Beta Begins for GU66: Scars of the Awakened!

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    GU 66: Scars of the Awakened beta begins on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. Beta is open to everyone, so copy your character over and check it out!

    Beta Server Details:

    • The Beta server may not be accessible at all times.
    • This server is wiped periodically, meaning all current characters will be deleted.
    • You can copy your Live and/or Test characters over to the Beta server.

    To patch and get into the Test or Beta servers:

    • Start your live launchpad
    • In the top-left corner, click the 'Version' link which will open the 'Select Game Version' panel
    • In the drop-down you can choose 'Beta' or 'Public Test' then hit 'Apply' to patch the corresponding server
    • Hit 'Play' once the patching completes

    How to copy your Live and/or Test character over to the Beta server:

    • You can click the 'Beta Copy' button on the character create screen to copy the currently selected character.
    • You can log in your character and then use the /beta command.


    • Beta installs into a subfolder requires about the same amount of space your live install takes.
    • Remember to set the 'Version' back to your regular setting to get back onto your normal servers.


    See you in game!
  2. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Note: The 'Beta Copy' button is not currently available; it should be up post-patch on Tuesday, 4/2.

  3. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Is there a time frame tor the patch yet (morning/afternoon/evening)?
  4. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

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  5. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    UPDATES -- We're unlocking the servers right now.

    A few quick important notes:
    • Beta Copy (the button and /beta commands) are currently disabled. You can log in and create a new character on beta and use the buffer
    • The House Market feature is also currently disabled. We're working on updating/adding this later.
    See you in Beta!
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  6. Lempo Well-Known Member

    Is the beta copy command going to be enabled for this?
  7. Mohee Active Member

    The class changes to spells and combat arts and AA's are absolutely terrible. You didn't do a very good job at listening to players on broken abilities and how they should be fixed. Instead, you listened to all the whiners and most changes are nerfs.

    Way to Go...

    Way to start out a beta to be very disappointing. Seems to be a common trend lately with EQ2.
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  8. Everleia New Member

    If we use the buff option does that buff our TSing? And how do we choose our TS with buff? I am specifically wanting to beta test the crafting changes/additions. That will be hard if we can't get our TSing up to the level of the additional content.
  9. sonoske Member

    I am absolutly livid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and applaud at what you are all doin to the brigs !!!. Why are we taking a major hit your nerfing havoc's buff for what reason? if you call it balance your sadly mistaken. i just checked life how much loss we are taking with this new nerf and its a 60 to 100k loss in dps WTF !!!!!!
  10. Iksee New Member

    This server is wiped periodically, meaning all current characters will be deleted.

    All my characters are still there from last time including an old copy off my toon from live that it wont let me delete or play.
  11. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    For those folks leaving feedback, please post your comments on the Beta forums.

    For those asking questions about the mechanics of Beta (particularly /beta copy and the Tradeskilling buff), I am working on getting answers for you.

  12. Dinwiz Active Member

    guess it was too much hoping for a working toon copy / buffer :(
  13. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager


    /beta copy is now active again! :) You can copy your characters over to the beta server now.

    Also, there is not a Tradeskill buff available for new characters. If you'd like to test the new TS content, please copy your current character.

  14. HalasRadar New Member

    this is not like Order 66
  15. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    While true, I'm not terribly certain how relevant that is to the conversation.

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