BoL Tradeskill Sig. Line - Low lvl Adventure.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Argosunited, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    Of course a dev would say it's possible, lets not forget who designed the zones and quests and hidden spots etc. Your average low adventure level crafter is not going to be able to complete this. So we are doing KA in reverse now. KA, epic 2.0 forced all adventurers to be crafters (really hated that and for the record I'm a crafter, 12 max level crafters and counting) now you are forcing all crafters to be adventurers, so much for playing your way.
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  2. Quillyne Active Member

    Even with the poor rewards for the effort involved with the TS line, I thought it was pretty entertaining, with the exception of the Aurelian Coast. The novelty of scrabbling along cliff sides to find a sweet spot up the side wears off quickly. And, yes, if you are willing to do a lot of sitting and waiting, you can creep along without aggro, but good luck if you want to complete the quest in a more timely manner, or if another player trains a wave of death over you. I ran out of patience and just killed my way through, but low level adventurers pretty much need an escort to really do this section of the line without falling to the floor, frothing at the mouth, screaming gibberish, and sweating. Buckets.

    Something like the Tegi necklace would make this section of the line a lot more enjoyable...or, maybe craft up a few zip lines at the start of the zone to zip over the teeming aggro (there are pirates in the zone...maybe one dropped a zip line and I can craft a few to match?)? Craft a few scalable ladders? Zip lines get my vote. There are never enough zip lines!
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  3. Lateana Well-Known Member

    The quests themselves are really nice and a welcome change from a while back:) The killer part is not being able to climb since we aren't allowed to fly. I have died way too often and all my characters are 110 to 120 in adventuring. I could not imagine what the blow back would be if adventurers faced equivalent obstacles.
  4. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The leaper mount from the BBM crafting quests worked really well, actually.
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  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Oh Siggy, I never learned to drive those!!!
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If I can learn to drive on the wrong side of the road, you can learn to drive a leaper mount, LOL.
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  7. Thatdarncat Member

    The question isn't whether this questline "can" be done by low-level crafters but why "should" it be done? What is the reason for adding gameplay that is self-evidently opposed to the wishes and tastes of the players who are going to do it? What was there to suggest that players who'd chosen to concentrate on the crafting side of the game would welcome being offered "difficult" adventuring content as an unavoidable aspect of their experience?

    This decision doesn't affect me directly since all of my crafters are or will be max level adventurers. The crafting signature line itself is a good one, in terms of storyline and the activities involved. The point, though, is that for most of its history, EQII has offered separate gameplay for Adventurers and Crafters with synergies for those who choos to do both. What commercial advantage can there be in alienating either demographic by funneling those players into a gameplay channel they do not find entertaining? The most likely oucome of such a decision is going to be disgruntled customers, isn't it?

    I understand the logic behind other design decisions I dislike, such as the way players are being directed towards cash shop purchases to reduce frustration, but this seems to have no commercial application whatsoever. It's not as though crafters who don't want to adventure can open their wallets and buy their way past the roadblock. It seems entirely purposeless and I hope changes will be made before irrecoverable damage is done to the goodwill that has always existed between the crafting community and the development team that has, in the past, provided such excellent service.
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  8. Chortie New Member

    This all boils down to Daybreak wanting cash. Look at epic 2.0 you had to be a lvl 100 crafter, and look what is for sale a 100 TS booster, like magic. They set it up so a low lvl advent cant do it with out help from a high lvl advent clearing the way. But DB wont come out and say " Well you need to buy the 110 booster. "... just my 2 cents
  9. Sennae Active Member

    I know that alot of work goes into the questlines, and I understand that the developers want us to see this work. However, I personally don't enjoy them with the last one I completed on multiple crafters being Thalumbra, and I have done part of the KA TS questline on several, up to giving up the harvesting goblin. With POM and CD, I decided to forego the rewards, as I have enough stress in my real life, I don't need it in Norrath too. Instead I did the same writ over and over, boring as heck, but it got me where I wanted to be. My choice.

    I was on the fence about even buying this expansion because I haven't touched CD, adventure or tradeskilling yet. At the last minute of the preorder period, I decided to go ahead and buy it because I liked the house that is included and I have several level 110 crafters that I could level. I should have read the fine print in Niami's write up.. I would not have made that purchase if I had realized that the only way to level up now is the signature line. I still like the house, and the overseer feature is fun, and I *may* eventually get to the adventure questline, but I won't make this mistake again. I am not rage quitting.. I will continue to play as a member, but I do not see any additional expansions in my future.

    If TS writs are to be added in a future update, ignore this. ;)
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  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You say this like this is something they just pulled out of their... hat. We had to do some crafting for big quests here and there all along the way. People griped about having to go into Sanctum of the Scaleborn and craft that phylactery back in KoS.
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