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  1. Duffy Active Member

    Int for spell damage, yes. But wis for 'healing power'? Not that I am aware of, at least not in the sense more wis= bigger heals/wards
  2. Earar Well-Known Member

    isn't there blowthrough also ? read about that somewhere. yeah do like a % max health in wards, there are many ways to do something. but first the damage. as long as the damage is over the roof ... nothing that can be done will help

    or the tank dying with defenses up and deathsave too

    what's the point of deathsaves if they don't trigger ??

    in my memory it was. that's why it was a pain for SK/paly and bards to gear up .. they needed so much stats. imagine a paly with str for CA, int for damage spells, wis for heals and wards and resists, agi for dodge and sta for HP. when zerker only needed str agi (wis was always good) and HP
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Wisdom has NEVER helped heals directly. Some (but not all) of the healers have some sort of 'wisdom helps heals' conversion as part of their epic 1.0.

    Also, if they do add a special 'healer' stat, they'll itemize it as something in place of other things.. so healers will have to take this stat on gear to be able to heal... and they'll be losing other stats... so it would be lose lose for healers.
    If hit points kept up with the stat inflation of the other stats, the imbalance we see between healing potential and useful heals wouldn't be an issue.... Why does that solution seem to be anathema to so many people?
  4. Revanu Active Member

    Shaman would still have no problem max healing to full hp instantly. just sayin.
  5. Mrs. Song New Member

    It was never helping strength of heals, but this idea came up from time to time, probably because of the 'well, int is for spell damage, so wis must possess the reverse function' thing. In my memory, wisdom only affected resistance in the first years and that was it. So when a tank specced some wisdom, it was because of that, not because of helping him have better heals.
  6. Kari Well-Known Member

    Wisdom used to make heals more mana efficient, but it never made a big enough difference to be noticeable for me. I have a vague memory that it helped reduce fizzles, but that may have been from the other eq?
  7. Earar Well-Known Member

    stat inflation, it's already getting out of hands, so .. getting 1000000000000000000 HP isn't the answer to me !!

    and as said shamans would still be able to increase the HP bar with wards without increasing the %HP. There are certainly many pbs ... but mobs hitting for so much is a big one. when u have a mob AoEing for 9 million, only a shaman can help with that unless everybody has 10 million HP minimum. Which isn't always the case.

    if u increase HP nice .. but then how will the damage of mobs increase ? for the healing stat ... well .. anyway people already need to reforge. tanks for hate gain and strikethrough and healers (I feel) are the ones a bit less dependant of blue stats. Sure as healers we need reuse, cast recovery at 100%. sure we need haste, AE damage, but less relyant on double cast since it doesn't work on heals, we mostly need pot crit bonus.

    every stat is bonus don't get me wrong, be we are a bit less reliant on some stats so if we needed to reforge maybe it would work. just a thought though

    wasn't it the ministration skill ? this skill increased max heal .. they changed it at one point because it didn't have much use before that compared to other spellcasting skills
  8. Revanu Active Member

    The only reforged stat healers need IS doublecast. Melee has become crap as we all know now. Quite easy to cap reuse at +150% and recovery at +100%, Easy to net +100 flurry from jewelery/cloaks. Doublecast truly is the only important stat now outside of Potency. AB Mod is garbage past 350k+. Crit bonus is so easy to cap its ridiculous.

    Wisdom was for powerpool increase and reduction of power cost for priests.
  9. Odur27 Member

    Not sure how you figure Ability mod past 350k is useless, Wards for sure benefit past 350k and so do ascension spells. I am not saying that you should prioritize Abmod over more important stats. I've been under the impression that Accuracy/Strikethrough matter for hit rates which seem to affect our proc rates. Casting skills still matter, especially in the higher end content. I've had to give up so much casting skills that it has made a significantly negative impact on my parses. Before anyone says "We're priests our job is to heal not DPS" I would argue that now more than ever it is important that we know how to DPS in addition to our healing/curing. It might not matter as much to people who run normal heroics, but for Experts and Raids, a healer should be able to do at least 100m+ on top of their healing/curing.
  10. Revanu Active Member

    Yesterday I reforged from +410k ab mod down to 365K and changed most of it to Cap Strikethru and the final result on my wards wasn't affected at all. Granted I have 30k potency but the final numbers on my wards didn't adjust at all!
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Doublecast doesn't work on heals. For melee priests, there are good reasons to go melee rather then ranged. Procs, epic 2.0, etc

    Ministration doesn't increase max heals, it reduces power cost and, frankly, reducing power cost of heals has been useless for several expacs now. Either there is a power drain that requires a power feed, or power isn't an issue.
  12. Revanu Active Member

    No one stated double cast affected heals. What i stated was the important behind doublecast/potency


    I'm not saying you cant spec melee. Being a mystic i too have a melee spec which I use solely for VC spam. Now since stampede procs off spell cast its pointless to even use melee for stampede when with max recovery you can chain fire cpells.

    Potency and Double cast at the 2 most important stats in game. PERIOD.

    As far as the elaboration on wisdom, that was solely to convey the use behind its incremental increase over the years. I was not stating its merits. Was simply elaborating on its intent.
  13. Odur27 Member

    Don't forget Fervor, and Idk what you're doing with that Abmod, but 45k Abmod makes huge differences to my wards at 396k Abmod. Granted I don't have the best gear so even with a level 10 ascension buff I only have about 24k Potency as I only have 27 Deity Potency atm and also running 86.1 Fervor. Carrion Warding lands for 135mil and change with a level 10 ascension buff.
  14. Fleurs Active Member

    Why 150% reuse? Any hidden mechanics in that?
  15. Revanu Active Member

    Just 1 t4 encounter, outside of that 100% is the norm
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  16. Carthago Member

    Any Defiler still complaining about bleedthrough, hast been adviced by the Devs to get help from the Defiler who (supposedly) solo healed Therris Thule. They find no mistake in the programming, it's just a show error they will try to fix.

    So after 14 years of playing Healer and Defiler, and playing in the top Raidforce, its me, who is the noob, not the Devs making mistakes. It's a bit like a mechanic telling Michael Schumacher, that he should not complain about the performance of his car, but to become a better driver.

    It's has become tilting at windmills, trying to feed Daybreak with information to help get the game back into shape again.

    use it or lose it !
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  17. Luminiee New Member

    It's quite strange that the guy who's solo healing Terris Thule isn't providing any feedback on how he did it... Is there a bugged ability with our class, have you lowered your stats, stopped using certain abilities, using certain conditions?... It seems that we have some reflect going on to our group by our own high dps.

    With 40,000ish potency, 540k ab mod, and near capped fervor my wards are getting bypassed and people die on Terris while I'm using the defiler class, betraying to mystic has made healing the same encounter very easy.

    Devs should acknowledge it, or atleast admit that certain things aren't working with the defiler. If I go full heal and use nightmares, maelstrom all wards etc then people get 1 shotted so something is obviously bugged.
  18. Fleurs Active Member

    Do you think it could be the mystic that are bugged then? In a more easy than intended way.
  19. Luminiee New Member

    I've ran a few tests before the expert content was added.

    I was solo challenge reavers as defiler..everything was fine, my playstyle was using nightmares, maelstrom, all wards etc.

    When I added my friend rotellax (warlock) to the group, exactly same playstyle - he and I took double the damage.

    I then tested with a warden friend and another to make 3. We all take even more damage and it was noticeable. Out of all the setups I had the easiest time with healing when I was solo.
    If I'm to make a guess why... one of our dmg spells is hitting the monster and reflecting damage on group members, bypassing the wards. I even think it's the case of the harder you hit the more damage you make for your team.

    This in my opinion is a bug that I thought would be fixed by now.

    Also the defiler is at another disadvantage when they need to be dropping their high stats, high resolve cloaks for their defiler cloak. from a purely technical point of view it doesn't make much sense to be a defiler instead of mystic apart from maybe one debuff
  20. Earar Well-Known Member

    I know there is a bug also in ritual ... the circle ghost .. where sometimes the dot that causes us to stay into the circles goes non stop on some people and make it unwardable.

    I remember once I looked at ACT and the defiler took the dot 92 times while I only took it 14 times. there may be bugs ... wondering

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