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  1. Quigly Member

    I'm hoping you're just be facetious here.

    Please feel free to look this data over if you're not. The only thing it doesn't show is how low the AoE's hit when you just remove the defiler completely and replace it with a mystic.

    These parses are taken from Reaver's Remnants [Challenge] -- My most recent data is from Reaver's Remnants Expert [Challenge] and in this version of the zone I can no longer solo heal at all except for when I betray to a mystic.

    Average damage from AoE Noxious Spray when on Defiler: 8.1 million
    Average damage from AoE Noxious Spray when on Mystic: 1.3 million

    If all variables remain the same but in one fight you are running a defiler and in the other you are running a mystic, what besides a major game breaking bug, could possibly account for this discrepancy?
  2. quisling Active Member

    That whole bypassing wards thing is an awful idea. But you noted..there is almost no incoming damage
  3. Earar Well-Known Member

    nice charts, yeah would like to see the same charts with only a warden or only a mystic ... to see the difference.
    now .. why are the damages so high with defilers ? not as if resist buffs meant anything nowadays and wardens aren't know for their great mental resist buffs :)

    but I know it's different but I saw also strane things while healing. As warden, I sometimes press 2 heals but HP don't go up. Or bosses like the goo in Baron OSing the tank though he casts protections and warded. next time it happens, should also check logs. But sometimes it fells the heals don't work as intended.

    but for the defiler it's distrubing, The issue isn't even bleedthrough, it's elsewhere.
  4. Quigly Member

    check out my edited version of that post. The damage to the defiler was actually a display bug -- i removed those parts of the post as they are no longer relevant (damage from carrion warding intercepted on group members was being attributed to the defiler).

    I also provided text of the damage on the aoe's with defiler and with the mystic. I would provide screenshots as well but no dev has expressed interest in exploring this issue to this point so not sure I will go through hassle of hosting additional screenshots.
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  5. Morrdredd Member

    Sorry for all of you who misunderstood me... I was referring to Vhaksiz... I don't have problems in groups... just the t3 raid mob we are currently doing that seems to be where I have to do up to 30 mil hps..... something buggy with Vhaksiz... and I refuse to be a mystic...
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  6. Revanu Active Member

    Ele banner, as close to 300k resists, no nightmares, stout dps and u got this!! I believe!
  7. Quigly Member

    I don't think it's a misunderstanding.

    You must not have ever gone into Reaver's Remnants [Expert Challenge] and tried healing Spectral Beguiler (or Residual Slime to a lesser extent)

    I think it'd be wise not to dismiss the problem as both encounters both likely have a similar underlying issue.
  8. quisling Active Member

    No offense but, the rest of that sentence really doesn't matter all that much. Incoming ticks from either damage level would probably one shot (or close) any but a supremely geared group healed by a warden, mostly because they don't have wards.I guess we need to have an emergency fix to make sure wardens can heal that too.
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  9. Earar Well-Known Member

    you didn't understand why I was asking that then

    defiler alone takes 11m HP ticks
    defiler + warden takes 9m HP ticks

    I would like to know the damage ticks on a group with only the warden to see if the ticks are even less when there are no defiler in the group.

    So I was asking with a warden and no defiler just so the group stays the same as much as possible. It would show us if the issue is really the defiler increasing the damage taken or not. Then the warden as solo heal, the ticks would hit for less and the warden could keep them alive ? But I don't know without charts

    I know wardens have issues but I don't want to talk about that here since it's not the issue. It's just understanding the charts and what's causing the damage increase.
  10. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Wardens who spec for it and keep their HoTs running can keep 5% DR and 5% mit boost up on their group. Casting their single target HoT adds another 2% DR and 5% mit to that total.
  11. Quigly Member

    Except the numbers he gave weren't what actually happen. Mind Warp on spectral beguiler was hitting for 3.7 million damage per tick on average per group member with Defiler. Add a warden and the damage sunk to 1.9 million damage per tick average per person.

    AA damage reduction does not account for this.

    Mind you, these numbers were from before expert zones were released. They are severely inflated in the Expert versions to the point where I can't even heal the zone on my defiler, but on my mystic they are simple.

    I'll get some additional screenshots for comparison soon but alas, work calls.
  12. knine Active Member

    Prophetic Ward :) Gotta love that nox ward that defilers don't have ;)
  13. Kari Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't damage that was warded by prophetic ward still display in the total incoming damage though?
  14. Quigly Member

    The tools we have to prevent damage are irrelevant here since we are comparing average heals per second and incoming damage.

    Based on what you're saying we'd expect this additional tool to inflate the mystic heal parse but we see the opposite.

    Incoming damage is lower and corresponding outgoing Hps is lower.

    Now what would be relevant is if someone could let me know what the mystic ability is that reduces incoming damage by 80% on the entire group :)
  15. Quigly Member

    So perhaps it isn't that defilers are broken, but that mystics are broken?
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  16. Earar Well-Known Member

    the max hit numbers are huge.

    21 million .. must be quite tough on fury. well the mystic group damages seems a lot more manageable than the other 2. But I'd say more that it's what should be intended better than damages that almost exceed the health of the allies
  17. Quigly Member

    Those really really high hits were damage inflicted on dopplegangers from the illusionist.
  18. Quigly Member

    So just noticed this same phenomenon in Baron's Workshop on The Frenzied Feeder. First time I've healed the zone since betraying to mystic and while I was used to non-tanks just getting one shotted when the curse was on them as soon as adds spawned, this time we killed it with the curse on the illusionist for the duration of the fight and she never even spiked enough to make it curable.

    Defiler Group: Trickling Poison Avg Hit = 9 million (Fight duration 2:44)
    Mystic Group: Trickling Poison Avg Hit = 5 million (Fight duration 2:30)

    This is really amazing experiencing how easy mystic life is!
  19. Kari Well-Known Member

    But then you are stuck being a goodie. :(
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  20. Revanu Active Member

    Don't knock it til you try it.. :D

    Mystic just has a lot of abilities to cheat thru bleed thru.

    torpor op, sentry op, attendant, op, prophetic ward stupid op, spirit tap obviously win this xpac, ancestral support...finally useful, oberon op, roa(if u spec for it, has its uses if u want to waste aa points).

    I think a main difference is we have a lot of abilities that cast proactive heals from damage. ie stampede, bolster, roa, ancestral support.

    On the flip side, so do defilers, but something hidden in the coding is causing the defilers stuff to cause damage instead of prevent it...

    I feel for defilers, I'm actually going to betray back to defiler from my beloved and godly mystic(I'll miss double ancient bolster badly) just to get a better understanding on the issues that stand atm. I've been a bit biased as of late around these issues because I don't know any defilers first hand with such gripes regarding the matter. But at least I'll be able to have a clear paradigm from both sides of the coin.

    PS... this was a useless post but I'm bored at work and like to type aimless statements.
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