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    The intent of Bleedthrough is to allow some of the damage that a character is dealt to bypass wards and apply directly to the players health or mana pool, requiring the use of reactives, regens, or direct heals to restore that pool. In the original implementation of Bleedthrough mechanic was bypassed by simply stacking more wards, where each one would reduce the amount of damage bleeding through until only a negligible amount would apply to the pool, if any.

    Now you will see that damage bleed through to your pools, and Bleedthrough has been adjusted so that it will not one shot players who are engaging content of the appropriate level, following fight scripts, curing critical debuffs, etc.

    We are still in the early stages of beta and there are still a lot of changes being implemented and adjustments being made so please bear with us. As I say every beta, nothing is set in stone. Well except this time Bleedthrough is now functioning as intended.

    Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback and as always, helping us get our expansion ready to ship.

    EQ2 Team
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