better weapon for 12th level Shaman or Priset ?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Geroblue, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Geroblue Active Member

    I have one character of each. They have weapons for first level, 2-6 hp damage. I am looking for a weapon that can do more than that.

    Combat feels like I am cleaning the monster's claws, and not actually hurting them... they do die, but even the other characters I have found better weapons for.

    What NPC vendor, or monster I can go after at 12th level, will get these characters better weapons ? On Maj'Dul and SkyFire.
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  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You probably want crafted weapons now. The vendor-sold weapons aren't very good at all. Normally, as you level, you will loot or win new gear by questing.

    But I recommend that you harvest as you go as well. Actually, first go to the Isle of Mara, and in the Village of Shin find a strange boy named Quo floating in a pond near the rice fields. He will give you harvesting quests that will earn you good coin, skill up your harvesting, and eventually get you some nice prizes. When you harvest rares, you can look for a crafter to make them into Mastercrafted gear for you, upgraded spells, and weapons.

    I'm on Maj'Dul. Send me the name, class, and level of your Maj'Du toon and I will gift you a set of Mastercrafted stuff so you can be inspired to harvest :)
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I'm on Maj'Dul as well, though I probably play at weirder hours than Sigrd does. :) And yes, Qho is an...interesting NPC to get to know; at later, higher levels, he will want more and more, very specific harvested materials, and even if you can't fulfill his requirements right off, all the other stuff you'll be getting (other materials from Trapping or Gathering nodes, for example), you can keep, so I guess he's useful for that. ;->

    Another guy to look at for harvesting materials is a certain hungry halfling, Duggin Brandywine, on the Thundering Steppes docks, pretty close to where you zone in. His lowest level quest is pretty easy if you're of a level to be in the Steppes in the first place; the others can be done, if you're careful and keep an eye out for aggro. If you fulfill his requirements, you'll always be guaranteed to get a cool house item to choose from, and once you get to know all his quirky tastes (he doesn't like fish, dang it, though Qho isn't that fussy...must have something to do with the pond he's in, I guess), you can tell what quest of his to choose from to get the item you want. :)

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  4. Geroblue Active Member

    Conversation/PM sent.

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  5. Geroblue Active Member

    I have, on one character, about 15 plat for harvested/mining items sold via the broker.

    There is mention of a special sack to use so other players don't have to pay broker fees. Where do I get that ? Sorry, I don't remember the name of it.,
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The no-broker-fee boxes are veteran rewards and pre-order/collector's edition rewards. If you have them, type /claim and you can grab them.
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  7. Geroblue Active Member

    Thanks. I'll check into that.
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  8. Geroblue Active Member

    No such /claim items for my characters. I did go to marketplace and get a 950 points blod roan horse. Much faster moves, but turning corners can be painful.

    Got one sword for one character so far.

    One thing puzzles me very much about combat.

    I'm used to, the same qweapon being used by a character during melee and spell casting.

    In this game the character shows using the weaker weapon/wand in melee for spell casting. Thats even if I start with melee and the melee weapon and shield.

    Is the character swapping back and forth between weapons ? Thanks.
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  9. Simparri Active Member

    As far as gear, armor & weapons, go up until at least level 50-60 Mastercrafted gear is often far better than most loot or even quested gear. Even more so when you toss in Experimentation crafting. Raid gear Can be better than MC but not always.
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  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    How close to the mob are you? If you aren't close enough to melee, they'll use ranged weapons.
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    The /claim stuff here is completely dependent upon how long you've been playing EQ2 (not how much, just when you started). There's rewards for 1 day, 1...week?, 1 month, 6 months, etc., on up to.....what are we up to...13, 14 years?

    And you can get really decent ground mounts at the mount sellers, but you'll have to spend platinum for them. You can also get a free ground mount by completing various quest lines, depending on where you're starting. If you're a Good toon, you can get any of the Good mounts, if memory serves; let me find that link...

    Ah, here we go:

    Ignore the old-fashioned blurbs about these being only "25% speed increase" mounts or whatever; they're the same as any other ground mount now, which increases ground speed by 130%.

    You also get a ton of XP that way, some not terribly shabby quested gear (though yes, I much prefer crafted gear for many, many levels ;->), and possibly some house items, too. :)

    You can also get mounts (including unicorns! Basically, though, just horses with horns rather than actual unicorns) with 20 charges in the monthly Moonlight Grottoes (20th-22nd); as long as you don't dismount too often, they should last you quite a while. :)

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  12. Geroblue Active Member

    Right up close. I would say within 5 scale feet. Less than 2 meters.

    And the toon is switching between a wand and a sword.
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  13. Geroblue Active Member

    I got all of the weapons you emailed me.

    My 21st level character had a Jagged Warhammer 8 to 44 damage, but the emailed weapon is better. Not sure where I got it... likely bought it via broker.

    Didn't look at gate to SOuth Qeynos for mercs. I'm rather tired today... I need a nap. Ah, almost time to sleep 8 hours. To sleep, perchance to dream. Old Shaky was good with words.
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