Bonus XP: Friday, Sept 18 - Friday, Sept 25

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    What if we told you that we're offering DOUBLE EXPERIENCE to our All-Access members for a whole week?


    The double experience bonus for Adventure, Tradeskill and AA XP will turn on at noon PDT* on Friday, September 18, 2015 and will last a full week! This means you have until noon PDT on Friday, September 25, 2015 to fill up those XP bars!

    The Double XP bonuses will be available for All Access members on all traditional servers. While the bonus will not be available on Stormhold and Deathtoll, there are still exciting adventures awaiting All Access members on those special servers. Remember, you must be a member to access Time-Locked Expansion servers.

    Not currently an All-Access member? Now’s the time to sign up!

    *Time Zone Converter
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  2. Dark Archon Member

    ... i would say it's crap.. since they just had one.. and us F2P still have not had one
  3. Aldrix Member

    I like it. Another reason to be a subscriber, and its appreciated as an additional perk!
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  4. SinR New Member

    How do you think us TLE people feel?
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  5. Gnaff Active Member

    Any chance of that being a 2x status week aswell ? ;)
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  6. Lenanu Member

    Nice way to make non access members feel worthless... Twice you give all-access bonus exp, they also always get double currency, unlimited broker access, grandmaster access.... And what do we get? nothing really
  7. Dark Archon Member

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  8. Baphmistra Member

    Yeah! I can finally get a double XP weekend, until I read the fine print. I'm still a silver member, so I'm SOL. Oh well, another reason not to log in this weekend, too many Gold members on the servers, which adds to lag. If only this type of double XP would be followed with a double SC promotion, which hasn't happened for a really long time, but if it did I might buy some SC.
    Yes I know it should be DB. and all access, but I've not liked the name changes yet, so go stick a pitchfork in it.
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  9. Chienne-Guk Member

    I know that money is tight for some and that it would be nice to get perks. However, paying customers keep this game alive. So, yes All Access will get all the "extras". Free to play still get to enjoy the game for free.
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  10. Nunja Active Member

    I would say unlock the characters that are locked!!!
  11. Katz Well-Known Member

    I too would love double status.
  12. Kioske Well-Known Member

    You get the game for free, is that not enough "perks" for you? All Access members are the reason you get the play the game for free. Enjoy the perks you get for free, while we enjoy the perks that we pay for ;)
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  13. Chienne-Guk Member

    Try completely exiting the game and then logging back in. I waited a few minutes and everything was back to normal. Including loyalty tokens, account age and vet rewards.
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  14. Dark Archon Member

    hm.. that maybe so.. but how much is a membership? 14.99 a month, i just spent 24.50 on a guild rename this month and in the end i had to get the name fixed because it reverted 3 days later.. also bought a felwithe which means i spent 2 months of monthly fee for your one (also bought a 1950 mount and a 1350 uncanny estate using plat, which means someone had to have the SC for the transaction).. yes sure.. i'm not keeping the game alive with that almost twice the monthly fee.. and i planned on buying more in October, still might, there is a new house comming.. but idk if i want to atm.

    P.S. pretty sure All-Access members are not the reason we get the game for free btw.. WoW going F2P which made SOE make EQ2 F2P is what did it.. we silver also pay alot of money into the game
  15. Gnaff Active Member

    Here is a slight suggestion to solve a big issue with the whole f2p and paying sub members. and this is just a suggestion that popped into my head ... What if non-subbers who spend atleast $14.99 on SC in a months time would recieve a form of membership that would qualify them for afew more benefits ?
  16. Dark Archon Member

    that would be cool
  17. Seni Active Member

    If I were silver and wanted this bonus xp week, I'd get a krono. Then I could have that entire week, and the rest of the month as gold :)

    Not sure what the plat prices are for them these days, but at last check it was cheaper to purchase with RL cash (17.99? vs 6K plat) and it would be worth it just for the week of the xp bonus.. but it's nice they are buyable with plat as well, for those that have plat available.
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  18. Gnaff Active Member

    last i looked a krono on AB was on the broker for just shy of 16000p.. or 3 plat if you are on the stormhold server from what i hear.
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  19. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    See, this assumes that all-access players do not also buy tons of stuff on the marketplace - and that 500 DBC we get for membership certainly doesn't pay for all that stuff. But our all-access membership is our promise to always pay at least the membership, whether or not we buy anything from the marketplace. In exchange for that guaranteed income, we get additional perks.

    And WoW's ftp is not ftp - it only goes to lvl 20, and given that even harvesting gets you xp there and your crafting is limited by your adventuring level, you are going to hit that cap and have nothing to do without playing. Whereas with EQ2 you can play all the way to 95, craft, adventure, join guilds, get mounts, decorate prestige houses, claim veteran rewards - access nearly the entire game without needing a subscription. The FTP models of the two games don't even compare.
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  20. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    I would rather have a status weekend, seems to me that would help guilds out too. I like the xp but at this stage of the game really don't need it as much as status.
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