Beta Test This Weekend and Earn a Mount!

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Roshen, Mar 6, 2015.

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  1. Roshen Well-Known Member

    We’re working hard on database changes for EQ2, and we need your help to make sure they’re awesome!

    Starting today and running until Monday, March 9 at 11:59AM PST, we could really use your help on the beta server. You can use our Beta Copy feature by typing /betacopy on a character you want to copy.

    What we are looking for?

    Weirdness or issues with the entire game, but our top test requests are:
    • If you used /betacopy, is your character in the EXACT same state you left it on live?
    • Enter/Exit Housing & Decorate
    • Contested Dungeons like High Keep
    • Lock-out timers of various types
    • Broker functionality
    • Guild functions, changes, updates
    How do I get the mount?


    We’ll be hooking up everyone that assists us on the beta server this weekend with a Blessed Sokokar mount for one of their live characters. To earn this for a live character, you have to kill at least 250 things on the beta server.

    If you notice any quirks, please /bug immediately. We’re grateful for everyone’s help and support, and we’ll see you on the beta server this weekend!
  2. Terrius Well-Known Member

    Just a heads up, but the beta copy command is actually just /beta
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  3. Tirb New Member

    When i type /beta it says some stuff about all other copies of my character being deleted. so if i accept will my character still be playable in the normal game or just the beta?
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  4. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Doesn't affect your live characters, just overwrites any previous copies you may have made to beta.
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  5. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    Nice, I'll definitely be beta testing this weekend. :)
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  6. Luciuz Active Member

    Finally, I can do some REAL testing with my necro on the summoner changes. Just patiently waiting for the beta server to not be busy so I can log in.
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  7. Thimdirran Active Member

    Is this the same sokokar mount you get for doing a half-dozen quests in the Isles of Veeshan? Also known as the EXACT same mount as one of the rewards for doing the tradeskill quest series in the Isles of Veeshan? So I could potentially have three mounts that look exactly the same?
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  8. Luciuz Active Member

    If you are colorblind, yes they could all look exactly the same!
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  9. Xandrot New Member

    To get into the Beta server:
    1. Start your live launchpad
    2. In the top-left corner, click VERSION
    3. In the drop-down choose BETA then hit APPLY
    4. Once the download completes press PLAY
  10. Conmonnn Member

    looks like i might be joining you on my necro as well Luciuz
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  11. TrulyVexed Active Member

    Just logged in to try.. the count on the creatures killed isn't going up (so you can't track the number of kills despite it showing 0/250 under Achivements->Promotions->Destroyer of Beta) and if you click on the Blessed Sokokar it actually shows the Carpet of Assured Quality (the AoM tradeskill beta reward) - beta indeed :)

    Btw, tried killing solos, ^, and heroics mobs in HKC (as it was specifically mentioned) and nothing caused the count to increase so definitely either bugged or silent.

    Update.. count is going up but only on grey creatures. Just killed 3 in Sinking Sands and it went up.
  12. Xillean Well-Known Member

    I got the mount, though it gave me a veeshan package? had a title in it along with the mount and a adorn remover and a aa boost. Not sure if you guys actually intended for that. I ended up killing a horde of grey mobs and the achieve updated fine doing that.

    I can say that my character did appear exactly the way it was on live, so yay for that!
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  13. NadikOne Member

    Unable to enter Isle of Refuge prestige home. Getting kicked to character select often.
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  14. Hartay Keeper of the Server Hamsters

    Same with the Guild Halls. Did you guys disable the guild halls
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  15. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    The achievement count is not progressing with xp mobs in Tranquil Sea. It *is* progressing with grey con mobs in older zones -- so I'd say something is amok with the achievement.

    Copying worked fine, other than the random beta copy bug of "lets dump the contents of one of the existing shared bank slots on beta into your overflow!" My house copied fine, I was able to place/move furniture. Guild inviting worked, promoting worked, buying an amenity worked. Not sure what else to test there.
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  16. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    that warning is just to let you know if you still have a copy from last beta, it will be replaced with the new copy, It will not affect any characters you have on any of the live servers.
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  17. Caith Developer

    I was getting updates in Tranquil Sea on softshell crabs, what mobs were you killing specifically? It might be something weird with that specific creature type.
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  18. Noctew Active Member

    Copied Valor.Noctew to Beta.Noctewx. My house at 4 Bayle Court did transfer with me but is completely empty, all items gone. House Vault works though (but that isn't really part of the house just some hidden inventory slots).
  19. Brienae Active Member

    I'm willing to help however... I checked the new one of a kind mount is the same Mount my Fury picked up for running the ToV beta, same name and same color. As I said I'm willing to help but to me that is cheap... if you wanted to reuse a beta reward why not use one of the ones from AoM beta?
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  20. Diddums New Member

    For those who haven't run Beta previously a word of warning - the download is 18GB so run it overnight unless you have a great connection (of the type which is not available in New Zealand)... you can't play while it's downloading because new launchpad instances remember that you've switched to 'beta'.
    EDIT: turns out if you
    - stop the beta patch after it's set up the folders
    - copy the /paks and /music folders from your regular install to the betaserver folder
    - restart the launcher and select a full file scan
    Then it only needs to 'fix' about 300MB of files which takes 10 minutes (even with New Zealand internet speeds)!
    Happy Beta'ing ;)
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