Beta stat limitations

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vexen, Aug 17, 2021.

  1. vexen New Member

    With the limitations on stats specifically ADC not being an option going forward can base dmg values of spells be increased by a reasonable % in order to make up the gap between mages and scouts. The stats available will never allow mages to catch up and only fall further behind as the expansions continue
  2. LastWizardStanding New Member

    If spell double cast is off the table and over cap conversion isn't being reinstated, there is really no other option. There is no amount of melee stats, AB mod, procs, ect that are going to bring mages up to par with Scouts. This can easily be done by simply adding a +% dmg to each individual class myth buff. This way you can easily tune each mage class to where they are supposed to be without overturning 1 or the other. Also, for ease of class balance, this gives you an easily tunable number in case 1 needs adjusted. Example: tuned up because Still underpowered or tuned down a little if overtuned.