Bleedthrough and Shamans

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Jibjib, Apr 17, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    Considering returning to the game. Is bleedthrough still a thing this xpac and are shaman wards still completely useless?

    Thank you!
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    Will be here forever.
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    Bleedthrough is nowhere near as big of an issue as some would have you believe. You will have to work your wards / heals differently though. But Shamans are still good healers...and can hold their own dmg-wise as well.
  6. Jalathan Member

    For a while I was running a MT Mystic and had little trouble keeping my tank upright, though I'll be honest and say I'd not run Vex on her, so I can't speak to how well they will work there (but another mystic far better than me seems to hold his own there). So, yes bleed through still exists, but it won't cripple you long term. I did OK solo healing instances this xpac, but I didn't really like the heroics, so didn't run them much :)