Blood of Luclin: Houseitem Suggestions

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Gninja, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Shale Member

    Epic 2.0 House items would be a nice addition...
  2. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I'm too late for this but am putting in my 2cp for possible following holidays. ;) The water mill would be absolutely fabulous! Although it is not possible to love you more, I this this water mill might test that theory. <3
  3. Cassta Well-Known Member

    The well would be awesome! :D
  4. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I would actually kiss feet for this one! :)
  5. Cassta Well-Known Member

    We can NEVER have too many fireplaces to work with! :D
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  6. Cassta Well-Known Member

    LOVE all those statues. I can never get enough statues. They are SO versatile!
  7. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Absolutely LOVE the double gates!!! Great idea! :D
  8. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    Adding to this, I'd love to see some of the fabricated houses from Rivervale - they're all over the zone, and would make awesome smaller/cozier houses in some of the big open housing plots. Also would love to see the entire Laughing Trout Inn purchasable, or the Fool's Gold.
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  9. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I vote for ALL ITEMS in this thread. However, it would take a new team to create every item, which is not going to happen. How about a few of the requests at a time, maybe at every holiday. If the event sells a recipe book there could be a few of these requests or as new items on the Marketplace. :D Regardless of what gets chosen, THANK YOU for all your hard work creating new items. More importantly, THANK YOU for asking our opinion and listening. We see the results and are always pleased with each new item. :D Oh I almost forgot, a pink building block set. A pale/pastel pink would be fantastic. It doesn't have to be a new design, just an addition of color to an existing pattern. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!
  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    We kind of do, what with the Peach building block set from Erollisi Day, though I for one would prefer it didn't look quite so -- stained. :-/

    If nothing else, if that's supposed to be stucco, that's water damage, and as stucco is pretty much clay plaster, that means whatever's built with that is gonna get weakened, structurally. :-/

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  11. Victisa Active Member

    i would love to see the idea where we can use dye slots... like object adorments. to change the look of all the house items. then the decorators would just go nuts.. i would. players could make dye adorments for house objects or dbc cash ones... or both. that will really customize stuff on another level.

    2. i do have a request more wood type or marble sets for building blocks please. :)
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  12. Cassta Well-Known Member

    You know I'm going to say peach is NOT pink. :p THIS IS PINK. Although I do appreciate the Erollisi Day building blocks, I have to agree with you about the stained, water damage stucco. ;) That being said, I will NOT complain and will continue to be grateful for all the wonderful new things they give us. :) I will also keep begging for a true pale pink. :D Kisses of gratitude to our amazing DB decorating Gods and Goddesses!
  13. Adept Active Member

    New stuff I guess is ok, but there is already plenty of 'stuff'. I would really would like something that adds life to house/guild hall. A pause function in House Actors text for example so that I could design conversations between house actors. A second action that could be customized so that sitting house actor does not stare, unmoving, with their dead, doll like eyes. And geez a tether for pets so that they can be restrained to a certain range from origin / into an appropriate area rather than feeling like a free traveling infestation of your home.
  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm! Like, how the House Actors and Magic Mouth Signs have a radius where they "go off"? If they can do that for the Actors and the Signs, why not a pet "leash" with that as a maximum, rather than a minimum range? :D

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  15. Cassta Well-Known Member

    The pet tether is a definite YES for me! :D If they would stay when we tell them would be enough for me. Maybe they could walk around in a small circle or something. The idea about convos between house actors is brilliant! Great idea! I don't know anything about programming but it seems a line of written code for it would be very difficult. Hope I'm wrong. :)
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  16. LarendalAB New Member

    Doors that look like the gates from the phantom sea screenshot above. I can see many uses especially in the houses that have outside patios, Gorowyn and Halas, but no door. A solid door makes it feel closed off, but a gate type door would give it a conservatory feel going out into the garden/patio
    Also in the houses with basements you could use them to make a room for your prisoners...just saying think of the fun you could have
  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, like that collection of lower rooms in the 6-room places in Freeport... ;->

    And Neriak, come to think. Don't usually associate that sort of behavior with the folks in Gorowyn. :)

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  18. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Or a lovely set of double French doors would give the space an Atrium type feel when you opened them, they could have either curtains on them or stained glass panes, or just clear panes.
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Or have those lovely Tinker-y panes of various sorts, with the blue or green or gold mist swirling across them, actually be useful as opening double doors! I'd get those. :)

  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Ohhh I love that idea!!!

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