Blackened iron relics / paraffin sealed documents.

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  1. ARCHIVED-riixaff Guest

    I have several items, that when read, say I can get status (whatever that is) from turning them in at certain guilds. I have went to both The Hall of the Ebon Mask (for the paraffin sealed documents) and Seloxia Stronghold (for the blackened iron relics) in Neriak, but I cannot find anyone to take these things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a bag full of these things.
  2. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    riixaff wrote:
    In the New cities you are looking for an NPC Merchant with <[guild name] Relic Seeker> under thier name. You sell these iteams to them and they give you status points.
    Status points are kinda like a coin subsitute. If you are in a high enough ranked guild, or have enough faction with the NPC guilds you can buy iteams with a combination of Status Points and Coin. You can also buy reduced rent houses with status points(basicly they take status instead of some of your coin, for rent and you can get Furniture for your house to reduce or eliminate the reaccuring status cost). Lastly there are horses that can be bought for a Reduced price or in some cases only with status.
    If your not in a guild and don't find these "fluff" iteams appealing you can also sell them to other players for some good coin. Infact you may want to stockpile some, as when RoK comes out alot of the "uber" I got xxx first guilds will be buying those iteams up like nobodies business in order to help them get to the new guild lvl cap faster.
  3. ARCHIVED-Duskwood Guest

    In neriak the guy is by the guild registration building.
  4. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    Unless your in a guild, sell them on the broker. The status is useless unless your guilded.
  5. ARCHIVED-Homeslice Guest

    Personal status doesn't hurt to have in case you join a guild later.
  6. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    Ya but by then it is easy to get. At the low levels you can always use the 1-2g each those things go for.
  7. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    [p]Status can be used along with money to purchase better housing if your in a guild (also to pay upkeep on that house).[/p][p]City Merchants sell house items and other items that require some coin and some status.[/p][p]Mounts can be purchased with partial coin/partial status if you're in a guild.[/p]
  8. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    Yup, but like I said unless your in a guild that lets you spend status then it's useless.
  9. ARCHIVED-Norrsken Guest

    Nitelen@The Bazaar wrote:
    Well, on a pvp server, you can also buy pvp gear for status. Quite useful.
  10. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    Do you still have to be in a guild?
  11. ARCHIVED-Norrsken Guest

    Nitelen@The Bazaar wrote:
  12. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    [p]You're all talking as if being in a guild is a bad thing, or a difficult thing. It's neither[/p][p]Finding the right guild can be hard sometimes, but it can also be easy because people are mostly the same. It depends on how specific your requirements are and their requirements are.[/p][p]95% of playeres I know are in fact most people I meet either happens through my guild or from the guild of someone else that I get to know after grouping with them a few times.[/p][p] Most guilds will invite you right away and give you full membership status in a couple weeks at most. Guilds generally want as many members as they can. The only exception to this is the hardcore raiding guild where they only invite members who are expected to raid with them regularly, but as a new player that isn't even an option if you wanted it to be.[/p]
  13. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Nitelen@The Bazaar wrote:
    Accually all the City Guilds, also sell iteams to players, when they have enough faction with those guilds, and you DON'T have to be a member of a guild to buy stuff from those merchants.
  14. ARCHIVED-KaldrinXanthin Guest

    Nitelen@The Bazaar wrote:
    Heh... 1-2g? I've not seen them go for more than a handful of silver on my server. I just sell them to the guild merchants and get the minimal status out of them.
  15. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    Blackened Iron and Paraffin sell for 1-2g each on my server. More expensive then the bigger ones in general actually. And yes they do sell at that price because I have sold dozens that I have gotten with my 3 new characters I rolled within the last month.
  16. ARCHIVED-Ixalmaris Guest

    Not all city merchant items need a guild to buy. So you can at least use a bit of the status points you gather. Also I do not know if you require a guild to buy from faction merchants or if they also sell to you if your faction is high enough.
  17. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Nitelen@The Bazaar wrote:
    Prices of the status Iteams are going up more then likly because the "I got there first" guilds are stockpiling them so that they can try and lvl thier guild in a day or two.

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