Best set up for OT/MA with GU36

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Vaddar, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Vaddar Guest

    when u use dragon reflex u are still auto attacking so if u use ow destruction then dragon reflex u can still build up some hate
  2. ARCHIVED--Mummel- Guest

    no you're not auto attacking (at least if they didn't change anything with gu36 and i am pretty sure they didn't)
  3. ARCHIVED-Vaddar Guest

    on test u could
  4. ARCHIVED--Mummel- Guest

    hm anyone who has reflexes can verify one or the other? 4pm and servers down, wtf...
  5. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    It still says 12 sec recovery so you can still do nothing for this time.
  6. ARCHIVED-YummiOger Guest

    [p]If u Taunts/ Gibe / Weapon Aegis before the Dragoon, You should not loose aggro. Also the Dragoon Recover time is effected/Reduced by the INT End ability and the New Accel Strike. 30%(Relentless assault) +25% (accel Strike) = 55% Recover reduction, = 6s recover stun. Then u have 6s of 100% parry and can use all abilities....[/p]
  7. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Ahdam@Permafrost wrote:
    Weapon Aegis won't work, because you won't be hit. Do you really think that this spell is worth spending 48 points on it, as you suggest?
  8. ARCHIVED-Oldlore Guest

    "Also the Dragoon Recover time is effected/Reduced by the INT End ability and the New Accel Strike" From what I've seen using the new Accep Strike, it doesn't affect recast timers...unless I'm just not seeing it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Vaddar Guest

    i tested u do not auto attack but u do riposte when u use dragon reflex
  10. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    It does. . . . 25% at first point. I specced to full AGI/WIS because I'm a nut. Anyway, I don't autoattack for 12 seconds when I throw that thing up. So there you have that there then.
  11. ARCHIVED-YummiOger Guest

    [p] the RECOVERY TIME .. Not Recast time .. the 12s Recovery is what stops everything for 12s. the new Accel strike gives a -25% Recovery time. and Relentless Assualt give -30% Recovery time. = -55% Recovery time. = 6s of Active Recovery on Dragoon Reflexes. [/p][p]That has nothing to do with Recast time.....[/p]
  12. ARCHIVED-YummiOger Guest

    [p] Hey yaz Bremer,[/p][p]Personally im STR448 STAM4488 INT45 and will likely stick with that, u guys were juat talking about Dragoon and i thought id just give out some ideas is all. some neat tricks maby some peeps did not know :thumbup:[/p][p]maby some1 will like it and use it, personally i could see a Guardian useing Agil/Int build more than a zerk [/p][p]Although, i REALLY like the ability lol ....[/p]
  13. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    I also respecced to Sta 4-4-8-8 Str 4-4-8 Int 4-5 with this patch. My only concern is that both Int and Str tree CA's are on the same recast timer, so i can't really use them both effectively.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ai yo Guest

    Is this intended or not? I find it not quite right as we spent pts on AA & resulting the skill using same timer rather lame...
  15. ARCHIVED-fbitt Guest

    The patch notes indicate this is intended: Removed most weapon requirements from the second set of achievements of all Class achievement trees, with the exception to shield and ranged weapon requirements. They all share the same reuse time as well. Many of these abilities were slightly improved. Typical MMO design, I guess. Remove a requirement (yay!) but make it so that only one ability is now worthwhile (boo!). /shrug. Gonna ditch the int line now ....
  16. ARCHIVED-Alaward Guest

    I'm in the same conundrum as far as not being able to use Str2 and Int2 at the same time, but that is how they intended it to work by taking away the weapon prereqs. Here's how I do it, not saying its the best way but its an example of one way. Spec'd 4/4/8 Str 4/4/8 Sta 4/5/8 Int. Talking purely dps here: Pre-Pull: Destruction 1st Attack: Exe Wrath, followed by Frenzied, Demolish, Agonizing Press, Disfigure, Breach, Stampede, Persistant, Ruthless in that order. Mid-Fight: OW + Jugg + Accel Strike. Obviously for fights that only last like 20 seconds ~ 40 seconds this changes but for > 1 min encounters i do pretty well with this method. This allows you to maximize your haste while you have OW up and not be reliant on other classes to buff your haste to the cap. I realize this is an OT/MA thread but this is just in reply to Hardain with an example of the way i use the two skills in conjunction with one another.

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