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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Aabari, Jan 14, 2022 at 8:07 PM.

  1. Aabari Active Member

    Not sure if this was intended or not but the Blueprint feature doesnt seem to work on any recipies from Brewday Bristlebane Day Tinkerfest & Frostfell but do work for Erolissi Day & Nights of The Dead why are most of them left out ive made all the requirements so not sure why 4 holidays dont let you use it and 2 do.
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  2. Denmum Developer

    Thanks for the head's up! Recipes were enabled for blueprints via a script, and it sounds like the script missed a few subdirectories. I'm creating a ticket for this now and either Kaitheel (live events) or I will get them tackled soon.
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