Bleed through...from the post in the beta forums, some clarification please

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Loke, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Songwind Member

    Really!!!! OMG I never knew Chain Healers had more then Wards or Druids had heals other then HOTs. WOW Thank You!!
  2. Songwind Member

    I agree healing is why I play a healer. I like healing but being able to do a little DPS adds spice to it. To me it makes it more fun which is the whole reason to play. I am also very conscious of doing cures, normally I am first on the cures. So far this xpac seems to love detriments……..I also agree with furiously healing my butt off sometimes and winning is great. Just so far that seems to be most named mobs but that should decrease as gear improves and DPS increases. Great DPS can make even a poor healer look good. Large DPSers generally have better gear and need far less healing, think we all can agree with that.
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Healing all the time is fine and expected.. ONLY healing is boring.
  4. Magmag Member

    Then play one of the classes who heals over time and can dps while HoTs are running? They were designed to be much more dps-oriented from the beginning. However, mystics can keep a group alive while parsing as much as any healer. 2 of the 3 highest dps healers I've played with this expansion are Chahcha and Tamila, both mystics, and their groups always stay alive just fine.
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  5. Breta Well-Known Member

    Except... you are making stuff up. Each of the priest's subclasses had originally one defensive and one offensive class.
  6. Solzak Member

    Umm... No. It is no where NEAR fair.
    Shaman were designed to heal with wards. It is their major heal mode. Just as Druids were designed, originally with HoT's as their major heals. Yes, Shaman have other heals, but they are minor, even tiny. Defilers especially, who don't have the melee heal proc like Mystics, are way down the list now that wards are... not as good. Over time, every other heal class as gotten at least one large ward. I (Defiler) have two HoT's that do work, but one has a very long recast, and the other is only up for 10 seconds twice a minute. My group heal and large single heal have a 1.5 sec. cast time - no where near fast enough. The group ward has a direct heal from AA's at the beginning and when it expires - but since so little is actually hitting the ward, it almost always lasts way too long to wait for it to expire. I have to hit it again early just to use the direct heal! And it has a 2.3 sec cast time!

    If they had dropped cast and recast times for our direct heals and HoT's, then, yeah, I'd say it might be fair. But the way it is currently it is not at all.

    And to add an extra kick when we're down, they nerfed Defliers' power heal to uselessness. Mystics, Beastlords, and Troubs can feed power. But now, along with lower DPS and nerfed wards, Defilers can't even feed power to the group any more. Makes me want to stuff him in a tomb somewhere and gear up my Conjuror.
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  7. Solzak Member

    Yep.. you could! But now Shaman have to focus on heals so much their DPS suffers. If you're leading a group and a shaman and a templar both send you a tell to join, which will YOU choose? The one that can definitely keep your group alive, or the one that heals pretty well anyway, AND can DPS enough that you get through zones faster??? Yeah...
  8. Clintsat Active Member

    Furies and inquis do not have a large group ward. At launch, shaman were not ward-only healers.... I don't know why people seem to think otherwise.

    Shaman are still amazingly useful in raid as well as heroics. The biggest difference now is that shaman are now more reliant on the gear level of their group, just like all other healers. It does take time to get used to.
  9. Magmag Member

    If you aren't able to heal and DPS on a shaman it is 100% a you problem. Tamila has solo healed my groups through T2s all expansion and she still parses very high for a healer. She is a mystic. You don't know what you are doing on a shaman. Sorry to break the news to you, but if you think they are incapable then it's because you are bad at that class.
  10. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Gear makes a huge difference. Tam is a kick-*** Mystic. She's also geared to the nines.
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  11. Magmag Member

    I can assure you she didn't start the expansion that way. Nobody did. She got geared because she is good at her class and solo healed her way through T2 zones religiously. Again, there is nothing wrong with the class. If she's been doing it all expansion then clearly the class IS capable. Classes should be balanced around what they can do in the hands of a good player (i.e. when played correctly). Mystics, and Shaman in general, are still awesome.
  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I know Tam. It was not a criticism, it was just fact.
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  13. Songwind Member

    Magmag said
    I am pretty darn sure she started this xpac in T4 raid gear from last xpac. Now there is nothing wrong with that and happy for her but 90% or more did not start this xpac in T4 raid gear. Having gear like that gives you a big leg up when starting a new xpac. Since you said you ran a Defiler last xpac and had to only use 5 buttons why don't you run a Defiler in this xpac? As good as you are you would maybe have to only push 8 buttons to solo heal a group in T2 Heroic and let us know how great you are and how we can improve ourselves.
  14. Earar Well-Known Member

    u couldn't keep most T4 raid gear for T1 heroic

    u had to switch to mastercrafted to have the resolve. the only level up it gave was to run faster through solos.

    And it's all a matter of potency, the heal debuff hurst wards the most. especially if low on potency .. which makes wards weak .. till u get enough stats to not care anymore.

    I see things differently than you. Start of an xpac shows good players who adapt and manage to walk through content even with medium gear coz they had to change .. and other less good players who will struggle if they don't have the stats
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  15. Songwind Member

    You are right Earar.

    The first thing I did was get Master Crafted Gear and experiment the heck out of them and infuse them. But do to various reasons I got about a 3 week late start on this xpac which by now does not make a difference.

    I still say Wards have been far too nerfed. Then DB (and this is for all) nerfs your ascension Sanguine Embrace or which ever one for the other classes that I got to Ancient into very little fervor buff just annoys the heck out of me.

    Last night my group completed a T2 heroic and there were 2 of us healing. Everybody says the heal parse is overrated but that got me thinking. Just because you do not look so good on the heal parse as it happened to other healer classes in the last couple of xpac's they could still solo heal. I wonder if the healing parse is not showing an accurate picture of how well a shaman is doing now? I would expect to be working my fingers to the bone solo healing but duo healing in a group it seems as if there is very little return on my fingers bleeding as I try my best to keep the group alive. Hhhmmm.
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  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Of course a healing parse shows nothing of much interest. The mechanics of healing have, for years now, applied wards first, then reactives, then other heals. This doesn't mean that reactives, HOTs, and direct heals weren't critically needed at the time and saved lives, rather, that the way the mechanics were working made it look like shaman were doing a lot more heals.

    For me, the most useful part of ACT regarding healers was cure numbers. If you saw someone wasn't keeping up with cures, you could nudge them privately about paying more attention. But even THAT isn't a reliable guide to healer awesomeness, because some people have a little faster computer and can get cures off faster, some healers have a range of cures they can use, wards can suck up certain detriments, some healers have slower-casting cures and/or longer recast times on their cures, etc. And if you have two healers in a group, depending on the classes, they may have agreed that one would take lead on curing while the other focused on deathsaves and cycling other heals or whatever.

    If people were less concerned with measuring their wedding tackle length, the world would be a much better place. People need to understand that it isn't the size of oar, but rather the motion of the ocean... or in game terms, it isn't the size of the parse, but rather the success of the group or raid that's the true measurement.
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  17. Magmag Member

    You can be bitter and think other shaman are only better than you because they had gear from last expansion, but you're wrong yet again. Yes, she had T4 raid gear sitting in her bags while she was wearing all mastercrafted gear to meet resolve checks for T2 zones. Good call. And I don't play a defiler this expansion because I main-changed to a tank and decided to play a Templar alt for this expansion, which I have solo healed all of the T2 zones with. I'm sorry you can't play a shaman well enough to be able to heal zones, but keep practicing. Maybe you will get there one day. I can't play every class in the game to show people how they should be doing it. I'm sure there are plenty of defilers and mystics out there you could learn from though.
  18. Magmag Member

    Ding ding ding. Adapt or die, and this thread kind of shows who belongs to which group.
  19. Earar Well-Known Member

    but healz are not everything.

    u can solo heal easy if the group has enough dps ... or struggle with 2 healers if the dps is too low. DPS is all so important because it allows u to rely less on downtimes between def temps.

    so having good dps in your group makes you a better healer :)
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  20. Mermut Well-Known Member

    And damage goes up as the fight goes on for many fights.. and there's more chances for somebody to miss a script component and and and :)
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