black hood?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by healer, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. healer Member

    where can i get a black hood? or the name on black hood, please:)

    for appearence
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    Well the Nizarria Assasin Hood works... though I think that is SC or Sub-reward. I am knowledgeable for Appearance but... I really am blanking here. If I find one I may respond back here again should I remember to.
  3. Erevis Cale New Member

    I know of three, atm, but it's early so I might be forgetting what my alts have.

    This: \aITEM -312733248 1142375062 0 0 0:[Insidious Coif]\/a you can only get if you're an assassin, from danak, the VP armor

    This: \aITEM 494312195 -318362540 0 0 0:[Shroud of Perpetual Aggression]\/a you get via dungeon marks in the dungeon maker section of marketplace

    This: \aITEM 47533772 -2139765227 0 0 0:[Hood of the Ebon Mask]\/a from a faction-ish merchant in darklight woods, they show up once you do most of the quests in zone

    Hope some of those work, included the assassin-only one because I don't know what class you are ;)
  4. healer Member

    thank you !:)
  5. Naramsin Well-Known Member


    I seem to recall getting Shroud of Perpetual Aggression from doing the City of Freeport timeline with my Ranger, then passed it on to my Assassin.

    Note- The horns on the shoulder are not part of the hood. those are from the shoulder appearance armor I got from ToFS, though I want the one you get from silverwing, hood and shoulders. anyone on Freeport server want to group up and take him out?

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