Beta test of overseers vendor for today's GU

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Moss, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Moss Active Member

    Overseer vendors sells mount recipes (empyral, shadowed, sambata) at 250 currency per recipe.

    Overseer vendors sells tradeskill class recipes level 17-18-19-20 only at 250 currency per recipe.

    Overseers vendor sell the overseers items (with lower or equals to solo timeline rewards) for a relativly high price of 10 to 35 currency.

    Overseer vendors does not sells any of the needed and anticipated red runes recipes.

    Converting a "treasured" agent gives 1 currency.

    Only a very few treasured Overseer Agents actually accept to "convert" to the new currency. Most of the them have an error message "This Agent does not convert", which was the case with all legendary, fabled and celestial agents I was able to test, all of them was obtained from missions and not from /claim.

    I suppose all the agents from the Collector and Premium edition could not be converted as they could be obtained infinitly. I believe they need to put a different tag on the overseers obtains from /claim (that should not be able to convert) different from the one from reward (that should be able to convert).

    Since the begining of the expension I was able to keep about 100 double overseers on one account, which will result in probably less than 15 currency, if we are not able to convert more agents, so not enough currency to buy anything with the current pricing/convert system.

    All in all it really feels like a big failure at the moment.
  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Jeez, why the heck aren't the recipes for runes included? Set the price high if you must, but it's insanely hard to get the runes you need!
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  3. Test Taffies Active Member

    The recipes should be able to be purchased with out a horrible GRIND!
  4. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    To me it can't even be called a grind. At least not in the mmo traditional sense. This is more hoping the RNG and luck go your way to get enough agents to convert.

    I can count in two hands how many extra agents I've been able to convert since this was posted.
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  5. Leasha Member

    The irony is that by the time you can get to 250 Rejected Agent Resumes to buy ONE recipe, the next expansion will be here and those recipes won't be relevant anymore anyway.
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  6. Bludd Well-Known Member

    season 2
    treasured agents converts to 2 rejected agent resumes
    legendary agents converts to 3 rejected agent resumes
    fabled agents converts to 4 rejected agent resumes
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  7. Tittle New Member

    You sound optimistic about the next xpac.
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  8. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about anyone else but I quit being optimistic after they went ahead and launched BoL. And I totally agree that by the time you get 250 Rejected Agent Resumes, what you need to buy the book (note singular), it won't be worth anything.. The cost is outrageous. In fact the drop rate of these books are outrageous and since the devs decided to make advanced recipes only able to make spells/abilities that were always drops for the past x number of years, and force the experts onto an entirely different book line, my 'optimistic' totally went "POOF". And that is just for the crafters that make the spell upgrades. A huge fiasco all the way around.
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  9. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    Some items are free, some items are easy to obtain, some items are hard to obtain, some items are almost impossible to obtain. It works for me.

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