a clever idea to make almost all x4 contested raid mobs have an 8-12 hour respawn? The 2-3 day respawns on Fallen Gate was actually really nice.
  16. nawimgoodthanks New Member

    Why do the lockouts have to be a set time anyway? Why cant they just tailor it to how large the expansions is, or even monitor whats going on, and say "hey 2 weeks till blah blah opens"?
  17. Sixgauge Active Member

    Wrong again, they did that in SF on FG and everyone hated it. More hp = more tedium, not more challenge. The raids will be easy until like EoF when there are better scripts.
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  18. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You disagree with me? I must be on the right track then.

    No where did I say it would make it a challenge, I said feel more "Epic". I understand the lack of mechanics in T5, but when mobs die this fast, it just feels bad. So yes a simple HP increase would make them feel more like raid mobs.

    Mob HP was adjusted a dozen times just in vanilla on FG. It was adjust in DoF, it was adjusted in KoS, and yes I am aware it was adjusted in SF. Some of those adjustments were good, some were bad, some really didn't matter.

    A 200% increase in HP would change Darathar / Venekor / VazGuk etc. from 2-3 minutes kills to 6-9 minute kills. That alone would make the fights feel just a little bit better, even if nothing else changed. I am not asking for a 45 minute Darathar kill like he was on FG, but killing x4 raid mobs with less than 3 groups in 2-3 minutes is not what those mobs were intended to be like, not even close.
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  19. Bekkr Well-Known Member

    See, you did it again. I can't tell if you're unaware you're doing it or if you just can't help yourself.

    Either way you've managed to completely miss my point while telling me I'm wrong for making it. Which is impressive in its own way I suppose.

    p.s. I actually agree with some of your points about itemization and class balance, but my point is that people who don't aren't necessarily objectively wrong. There are several perspectives on it, and several ways to enjoy EQ2, and they're all valid.
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  20. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Here's a secret, I played on FG during SF. Zenji is correct. When things have scripts it requires people to stay focused longer, and play at a high level of skill for longer which in turn = challenge. Crazy concept I know.

    The only reason it was so bad on FG was because of sloppy developer coding of buff packages. For example to pull arkatanthis you had to actually kill a ring event of trash with as much HP as a named. So a good 20 minutes of killing the ring event, to even take a pull on the hard mode. That kind of stuff is what made it stupid at first.

    I made the thread asking for buffs, NO WHERE did I ask for easy mode to be buffed, only hard mode. They failed to listen, buffed everything then we had to go through a whack a mole of trying to get things fixed for a few weeks. Which btw, theer was never fixed even until the end. I don't even think it's killable with DoV AA's/HQ gear because you get 0% avoidance reports and hit for over 100% of your hp.

    Regarding T5/T6, you actually don't have a way to counter scripts because of the lack of abilities. Large add pack with timer? Well I don't really have timewarp, or large hitters to hold, or a tank temp rotation I have to do. So fixing those two expansions just really doesn't work. If you want challenge Zenji, wait until an expansion with actual scripts then fight the battle to make things slightly hard.
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