Best solo priest?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Vinny, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Vinny Member

    Hi folks,

    Looking to come back to EQ2 after a long time away, I want to try a priest class to solo/molo my way up through the levels. Which priest class will allow me to do it without too much trouble?

  2. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    Any of the priests will work. If you just plan to solo forever, warden will give you a self rez and an evac.
  3. Bleanienia New Member

    If you want more passive durability, channeler is decent, with a few choice toggles, depending on the aa's you get, you can get a "free death" every hour or so. but its more... "physical" based, as in bow type stuff, so its not a casterly cleric, animation wise (if thats a thing you are worried about) its got some adaptabiliy too, but overall needs some TLC for higher levels (I also loved the pet customizations, visually, but sadly they need a heavy functional overhaul)

    But of the priests i've played in recent memmory, the fury or warden, is a decent "overall" choice for solo stuffs
  4. Asteny New Member

    I am playing a defiler only level 30 now and I noticed she is quite slow and it takes time and my poor pet is quite good at dying. I play better with a merc when it goes faster. It is only that every fight is quite long but with the merc it is faster. I am using the default solo build in game and I hope to find a DPS build. I generally do not use the merc with my other characters when I'm doing normal levelling but with the defiler the pace is too slow without the merc. I suppose it is a compromise I must make. Dungeons I always take the merc on all my toons except the Necromancer.
  5. Jalathan Member

    if you are looking for something that can solo decently, then Fury/Warden is definitely the way to go, they are the highest of the DPS healers (except for Channy, which I can't really speak to, to be honest). I've played the other 4 and they can be painful solo due to the lower dps output, but certainly doable.
  6. Trilly Active Member

    My Warden has always been able to solo. They are not fast killers but with her self rez I am able to solo Vex Thal solo which some of my other 120s cannot, or have nasty trouble with. She is not Heroic or Raid player so her gear is good, but not great! She has always been my main, and probably of the 17 char I have...will continue to be.
  7. Finora Well-Known Member

    I haven't had issues soloing with Mystics or Wardens.

    The only problems I've ever had with my Fury were of my own creation (failure to upgrade spells & gear in a timely fashion).

    Templars can solo, but man they aren't fast at all or I really am terrible playing a templar (this is possible).

    Defilers were slower than mystics in the past, but I'll be completely honest, my defiler has kind of been in mothballs for at least 3 expansions other than holiday stuff.

    I haven't had any issues with my Inquisitors either, though I don't play them much and neither of mine are any where near level cap.

    I don't mention Channeler ability because I know I'm not a good example of what those can do lol. I know there are people who are very good at playing them, but I am not one of those people.
  8. Ambrozia Jello Goddess

    Love my fury! Rebirth, AoEs, HoTs... what more can you ask for? Certain AA lines can beef damage up pretty good. Been soloing her for 15? years.

    The defilers have become sick! Couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper sack at one point .. but they've become what I call "an sk wannabe healer".

    120 Fury, Brig, SK, BL, Necro, Defiler, Coerc, Wiz, Warlock, Bruiser and Ranger so far and all have been good to solo. Having a little trouble with the dirge, but I think it's mostly equipment :p

    Ambrozia, Maj'Dul
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  9. Raff Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with Defilers at max level. I can solo heal most Heroics (though a 2nd healer is more fun for me)

    Actually, I would say that Defilers are probably one of the best Harvesting classes ever. My Epic dawg just solo kills almost everything (except placeholders & bosses) while I wander around on 2 yr old mount while in full harvest gear and pick stuff up.

    But soloing one to max is about as much fun as a root canal.
  10. Madiya New Member


    Without a question. I love the channeler. You can cast as you run!
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I Think the Channeler want's to be a healing Conjuror / Beastlord / Ranger .
    They have to collect essences to give their construct a soul like a beast lord has to capture the essence of creatures ,
    and their pet rock never dies , it simply looses the ability to be a shield , but will still fight till he gets repaired or the owner dies .
    My biggest problem with them is , they use more arrows , or at least as many as a ranger , so get a big quiver .
    I also found out they are soooo slow to level up at least at the beginning .
    I also agree that Templars are so slow casting one of their healing spells that a whole group can die before they finish ,
    but as they level up things get better .
    Get some equipment with casting speed and reuse speed .
    I love my druids they come with free portal .
    the Fury thinks she is a warlock with all the aoe s , both druids have good protection spells , but a Mystic has more wards than a Warden lol not everything is in the name .
    Furies van go invisible that comes in handy .
    Defilers and Mystics have combat pets that do damage , so that helps .
    I suggest you give some of them a try , you can even make a heroic character for free and test drive them to give you a better idea how your future priest works , once done with that just delete him or her .
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  12. KaiskDarkPhoenix Member

    From my experience, I've found the mystic, warden, inquiz, and channeler are perfect for soloing. My personal favorite is the inquiz. That little frog can heal and whup heinies with the best of em. The warden is growing on me, tho, and I've got a lvl 74 Vah Shir warden I'm trying to get to 120. The mystic not only has wards to avoid damage, but also has one of the best healing spells with Ancestral Channeling. Now, the channeler is a unique case. Deals ranged damage like a ranger, heals like a cross between a mystic/defiler and a warden/fury, and has a pet like a conjy/necro. If you really want a good dps priest, I'd go with either a warden or a channeler.
  13. fezmund New Member

    Inquisitor, warden, or mystic can change some their spells to combat arts. It makes soloing quite a bit faster.
    There is nothing wrong with Templar or defiler. Templar felt like watching paint dry to me. Defiler gets better once you are able to put aa into your dog pet.
    Fury kicks serious tail.
  14. Cogu New Member

    all healers can solo you should try multiple and figure out what best suits your play style my personal favorites are fury and defiler but it is always about what best suits the player and what they want to accomplish
    advice only helps a little
  15. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    The Inquisitor is no doubt the most powerful, fast and convenient solo priest class in the game. One of the best soloing classes in general, actually. Let's see:

    1) autoattack is the main source of dps: easy monsters, landscape like, just die to one hit, no need to cast/use anything else;
    2) has combat arts, which are instant, can be used on a run;
    3) has powerful heals of different types: reactives, hots, wards (though wards are tricky and on along cd); it is possible to circle through Divine Waters and Inquisition to maintain a hot on yourself and the group 100% of the time, wich is enough for most parts of solo content; not to mention Divine Guidance, a 24 seconds duration reactive with unlimited triggers once every 2 minutes;
    4) has insane surviability through Equilibrium (8 seconds death immunity every 1.5 minute), regular one trigger death prevent, Divine Aura ( every hit lower then 50% of max health is prevented, 5 min reacst), wards, heals and other means;
    5) very mobile: Interrogation port and 30 runspeed increase, with short immunity to roots and snare, 20% run speed after using Fervent Faith;
    6) can resurect himself and the group every 1.5 minute;
    7) a cure machine,except for cure curses;
    8) has somewhat unic approach to gearing: not so potency and fervor dependant, uses mele oriented items instead of caster ones, does not really require upgrading most of his spells past expert tiers;
    9) probably something else I can't remember right now :)

    Now downsides:

    1) most good things come from AA and sometimes one has to choose. For instance I do not use Divine Aura and runspeed buff from Interogation since I'm too lazy to switch specs beween raids, instances and solo. Neither do I need it, actually. Everything dies easy enough;
    2) choosing ascension class is tricky: on one hand Geomancer feets Inquisitor perfectly, giving him buffs and heals, on the other Geomancer is the worst raw dps class out there. I'm personally a geomancer, but mostly because it will be tremendous effort to change the ascension class and because I do not use ascension nukes when I solo anyway;
    3) very gear dependant, much more dependant then other classes imo;
    4) power issue: not only power is consumed constantly to maintain 3 of our best buffs, but we do not have reliable sources of it's replenishment. Inquisition, which is our power feed buff, does basically nothing after they changed it to 1.5-2.5% of our max power instead of flat restore amount. Better then nothing for sure, but we can not maintain our power as well as druids or defiler;
    5) since Inquisitor had so many changes over the years, the class feels and plays differently at different levels; I'm speaking from the raid geared max level point of view.

    And to sum it up, hobbits are the best!
  16. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I have both the warden and the fury and find I can solo better with the warden. They are both about equally geared and AA's done but she just seems easier to solo with.
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  17. Sunshimmer New Member

    I have successfully soloed with both the inquisitor and fury. Beyoncia is correct about gear dependence in EQ2. This game is very gear and spell/combat art dependent.
  18. tasnee Active Member

    Channeler or Fury/Warden. Maybe it's just my personal pref, but I love self-rez, quick heals, group invis, balanced dps of the fury. Warden is good too, I just find them more heal based than the fury. If you want major dps, casting while running, outside the box attack with a bow get healed, then go channeler. Seriously, they are a fun class once you learn what makes them tick. I would even say they are a little overpowered haha.