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  1. Vunder Well-Known Member

    We have a pally with us that is this way. He gets and auctions off, an adornment once or twice a week from solo. He has also gotten his destruction rune from overseer (which adds an insane amount of DPS and needs nerfed IMO, the run alone does 6 billion dps)

    So yea, its frustrating when you have accounts that have "special" loot ratios compared to say mine, I do twice a day, never. ever. looted an xbox.

    I'm going to start streaming my dailies and call it Sally's Sad Solo's.
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  2. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    For folks that need a visual... I just completed the overland weekly "kill the named" quests... I was rewarded one (1) infuser for successfully completing each of those missions. So (3) infusers.
    Here's a picture of what the rewards could have been.
    Notice: infusers are only 4 of 107 potential rewards.


    This is most likely why they've stopped showing the contents of potential mission rewards - so its not pointed out that the RNG is so terribly weighted / skewed that it defies all logic.
    The odds of completing those 3 overland missions - and being rewarded an infuser each and every time - is mind boggling.
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  3. Ramone_AB Active Member

    This is what you and I have discussed several times in guild. To be honest it's a racket that even the most crooked casino in Vegas wouldn't be a part of. Yes there are some shady ones but this is straight up crap odds.
    Plus the lack of recipe books, this expansion has put such a lovely artificial block on the game has folks straight up pissed. We play for enjoyment, yet it's a chore with trying to gear up and have fun farming heroics and raids for the raiders it's sickening.

    This expansion has been the worst one to me since TSO and that was crap due to Crit mit aka Resolve. But hey we could get books to do spell upgrades and armor upgrades to get crit mit. This time.. not so much .. it has the pay to win feel and for many that's a sour taste.

    The good of the expansion is, I play less and I like the art.
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    OK, which one of you stole my hat???
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    It was HIM! (points randomly)
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  6. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    Each reward in this loot table has a drop chance. Infusers have a high drop chance. The better the item is, the lower the chance.
  7. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    What's your source for this information?
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