"Beyond the Shattered Sea" Prelude event - Bugs and Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Aug 30, 2021.

  1. Komatus Active Member

    On Skyfire they are down to 107 now and will most likely drop more. Here's the trick...the more players who get involved in harvesting and selling resin, the lower the prices will get. The less players get involved in that activity, the more likely the prices remain high or go higher. Get involved. Leap in and get your feet wet...:D
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ack...well, how are the crowds, then? :-/

  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Seriously? That's not a solution, that's the cause of the problem! If you're not harvesting the resin to use in the crafting quests then kindly leave it alone so that the people who actually need it can find it. Nobody should have to go anywhere near the stupid broker to complete these simple quests.
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  4. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Well there were only 5 people in zone when I checked but that would have been around 18:00 or so UTC so not US peak.
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  5. Komatus Active Member

    And that is what I think is weird as every time I have gone to Mara, there are plenty of resin pots showing. My harvest rate is around 100 in 10 minutes. I seldom harvest more than that at one time and if any one shows up to harvest resin where I am in town, I quit and let them have free rein. I seldom have trouble with any competition tho....where are all these people who are overharvesting all the time? I don't see them. :confused: It definitely isn't me as I am only there for around 10 minutes.
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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    The time I was in there that the place was practically immobile for all the bodies involved was just the once, so far (but then, I play at odd hours, usually; that crowded hour was rare for me); I'm encouraged that the novelty seems to have worn off for all hours. ;->

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  7. Komatus Active Member

    I was there last nite for a few minutes hunting shinys on the islands...Skyfire at 10 PM CDT and only one person was in sight and they were just standing there on the dock looking wistful. lol.:)
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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh! Probably trying to figure out how it all worked; took me awhile, too. :)

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  9. Miragian Active Member

    Technically this would tend to drive prices down because, as the supply of them on the broker keeps going up people will start lowering the prices more and more to get them sold. Basic supply and demand, less supply then demand, prices go up. More supply then demand, prices go down.

    And anything that is relatively easy to get and there is a demand for, someone is going to try to profit off of.
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  10. Tkia Well-Known Member

    The supply would be adequate if the pathetic people harvestng purely to feed thier greed would pack it in and leave the nodes alone for the people wanting to harvest to complete their quests. Since any shortages that exist are being artificially created by these people I'd be more than happy to see them banned for monopolising content in much the same way that people scream for the banning of bot groups clearing overland content.
  11. Komatus Active Member

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  12. Robynous Active Member

    I had a problem with the first time, killed the named and everything, but it didn't hold. I had to go out and come in again. Done everything now and it works fine, nice to see those zones refreshed and used again! Nice job of improving Mara, although it would be nice to get the recipe for all those nice new lanterns! So is this always going to be up or is it going to be one of those tedious things that goes away leaving you with coin you cant spend or a merchant for which you can't get coin?
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  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I was just doing that same exact thing; good to know there is a solution (at least for the having killed the boss critter not counting; the rest, probably :-/)! :D

    Thanks! :)

    who still thinks that's a bug, though... :-/
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  14. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    for the first quest you need to be carefull with killing the boss before quest updates when you walk into the door of the cabin. It changes from find the malevolence or whatever on the island to kill the guy. If you kill him from afar, from outside of the cabin then you can't finish that initial quest in that zone, have to zone out and back in
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Oh for cryin' out loud, that's just as bad as those stupid "That's not an enemy...yet! You can't attack that poor, defenseless thing that will be ripping your face off from Stealth, or with a spell or an arrow from a distance, that's not fair!!" crapola opponents for the holidays that scale to us only after we're within face-ripping distance. >:-/

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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    There's only one other person here in Mara with me; I found ONE, count 'em, one, vat of 3 Mara Resin, even though I'd gotten all three crafting quests pretty much at once. I made all the ones for one of them, the Tailoring one (Sailcloth), and was then out of Mara Resin.

    I have yet to find any more, anywhere. Did I do something wrong by having all three quests in my list at once? :-/

    And yep, I'm on Skyfire too. /puzzled

    EDIT: Okay, now the only other person here isn't any more, and neither is any Mara Resin. I hadn't seen them harvesting any while they were here, but then, there wasn't any to harvest...

    EDIT: Found my 3 Mara Resin, according to my Log, at:
    23:09:29 [11:09 pm]

    It's currently 11:44 pm. Nothing. :(

    Can we make it findable by using the Gnomish Divining Rod or that Track Harvestables ability, please? Currently, that doesn't seem to be the case, even earlier when I was staring at a pot of it. :(

    EDIT: Okay, at 12:18 am, still can't find any Mara Resin, even after I'd deleted all the other crafting quests and zoned all the way out (not just to one of the World Event zones) to Norrath. Came back to Mara, got ONE quest, found out what they wanted ("Grog!"), and -- still can't find any. X-P There's a new one other person besides me, and they're just sitting on the dock by the World Bell; far as I can tell, they haven't budged, so they're not taking all my Resin. :-/

    The toon is a level 26 crafter, so she should be able to make level 10 whatevers, no matter the specialty. ;->

    I will say that in the past day or two, even with the speculators cluttering up the place, I've always been able to hold all 3 TS quests at once, find enough Resin (eventually), and do what all I needed to do. Do I have to log all the way out to Character Select? Desktop? Restart the computer?? :-/ I'm willing to do that if it'll solve the problem; just seems a cludgey way to have to do it.

    EDIT: Ah, to hell with it. /Camped out to Character Select; came back in, still carrying the quest, nothing. I'm on a server where one of my alts is a Level 100 Wizard who one-shots (sometimes all the way to two-) just about everything her level, and has plowed through the three WE zones several times, slaughtering everything that moved in there to get the rest of us the currency. It would've been nice, though, to have someone else contribute to that pile in the Shared Bank through crafting, but it wasn't to be. X-P

  17. Komatus Active Member

    Strange. :confused: Since you are on Skyfire, maybe I can mail you some of my resin. I have some extra lying around. :) What's your name on Skyfire?
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  18. Tkia Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry Uwk, but if you're not finding ANY resin in an empty zone on a server where it's been confirmed to be working, then the only possible explanation is that you're looking in the wrong place. You need at least one crafting quest in your journal then head off and run around the village mousing over every stack of jars and urns around every house and outhouse. It's everywhere!

    Actually, I've only rarely found any at the dock so ignore that and I haven't bothered to go all the way out to the Nurwin house so no idea if there's any out there,
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  19. Kaitheel Developer

    1) The "Tall Bamboo Light Lamp (Lightsource)" is already available via a tradeskill recipe book.
    2) This event coin will be added to the City Festival coin trader, just like most of the other prelude coin has already, sometime after the new year.
    3) The prelude event merchant will remain in game until the new year, (just like the last two prelude events) giving you plenty of time even after the prelude event concludes to spend those coin.

    ~ Kaitheel
  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thank you Kaitheel for the thumbs up .
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