"Beyond the Shattered Sea" Prelude event - Bugs and Feedback

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  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Prelude event "Beyond the Shattered Sea" is now active on Test!

    While many of us have had our attention focused on the Celestial landscapes and the threats therein lately, others have never stopped looking across the vast oceans of Norrath. An enterprising captain by the name of Douglan Wakerunner is convinced there are uncharted lands still waiting to be found! He has convinced the Far Seas Trading Company to invest in his endeavor, and is now looking to hire a few good adventurers to join his crew.

    Sign up and set sail with The Swimming Oak, and see what adventures await us all… Beyond the Shattered Sea!

    Event Features:
    • In-game mail alerting the player of the event
    • 4 New Adventure quests
    • 3 New quest unlocked instances
    • 3 New Tradeskill quests
    • 3 New collections
    • New reward merchant, at the docks in the Village of Shin, with 19 new items (including a new mount and a new tradeskill recipe book) and some returning items from previous prelude events

    This event content is currently set to activate on 9/14/21 on the live servers.

    Please post any feedback and bugs that you encounter with this event in this thread. This event will run in-game for quite some time, but please submit as much feedback as possible before 9/12 to ensure it is received in time for the event launch on 9/14/21.

    I am so pleased to be able to get Test involved with this year's expansion prelude event before it is on live!

    Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  2. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    For the instances, should the trash mobs have a chance at dropping a chest with the coins?

    Or, is having no lockout intended so they can be "farmed" for coins (quest and name), rather than have mobs in zone drop a chest?

    That's the only thing I noticed that made me have a question :)
  3. Playz4fun Active Member

    Always love to see something new! Thank you.

    Running this in a rather standard equipped 120 Paladin and no difficulties noted. I also appreciate that this isn't a heavy time burning activity. I like it when my alts can also participate. Will be trying this on a lower level alt soon.

    You mentioned 4 new adventure quests, and 3 new instances. I completed the first adventure quest, but didn't see any others. Are the chests in the instances considered the next 3 of the adventure quests? Just want to be sure I am not missing anything. :)

    Having the instances and crafting quests repeatable is nice for farming the coins. Offering up some previous items to purchase is nice too. I am sure folks will be happy to be able to get those items.
  4. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    For the crafting quests, the completion messages weren't quite what I was expecting

    For "Bolt of Sailcloth" - "You created 2 [Bolts]"
    For "Basket of Dried Meat" - "You created 2 [Baskets]"

    Is it intentional that the creation messages only use the first word of the item name?
  5. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Anyone running the crafting quests make sure you change out of using your rares.
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  6. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Yes, the best thing to do is to dump all your harvestables other than the ones you'll need (roots, wood, leather, meat, metal, food/crop) into your depot, and only bring the ones to Mara that you actually want to use.
  7. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Some of the resources that can/cannot be used seem to be askew. The below is not a full list, but was made with some depot-diving.

    Casks of Grog, "some harvested crop"

    Several low tier food harvests are not accepted
    • Black coffee bean
    • baubbleshire cabbage
    • jumjum
    • frog legs
    • sunfish
    • murdunk orange
    • freewater grouper
    • raw carrot
    • raw crab meat
    • fayberry
    • pig meat
    • seafury mackerel
    • steppes mountain bean
    • sweet onion
    • thicket crayfish
    • everfrost ice bean
    (teas and roots seem to be the only one that consistently shows up for tiers 1-3)

    A few (but not all) mid-tier fish and meats count as a harvested crop, lower tier fish and meat don't count, higher tier fish and meat don't count
    • aviak meat
    • ravasect meat
    • seahorse roe
    • tiger shrimp
    • king prawn
    • conger eel
    • magma rock fish
    • greatmole meat
    Some (but not all) discontinued fungi items DO count
    • allspice
    • sassafras
    • field maple
    • plantain
    • wild hyacinth
    • field maple
    • fig
    • withered mushroom
    • tuber fiber
    • spoonleaf yucca
    • silverberry
    Discontinued ones that don't count: bitter nutmeg, black oak, wormwood, amaranth, chamomile, clove, date, macadamia nut, mulberry, valerian root

    Most roots count as both roots and as harvested crops

    Basked of Dried Meat
    "Some harvested meat"

    Many mid- and upper-tier meats and fish work, lower tier meats and fish do not

    Do NOT work:
    • deer meat
    • elephant meat
    • raw crab meat
    • vulrich meat
    • lion meat
    • pig meat
    • bear meat
    • griffin meat
    • owlbear meat
    • wyrm meat
    • giant octopus meat
    • sunfish
    • frog legs
    • thicket crayfish
    • cauldron blowfish
    • splitfin dartfish
    • freewater grouper
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  8. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Can the Mara resin be flagged as a harvestable so it will go in our depots? :D
  9. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    While it doesn't mention it in the description, the Dock Torch is a light source. :D
  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That is odd, but could it be a way around the silly automated Pluralization Program? "You created 2 Bolt of Sailcloths" X-P (which isn't awesome) or "You created 2 Basket of Dried Meats," which isn't too awful. :-/

    who DESPERATELY wants there to be some way to use Frog Legs and Baubbleshire Cabbage up once and for all... X-P
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  11. Gelenor Active Member

    I am guessing that as the coins can only be used for the prelude merchant, that the no lockout on zone is intended. Even the 3 collections are titles, so no major impact with the no lockout. All three zones seem to be overland. However mount speed is disabled it seems. That may be intentional.
  12. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    So I take it we are back up now?
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  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Test stayed up. We only go down at the same time as live in special situations, like the maintenance work last Wed. Otherwise, our normal patch times tend to be Friday night.
  14. Taled Well-Known Member

    WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Don't read my post if you want the content to be a surprise!
    Prelude Event - Starts 9/14/2021:

    1) Check your mail for the letter; then head to Isle of Mara.

    [Letter: From: Douglan Wakerunner; Subject: Join The Swimming Oak Crew;

    Do you crave adventure? Want to see unexplored areas of Norrath? Now's your opportunity!

    The Swimming Oak is looking for good hands to join her crew on an adventure full of exploration, danger, and loot!

    No experience necessary. Entry level positions available!

    Report to the Village of Shin docks before this opportunity sets sail without you.

    Douglan Wakerunner,
    Captain of The Swimming Oak] (Nothing in the letter seems off)

    2) Speak to 'Captain Douglas Wakerunner' at the Village of Shin docks - /way -34.80 -2.38 109.5

    ["You there! Got a strong back and a need for adventure? Have I the job for you!" (should be 'Have I got the job for you!', probably.)
    'I'm listening.'
    "See that ship out yonder? That there is The Swimming Oak. I'm looking for a few more hands to join-up for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage."
    'Because it may be the end of my life?' - "Prexus below, I should hope not! I've got some interest in getting back alive, too."
    'Where to?' or 'Where is this voyage headed?'
    "Uncharted islands! Or at least that's the idea. We'll be sailing the seas for islands waiting to be explored! Just think of the treasures waiting to be found, and the isolated civilizations we could meet!"
    'You looking for people to join, out of the goodness of their hearts?' (Comma is unnecessary, makes it seem a little stilted)
    "No, I've got some coin backing this endeavor. It took some convincing but the Far Seas Trading Company has invested in it, with the promise of repayment. Well, and a cut of any of the profits." (I'd suggest getting rid of either 'of any' or 'of the' - It would read 'and a cut of the profits' OR 'and a cut of any profits' - 'and a cut of any of the profits' is also stilted)
    'They want the profit, but don't want to expend their own crew... Interesting.'
    "Exciting, right?! There are tales of people coming from far-away lands. Let's go find some! Jump in the dinghy nearby and let's start exploring!"
    'Not my thing, Douglan' (Needs punctuation at the end.)
    'Count me in, Cap'n. Let's set sail!'

    Quest window - "Douglan Wakerunner, Captain of The Swimming Oak, has hired me to set sail under him, on a voyage of exploration. He believes there are uncharted islands waiting to be found! The Far Seas Trading Company must see some merit to it, as they have provided some financing for the endeavor." (Technically, I dont think Captain should be capitalized, but that's arguable either way)
    "The Swimming Oak is ready to set sail, as soon as I am. I just need to use the dinghy found near Captain Wakerunner at the docks in the village of Shin. / Jump in the dinghy"]

    3) Click on the 'Dinghy to The Swimming Oak' at the docks, at /way -18.35 -2.06 100.36
    4) After zoning to 'Skerry Hideaway' speak to Korrom Flintknuckle at /way -107.72 -3.15 -64.88

    (Mount speed does not apply in Skerry Hideaway. Maybe an oversight? - Not going to be as problematic on live since we have totems, but it's jarring to have no speed in outdoor zones.)

    ["Cap'n Wakerunner was right 'bout uncharted islands in these waters, and the riches to plunder! Can ya feel that though? There's a malevolence in the air.. Something' doesn't want us 'ere."
    'Whatever or whoever it is, they won't stand a chance against me.'
    "Oh, yeah! I like you! Well, get to it, Taled. The sooner you dispatch the evil here, the sooner we can collect our loot."
    'That's the plan!'
    Quest step: 'Identify the source of the malevolence']

    (Note that there is a collection from Skerry Hideaway, so keep your eyes out for shinies - the shinies kind of blend into the ground! - Might be better using the black/white glow from Great Divide?)

    5) Search the island for the source of the malevolence.
    5A) Clear all the skeletons on the beach (around /way 153.34 -3.15 55.95) to remove the wards from the house.
    5B) Enter the house at /way 226.38 1.29 101.03
    6) 'Dispatch the source of malevolence, Captain Rattlebones' - Kill the named skeleton in the house.
    7) Return to Douglan Wakerunner in the Village of Shin - at the docks, /way -35.62 -2.38 109.19

    ["That was better than I could have imagined, considerin' it was our first voyage and all."
    'You think there's more out there?'
    "You bet your grog, I do! There are more islands out there to explore and opportunities for profit! At this pace I'm sure to get enough to repay the Far Seas Co. and provide them their cut, too!" (Should read 'and more opportunities for profit! - instead of 'and opportunities for profit' - note that the reward dialogue reads as 'more opportunities for profit' already)
    'That should be reassuring.'
    "Don't go thinking I forgot our deal though, Taled. I appreciate the heavy lifting you did back there. Here's your share."
    (Rewards '\aITEM -1378261185 692895804 0 0 0:[Vicious Pterodon Plushie]\/a' and 5 currency.)
    Quest reward dialogue: Captain Douglan Wakerunner of The Swimming Oak has invited me to continue sailing with his crew. He is confident there are more islands out there to explore, and more opportunities for profit for us all.]

    Quest completed; Three instances are now available via the Dinghy to The Swimming Oak: Lichveil Island, Savage Clay, and Skerry Hideaway. [Savage Clay should be Savage Cay, going by actual zone name and quest references.]

    Skerry Hideaway instance: (Collection: Deino Egg Shells)
    1) Click the 'Swimming Oak Plunder Crate' to pick up the quest, 'For Goodness Sake': Collect drums of Sake (0/6)
    Quest dialogue: "This crate holds a number of drums of sake plundered from Skerry Hideaway. However, it's nowhere near full."
    'Decide to fill up the crate.'
    "The Swimming Oak is depending on all its crew members to ensure a financially successful sailing. I should help fill up the plunder crate with the stolen drums of sake found on Skerry Hideaway."

    2) Return to the Swimming Oak Plunder Crate at /way -115.13 -3.15 -68.69 and deposit the Sake.

    Lichveil Island instance: (Collection: Esoteric Gems)
    1) Click the 'Swimming Oak Plunder Crate' to pick up the quest, 'Lichveil Crockery':
    Quest pop up: "The Swimming Oak is depending on all of its crew members to ensure a financially successful sailing. I should help fill up the plunder crate with ancient iksar pottery found on Lichveil Island."
    Journal: "The Swimming Oak is depending on me to plunder ancient iksar pottery found on Lichveil island. Collect ancient iksar pottery (0/6)"

    Return to the Swimming Oak Plunder Crate at /way 750.57 13.72 -230.61 and place the pottery in the crate to complete it.

    Finishing quest dialogue: "This crate holds pieces of ancient iksar pottery plundered from Lichveil Island. However, it's nowhere near full."
    "The ancient iksar pottery does not brake or chip when it is gently placed in the crate." (Should be 'break', not 'brake')
    "Captain Wakerunner should be quite pleased with all this plunder!"

    After killing the Veil Defenders, the 'Boss' mob for currency is at /way 938.34 11.84 -167.28, in the cave. (Phan'ghul - Particle effects don't drop when he dies?)

    (Exit is set as a split door with two separate clickable sections for returning to Mara, should be a single 'door')
    (Received a \aITEM 1889961562 1447698081 0 0 0:[Planar Fragment of Pure Magic]\/a as body loot - Probably shouldnt drop off a mob not in the planes?)

    Savage Cay instance: (Collection: Trinkets of the Sphinx) [Should be Savage Cay on dinghy, not Savage Clay. Or all the Savage Cay references - including zone name - need to be Savage Clay.)
    1) Click the 'Swimming Oak Plunder Crate' at /way -885.16 -9.55 -31.04 to pick up the quest, 'Jars Aplenty':
    (Pick up dialogue box: "This crate holds a number of mystical jars plundered from Savage Cay. However, it's nowhere near full." (Should be 'Savage Clay', not 'Savage Cay')
    (Quest pop up: "The Swimming Oak is depending on all its crew members to ensure a financially successful sailing. I should help fill up the plunder crate with mystical jars found in Savage Cay."

    2) Clear all the 'an enraged macaque' mobs to spawn the 'boss' - "Sayhanneh" on top of the building at /way -1002.81 0.98 212
    3) Return to the 'Swimming Oak Plunder Crate' at /way -885.16 -9.55 -31.04
  15. Taled Well-Known Member

    Also, as a side note - The letter that comes in the mail makes it sound like this can be done at any level, but the mobs in the initial Skerry Hideout instance only go down to L10, so my L7 assassin from forever ago could not complete the instance.
  16. Kaitheel Developer

    Good question! No, the base population is not intended to have the event coins as possible rewards. The quests can be completed and the boss can be defeated to earn those. Yeah, no lockout for that reason.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  17. Kaitheel Developer

    You are correct. You found 'em all.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  18. Kaitheel Developer

    No, not intentional. I really appreciate it when our code system just decides to not function the same way it did before. </sarcasm> Sigh. I'll try something different to improve this. Thank you for alerting me of it!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  19. Kaitheel Developer

    [Snipped quote]

    I will be attempting some fixes to address some of these harvested recipe component issues, as long as my fixes don't have an undesirable affect on existing recipes. (Scary!)

    ~ Kaitheel
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  20. Kaitheel Developer

    I don't see why not!

    ~ Kaitheel
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