Best/Worst Tradeskill profession (financially)

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Kenada686, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kenada686 Guest

    Is there a best trade skill profession if your goal is to make money? A worst?

    If there is a best, is the profit difference between best and worst huge?

    I did look for this info elsewhere already but couldn't find it so sorry if it is indeed somewhere else.
  2. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    There is no best/worst. If there were a best, we'd all be that class, lol.

    Making money in tradeskills is more about knowing your market and working it accordingly than what's in your recipe book.
  3. ARCHIVED-Tarlok Guest

    She is right but there are deffinately ts classes that are easier to make coin vs the work put in. My ww for example makes mony hand over fist just making simple see invis and see stealth totems on vox, but that is a case of knowing what sells and what desn't on your servers market. My provie in Butcherblock makes a pittance, he probably would but its honestly way too much work to make enough food and drink to make it worth what I consider to be low profit.
    Its all in your perspective and how much work you are willing to put into a ts if you make money or not. I personaly find it easy to just mass produce totems that are 2 tiers below his current skill and sell them for what I consider stupid prices but folks pay them.
  4. ARCHIVED-hun_gover Guest

    And for me, Woodworker makes the least of all my crafters ( obviously I dont have a Weaponsmith tho ). There is no answer to this. Choose something that will also tie in with your Mains Adventure class, at least then your Tradeskiller will be useful to you.
  5. ARCHIVED-Talzar Guest

    Kenada686 wrote:
    Your server will dictate your success much more than what crafting class you pick.
  6. ARCHIVED-pointytail Guest

    It's all about perception!

    Obviously, the worst tradeskill class is the one that you currently are and the best is any that you're not.
    But seriously now, there is no ONE class that's best or worst. Some do better then others and some do worse then others.
  7. ARCHIVED-ladyvengeance Guest

    Well, I have 7 crafters. 2 tailors, an armorer, a jeweler, a provisioner, a carpenter, and a woodworker. My tailor makes the most, although I've just started armorer so that might change. My carpenter makes the least, although I use her just for adornments and to make my huge mansion look nice. A provisioner's stuff will sell, but it's a lot of work for not much profit. Usually I just make a bunch of stuff with him that increases stats and put them on the broker for 2 gold each. They'll sell eventually. Same thing with totems with my woodworker. Bows also sell pretty good.
    The worst? I'd say weaponsmith, but that's only what I've been told. Why buy a MC weapon when you can get a better one for a few more gold?
    I can imagine alchemists making good money, especially on adornments. My jeweler does okay too, but mainly selling adornments. Make them all transmuters too (well, maybe 1 tinkerer) so when you come back after questing you can transmute that useless crap into aethers and phantom powders.
  8. ARCHIVED-Besual Guest

    It's not only knowing your server. Sometimes you have to a opportunity to make money with your TS class. For example the appearance slots were a good opportunity for tailors / armor smiths to sell their stuff. New T8 spells will give the the classes how can make adept3 a chance to earn some coins. Now and then SOE adds some new furnitures and with T8 larger strongboxes will come...Hello Mr. Carpenter!

    Of course these opportunities have a limited live span: People have filled their appearance slots, they got their Adpet3 / T8 master are getting cheap, the old strongboxes are replaced with the new ones...
  9. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    There is one answer : sage.

    I play woodworker and cook and i hve a new level 14 sage.

    Adept 3 sell a lot of money, a tier 2-3 adept 3 can goes for 30 gold
    and will seel fast (you may get more from a level 70 reroll but ...) . The rare you need will cost you around 5 gold.

    This way you make 25 gold per combine.

    I can get tier 3 food sold around 10-15 silver ... so you can compare 45 silver per combine against 25 gold.

    Now sage needs more investement, books are expensive.

    Another proof of the fact that sage is the best by far is simply the price of books.
    Sage advanced book (or script) are like 10 time more expensive than provisionneur ones.

    I can also add that : i almost never buy items but i aways buy apprentice 4 spell and try to get adept I or Adept 3 ...
    Now my guildmate will make me adept 3 but not everyone is getting free craft (moreover it applies to all the professions).

    For the subclass i would favor the script but the other are probably good too.
  10. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Ha, that's funny, I make WAY more on my WW than my sage :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    My lowbie WW is just now able to make totems, and she gets a decent amount of cash from them. My 57 provi tends to make more cash from T3-T4 food/drinks than T6. Less provi's putting up wares at those tiers, I think.
  12. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    hortefoutre wrote:
    There are no advanced books for provisioners.
  13. ARCHIVED-rumblepants79 Guest

    Interestingly enough, my armorer has made more money crafting by demand than any of my active sellers on the market (which includes woodworker, provisioner and alchemist). My latter 3 would sell consistently where with the armorer its hit or miss but the end revenue is always the armorer.
  14. ARCHIVED-Shrell Guest

    Carpenters would probably make a ton more money if new status housing would be introduced. Or even guild halls that have massive status attachments to them.

    Or perhaps even the ever asked for out in the wilderness housing.

    That said, Sage makes nothing when it comes to app 4 and below. The money comes from Adpet 3, and even then the market can be very slow to move at higher levels due to competition. Adept threes do tend to sell decently in the under 50 levels though as sage's level up.
  15. ARCHIVED-foozlesprite Guest

    My fiance's woodworker makes a TON more than my sage. My sage is 70, his WW is 50. My level 50 jeweler makes a ton more than either of them but I have to make and sell the same items OVER AND OVER to keep my niche in the market full. It's going to depend a lot on server but generally you're going to want repeat consumables to sell...selling moves doesn't cut it, people only have to buy a move once. A totem or food or potion or poison has to be restocked.
  16. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    I maintain my point of view, you say that your friend or other char makes much more as a woodworker
    but may be he spends much more time gathering and crafting.

    Let's take another example, i m like 30sh woodworker i can make totems
    most won't sell more than 15 silver, the see invisibility one is supposed to sell higher but i have serious doubt about that.
    May be i can gather or buy Oak and sell a buckler
    or a staff for 5-8 gold with a benefit of 2-3 gold over the rare price.

    No a 30ish sage sell one adept 3 30gold with a benefit of 20-25 gold.
    Leveling is fast and the sage cover several classes, at the broker it's rare to find the adept 3 you need.
    In other words there is no competition at the broker.

    That being said i m not sure that those expensive adept 3 do sell, the price at the broker is really high but
    i cannot prove that those spells are sold.

    I actually never bought any adept 3, i m not a twink or a gold buyer so i simply cannot afford them
    and ask my guild to make them for me. However twinks are many and for them 30 gold is nothing
    so they may but instead of annoying their level 70 guildmates with level 30 craft.

    Last i m about to reach tier 4 and apprentice 4 seems to go around 4 gold (as a consequence i won't buy app 4 anymore and i will get tem done) this is jst 4 gold per combine since app4 material cost close to nothing.
  17. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    hortefoutre wrote:
    You are able to buy the rares for the adept IIIs for less than 10g?

    When your woodworker gets to 39 you will likely find you are able to sell totems for 1g or more and sell 30 of them faster than a single adept III and for more profit (since no rare is involved).
  18. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    The professions with the most consumable items made from common raws will make the most profit. Those with the least competition from vendors/loot drops are even better off.
    Common raws take the least time to gather, and have the least opportunity cost generally. Consumables are repeat sales, particularly those without class restrictions. Consumables are saleable across levels, in that, for instance, a level 70 with no invis will still buy level 30 invis items.
    While some professions may make more per item, I truly feel people are not taking into account cost of rare recipes, and either time spent OR opportunity cost on rare raws. The idea that harvested goods are "free" is ludicrous.. they require time, and time is the ONLY commodity in this game that we pay for in RL funds.
    You can level a prof with consumables without writs, and by selling the production of common products as you go. This can be a profitable way to level. Writs are a guaranteed money loss for hard metal professions, doing t5 AS non rush writs requires the use of 48 Fulginate.. fulginate worth an average of 20s ea on my server.. for which you get a whopping 54s on completion.
    I recently leveled a Provie to 48, and an AS to 48. The Provie leveled by producing 4 stacks of drink that I sold at 10x fuel cost, made from easily obtained commons that are a glut on the market. Not one writ, every combine to level was a saleable product and in fact lasted one day on broker. My AS burned up hours of harvesting fulginate doing the 5 writs required to level, produced not one saleable product, and lost money.
    Tradeskills are not equal. Right now WS has a possible sale of TWO RARE and IMBUED items per tier to a char with the DW changes, 3 if a fighter is insistant on leveling all three damage types. That is it. No consumables, no adorns worth wasting raws on... Don't EVEN suggest a WS has the earning capability of Provisioner, Woodworker, Alchemist.
    The only way to remotely claim a WS has the earning capability of Consumable sellers is to forget the cost of leveling on NON SALEABLE goods, forget the cost of procuring Rare recipes, and forget the massive time sink and/or opportunity loss cost of harvesting rares to produce the only sellable products they have.
    Optimism is great. Blindness is not. Rose Colored glasses aren't opaque, last I checked.
  19. ARCHIVED-foozlesprite Guest

    hortefoutre wrote:
    He plays a lot less than me. I play every night for a few hours and he only gets to play an hour or two a week max. I spend a nice chunk of that time gathering and crafting with various characters. He crafts once and gets three totems that sell for 1.5g apiece and sell out very quickly. I craft once and get a single spell that if app IV sells for about 3g, hopefully within a month, and if adept III, sells for a very slim profit margin due to the massive adept undercutting that occurs on my server. It might sell in a day or it might sell in two months, no telling. Either way, totems and arrows sell a lot faster than spell upgrades b/c they're needed multiple times and far more people need them in the first place.
  20. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    For me, my provisioner (and first ts to level 70) was the most tedious crafter and made the least money - perhaps the two things went together. As soon as Aps touched 70, I gave up trying to sell food and drink and just made it for friends. Now, she has retired and my alts are begging food in the streets! I will try to level her up to 80 but my heart fails at the thought!
    Anyway, back to what does make some gold. My sage is a good supplement to my alchemist as she makes the dusts as a by-prduct but she doesn't make really serious money as her stuff sells slowly. So, for me, there is only one answer - you gotta be an alchemist! I make a lot of serious gold with her but only through the potions side. Perhaps it was my ad to the Guild that did it!
    "Top quality spells and potions to suit your every adventuring need!

    Are you a fighter, mages or priest? Want to make your friends seem idle slackers on the parser? Look no further than Speedy Sage Scrolls! Are your friends whispering about your ponderous and portly looks or your perilous and precarious spell casting? Use our guaranteed, top class spell scrolls to kill all that - DEAD!

    Need a power boost for those times when you are tired or a health potion to restore the edge when wounded? Try Portia's Potent Potions! Guaranteed to cure malevolent malaise, protect you from malign mishap and all manner of mendacious menace!

    All purchases sent in a plain brown envelope! Fast, efficient and discreet service! Terms and conditions on application."

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