BoL Tradeskill Sig. Line - Low lvl Adventure.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Argosunited, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming it must be a bug that crafters of low adventure level are forced to struggle their way through overcrowded aggro content to get Sig line updates.

    Can it please be looked at for the numerous CRAFTERS that are low level adventurers. After all this is a TRADESKILL SIG LINE.
    Please do not suggest invis totems, they do not work when the aggro mobs are so many levels above.

    Possibly something like the Amulet that is used for 'The Gray' could be issued for use in all zones, or at least Aurelian Coast.

    Also when do the new recipe books become available? I find it odd they're not offered as quest rewards.

    Possible fix.
    Please give us another way to level and procure recipes if the Signature line cannot be made appropriate for low level adventure toons.
    Perhaps rush writs.
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  2. Darcmoon Member

    If I remember right, this issue was brought up during the beta and the response was basically 'Working as intended'.
  3. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    That response really isn't good enough, is it.
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  4. Darcmoon Member

    That isn't a direct quote just what it boiled down to. If they know and want the TS SIG line to be difficult in this manner then there isn't a whole lot we can do other than letting them know.
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  5. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    I am hoping an alternative can be made available, because as it stands I can't see low level adventure toons getting through this.
    Hence my post.
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The Ceremonial Amulet of the Tegi makes The Gray perfect for low-adventure level crafters. It makes all the mobs non-aggro, leaving you free to hunt shinies and harvest to your heart's content. But I would definitely agree that some of the earlier parts of the TS sig line are really difficult to do without catching aggro!
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  7. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see something like this available for the complete Sig line.
  8. Gninja Developer

    The only place that is dangerous for the TS Sigline is Aurelian Coast. While you are correct it is a Tradeskill sigline and all level adventurers can get these quests it should not be assumed you can just freely roam around and never get aggro. The quest is able to be completed by low adventuerer levels as in beta I was able to get through on my level 20 character. Was it difficult? Yes, but it was doable with some patience.
  9. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    That is not the feedback I got from anyone that was on Beta. Was it even in Beta to test for such a low level to test?
    How you got through Aurelian Coast on a lvl 20 is beyond me. I'm not suggesting there be no aggro at all, but the amount in Aurelian Coast that cannot be avoided is ridiculous.

  10. Gninja Developer

    I shouldn't need to remind ya that I was in beta before it unlocked :) Me and Niami had been running through since before beta even started. That was one of the tests I ran. As part of that test I lowered aggro range on the skeletons on the coasts as well as made them slower moving in case someone got aggro.
  11. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    You must be a real ninja to also collect the seeping shadows, and get all the updates in that zone, without dying every few steps. Not all of us are quite as talented as the two of you that were able to test it.
    It is well beyond being 'just avoid a few mobs'. It's wall to wall aggro and it's extreme.
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  12. AOE1 Active Member

    I could not get to anyplace on a lvl 90 adventurer in that zone without dying. Invis does not work there as the mobs are too high a level. Nobody is asking to be able to run in and hunt shinny's and harvest that zone. Nobody! We are asking for how to get to spawns we need to get that are in places we cannot get to for multiple reasons.

    Let me remind you that when this game came out part of the attraction was that you could be an adventurer OR just tradeskill and be equally efficient in both. Over the years we have seen that idea go down the drain and whether the devs like it or not, people are NOT happy with this xpac for multiple reasons and this tradeskill sig line is a big one.

    I have the utmost respect for Naomi and have since I started playing the original Everquest in 2001 and do not hold her responsible for this mess but we do hold the developers responsible. This is not working well.
  13. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    The only place which I see as not doable on a lowbie, was in the Aurelian Coast.

    Piercing the Darkness: Gifts from the Great Beyond Part III
    • The last of the Seeped Shadows was on TOP of a large mushroom.
      • Could it be placed on the ground at same location?

    Since I'd already completed the adv sig line, I could fly, but I really don't see how Crafting alts would be able to access said location.
  14. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I /bug'd that* location in beta. It just seemed like it was a false hit on the tracker. Glad you found it.
    Can this spot be moved to the ground please? Tracker gets a hit to that spot and if you can't reach it, you have to make your way far enough away to not be directed there. BUT guess what? It can still happen if unlucky enough not to choose the correct location to cast a tracker again.

    * that location - I never found that seeping shadows. /Bug'd a general location rather than an actual /loc.
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  15. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I tried moving away, but must not have been far enough. I finally gave up and flew up.
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  16. EmJay Active Member

    But did you think it was one bit fun?
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  17. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    uumm,.. just to clarify for my understanding,.. that one is expected/FORCED to fly to complete quests?!
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  18. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Just make sure that the next Adventure Sig line requires all characters doing it to be max level crafters. Testing this and it being, "possible," are not the same as it being needed to be done that way. I thought the sig line in PoM was terrible but this is far worse.

    Edit - I'll take that back and suggest that the adventure sig line not REQUIRE you to be max lvl crafter, maybe lvl 20 but you have a 99% chance to die to a missed counter until you're max lvl.
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  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    No. I have not gotten the sig line done to have flight yet. I was able to get to all the Seeping Shadows on foot. As I noted earlier, I *do* have the Jann Magi buff on, which gives you "floaty fall"/glide, so I may have scrambled up something I could climb nearby and jumped, but I honestly don't recall.

    There were mobs everywhere! I honestly don't know how you'd get a low adventure level toon through this. Being a warlock, I did use Null Caress a few times to port an aggro mob elsewhere, and I had to fight a few times.

    Nonetheless, I was perfectly able to access all the points I needed for the quest using my feet and the float/glide effect.
  20. Lateana Well-Known Member

    The simple solution is to allow flight in all the zones. If you (Devs) are intent on making this a requirement then let us "unlock" it once and be done with it.

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