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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Monkeygirl, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Monkeygirl New Member

    Black Wolf Company is a new Guild made of new and old players; seeking others to join us as we quest, craft and adventure together making our way through the content towards end game. We accept all levels and classes and offer help in questing and leveling!

    We are casual and understand that real life comes first. We are very chatty, sometimes not so PG13. So there is a bit of mature humor. We love grouping and doing quest!

    We do use Discord but it is not required; we play all hours. If you want more information just send a tell and we can talk more more! You can look for the following people in-game for more information (tell them you were told free bananas when you join!)

    Streiter - Guild Leader
    Durtee/Devildog - Officer (he has a number of other alts as well)
  2. Streiter New Member

    Free bananas!?
    I guess I will go stea.... I mean obtain.. obtain some bananas from somewhere...

    Thank you for posting this Monkeygirl, you are awesome.

    The guild is new and growing steadily with awesome, cool people. I hope to see more coming to join us on dungeon runs and quest groups!
  3. WreckIT New Member

    I heard High Elf Monks were in high demand.
  4. Monkeygirl New Member

    Our highest demand is tanks and mage dps however all are welcome to join!

    I think we need a Dark Elf Monk more :p

    Come hang out with us in a group, get to know us and see what you think!
  5. Monkeygirl New Member

    Last night we did a wonderful guild run to get some guild status! Getting those HQs completed!! We did some leveling over the past few days for some of our members; we run at least one group a day for anyone that wants to get a few levels.

    Still recruiting all classes and levels! Our core guild age in RL 30+ but we do make exceptions if you can be respectful and not bring in drama.
  6. Sirus New Member


    I am interested in your guild and would like to know more about the times of days that you would like to see players on?
  7. Streiter New Member

    Hello, currently we don't have a set time or days for people to be. We have people that play on different days and different times, and of course play together.

    We have yet to start working on a raid force, when that happens we will pull together information and votes and settle on days and times, and figure out what characters and classes we are in need of and work from there. If you like you can join us in discord.
  8. Monkeygirl New Member

    Hello Sirus!

    To add to what Streiter has replied with; we currently have members on at all hours.With have a few members that work overnights as well. We wanted to be able to have a well rounded player base; no one will be required to raid it is just something we would like to have enough people interested in.
  9. Devildog New Member

    We've added new members, but there's plenty of room for more.

    We're a casual guild, so real life comes first, but we're not averse to people that like to play a lot, particularly those that call Fallen Gate their homes.
  10. Streiter New Member

    We continue to grow strong!
    Black Wolf Company is a casual guild, we understand family and work comes first. Though we do have people that play a lot and dedicate most of their free time to the game.

    Grouping and helping one another is our priority. We help with levels, dungeons, HQs and grinds for gear. Grouping and making sure everyone is part of the guild is our focus.

    We are currently working on forming a raid force that will raid about once or twice a week. We are needing more so if this is something that interest you, please message us.

    What prefer but not always needed is those who have and are willing to use discord to communicate. And those who call Fallen Gate server their home, by this we mean that they spend most of their play time on the Fallen Gate server.

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