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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Twofeets, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Twofeets Active Member

    I returned to EQ back in late Oct after a 6 year absence, consequently I was unable to get a lot of the higher end CD gear. I was hoping BoL would be a chance to 'reset', and up until a few days ago things were going well. I've run a ton of solo zones, completed several achievements, but there seems to be a lack of decent (solo) plate mit gear and shields. In fact, my CD gear/shield gave me a better defense, but did not have near enough resolve or potency for this expac.
    I regeared myself, got my resolve to 3425 (at the expense of my mit dropping to about 51%). I started running heroics and all was going well as long as I stayed with the script. I had tanked Rumble, Maidens, Venom, the village, and a few others without too much pain. Suddenly, after the patch yesterday, I am getting 1 shotted multiple times (often seconds apart). Logs in ACT showed it from multiple sources, depending on which named. Once was physical (the wolf in the village), but other times were fire (Rumble) or magic (forget which) hitting me for 500-600mil+. These were mobs which I was tanking a few days before.
    Any idea what changed or am I just having horrible luck? Any advice on how to better gear myself with BoL balancing defense and resolve? (Too bad the MC gear is only 150 resolve).
  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Have you done the drop quest? They give some decent gear to get started, tons better than the lockbox crap. Have you finished the signature line? Once you finish the signature line and can fly there are other quest you can get to that gives half way decent gear. I got a shield someplace can't remember now where though that had 165 resolve on it. It was I think 1 of the quest rewards.
  3. Obano Well-Known Member

    Group set up matters. Did you have bard, chanter, shaman in one group and not the other? Was someone running Pact of the Fire tyrant? It is an elementalist ascension ability that cancels the group ward and often kills the tank. It is usually the first thing to look for when a death happens that shouldn't happen. Also have to watch out for Bulwark and make sure it is countered every time.
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  4. Arclite Well-Known Member

    The nameds in Rumble have a static effect called Toadstool stomp which has an effect called Defensive breach that is most likely flooring you. It is max hp damage (~10-15%) and ticks every 1.5 seconds. On challenge mode it is about solid rotation of saves with the healer and even on normal difficulty they can one shot you. A lot will depend on your healer in the group and overall dps (i.e. high dps = quicker time to kill = less chance of getting destroyed). stoneskins and DR do not work as they get quickly used. What works is to avoid the damage altogether with parry/avoidance buffs on different tank classes.

    Similarly, with other nameds, you can get hit hard with just their auto-attacks. Not sure which class you are but to tackle these hits there is only 1 ability that works for my tank class and since you never know when these hits will land, its about pacing yourself. Keep good communication with the healer.

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