Best Weapon Procs + Melee Stats

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by herem, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. herem Member

    What are the better weapon procs to run? So far I'm mostly running BoL solos on a monk, but hope to start running BoL Heroics soon enough. I see people talk about Arcane Rending (cuz everyone's an Etherealist), Devastation Strike, and Decisive Strike. I've also heard people talk about doubling up on the same proc in all three spots - why is that?

    Is decisive Strike that good vs. something like Rending Torrent for a monk (who does a lot of physical damage)?

    As for melee stats...i'm at 6k dps, 1700 ma, 245 wdb. i can swap a few things around and try for 8k dps, but i'd lose 50 wdb or so. i do have the 100 wdb proc red adorn...any thoughts?

    eq2u doesn't seem to be displaying my stats, but here's the link...still a work in process:
  2. Aakla Member

    Anguish, Equalize, Dev Strike
    or Anguish, Anguish Equilize. (or its 2 equalize and 1 anguish)
    Anguish increases all dmg and equalize lowers mit.

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