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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by MinnieMouse, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. MinnieMouse New Member

    Trying to understand what to do with the adorning skill in BOL(111-120)

    Can an adornment crafter craft all colors?
    is there a guide or doc on what can be created?
    Are the adornment books buyable off an NPC, or are they rare drops?
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  2. Laita Active Member

    Have seen some on the status merchant and have gotten some in drops/reward crates. I actually got a green adorn in a solo dungeon the other day. I've yet to see red or blue adorn (minus the one for the achievement)… but if you're talking about strictly crafting, yes, vendor and drops have the recipe books...

    I just wish they'd add the recipes to break down or combine transmutables into different ones (ie: breaking powders down into fragments)… this by the way is the quickest/cheapest way to level your adorner :)
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  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    There are zero adorning recipes NO adorning recipes for sale on the regular recipe merchants. The only way to get current adorning recipes is RNG from loot crates or status, plat, and currency off the new BoL merchants
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  4. Adept Member

    Managed to get a couple of recipes but Empyral Mana is my roadblock
  5. Benj Member

    The status merchants in Recuso Tor and Sanctus Seru sell Veilwalker adornments volumes 1-10. These books have the standard skill requirements for adorning. Volume 1 requires 555 adorning skill, volume 10 requires 600 adorning skill, and the rest are separated by 5-point increments. Veilwalker adornments require Empyral Fragments, Powders, and Infusions.

    Additionally, all three tradeskill researchers (Recuso Tor, Sanctus Seru, and Fordel Midst) sell Voidpiercer adornments, which are better than Veilwalker adornments. These adornments also require Empyral Mana, which are rare and expensive right now. The Voidpiercer recipe books are also rather expensive, requiring 150 researcher-specific currency per book. This currency only comes from completing the repeatable missions. It may be possible to get these books from overseer quests or weekly mission crates.

    Finally, some red (and blue?) adornment recipes can be obtained through the rarest of overseer quests, and maybe a really rare drop from weekly mission crates. I do not know if these recipes use the Adorning skill or are for general Artisans. These recipes include the Level 8 version of the Championship, Glory, Juxtaposition, and Witness adorns (previously orange, now red). Other "war runes" may also be available this way.
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  6. Adept Member

    I lucked in a 2 use recipe for red Aug, hmm think it was Witness, required 600 adorning to scribe the recipe.
    After I overcome my shock that it was not another infuser :rolleyes: I noticed that the recipe requires 2 empyral mana so I probably won't be making them in the immediate future.

    I assume there is no Transmutations distillations 13 recipe book out yet or some other way to obtain the mana other than breaking down fabled items and praying? (Alas praying has not helped so fr ... though only tried 2 fabled items and one was for mercenary gear that transmuted into level 101-110 instead)
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  7. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    I am finding this, and finding the red adornments in general, to be absolutely terrible. I really wish they would bring back the POP system where if you looted one, you could buy it for alts, and increase the drop rate of them. The drop rate feels incredibly low.
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  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I agree.. but I'd be content if the recipes were unlimited use rather then 2 use heirloom recipes that make heirloom adorns..
    So you can't even sell the recipes OR adorns if you don't want them.. not without hawking for hours in the public channels on the off chance somebody wants them enough to meet you somewhere and have them commissioned. As a result I've vendor trashed the 3, 2 charge adornment recipes I've found.
  9. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    Limited use recipes has killed tradeskill for me. Just no longer interested in it, so none of mine will get above 110 now.
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  10. Tangris Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to transmute 10 frags into Mana for this xpac or just hoping a fabled procs?
  11. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    No. In fact, so far as I am aware, there's still not Dilutions/Distillations books for CD adorning materials either.

    Remember, they don't actually want us to have this stuff, they want to make it really painful to obtain. And we're feeling the pain.
  12. Sniper Member

    Not to add to it but I seen a link for a 2 charge recipe the other day one was red and one was blue, honestly who’s gonna use a blue of fire,earth.... etc on there wep over the other blues out there
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