Best set up for OT/MA with GU36

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Vaddar, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-FightGame Guest

    [p] Well I know that when I put 8 points into in, giving me 100% crits, that I would NOT crit on everything for a full 10 seconds. If you read the description, it clearly says "the next attack".[/p][p] [/p][p]And Kage848 - Our healers heal through the mobs and do a damn good job. I carry 1 repair kit, and rarely have to use it. Once the mobs are debuffed, many classes can tank them just fine, even a jugernauted, offensively specced zerker.[/p]
  2. ARCHIVED-Legiax Guest

    [p]I will be speccing Sakatai for DPS, since the new changes will put us up there with the best AoE DPS classes.[/p][p]4-4-8 STR, 4-5-8 AGI, 4-4-8 STA[/p][p]Depending on if the second line abilities still share the same reuse timer, I may spec into INT instead of STR. [/p][p] [/p][p]PvP Wise... this build will be insane for just about everything tbh, I can already win 95% of all 1v1's, with the damage nerf incoming to PvP, and us getting more AoE damage... its going to be sick in the head :)[/p][p] [/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Well from trying out tons of builds on test server with unlimited respecs i pretty much decided what im going to do untill LU 37 hits. 4488 sta 4482 str 41 int The new accel strike is severly gimped from the old version, but its still nice when it actually lands. I have been debating going DW when LU37 comes out, but as of now sta/str are still king. Reason for str over agi: str=22% crits to ALL my mele DPS agi=40% aoe to only my auto attack and only the non double attacks... My zonewides typical break down to about 55% of my damage being auto attack, and i sit at about 90% double attack. For estimate purposes we could say that cyclone will only work on 25% of my outging damage on some encounters where as crits work on all encounters and types of outgoing damage.
  4. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Narl@Nagafen wrote:
    Yes, they do.
  5. ARCHIVED-Alaward Guest

    Skel does belly smash still have the knocked down prereq?
  6. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    yeah the wisdom line was left untouched except for the final skill which removes hunker down penalties. I was rather disapointed with this because this line needed some serious love. Personaly i never really cared about my DPS reduction from hunkerdown line... because generally when im spaming that im going as defensive as possible.
  7. ARCHIVED-Alaward Guest

    [p]Agreed the WIS line is probably our worst, i was just hoping that they would take away all the prereq's for this ability. I only use the hunker line when im not worried about dps and just worried about surviving also.[/p][p] I just saw it as a way to increase the need for zerks in a raid, having a second class with a dispatch ability would be awesome.[/p]
  8. ARCHIVED-Legiax Guest

    [p]You would still need to knock your target down, which .... vs Epics is a problem. However it does decide to land now and then randomly, all very odd.[/p][p]Skel ... the build you listed is my exact current build on Sakatai, but for raw DPS, the STR / AGI / STA build, thinking from a PvP perspective, is awesome.[/p]
  9. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Yeah i speak strictly from a PvE raid point of view... i have no idea what goes on in PvP
  10. ARCHIVED-God'sEye Guest

    I know the 448 STR/STA/AGI lines was considered to be the top end dps set up for pure dps - but it is the suxor for tanking really hard hitting mobs. Until you factor in gear. With the jewelry that is out in EOF - you can make up for not taking the end line in STA or make your tanking pretty defensive. The end AGI line is great for when no one is really unloading on the mob - but with nothing generating hate for you - you are going to lose the mob to the dumb skirt that casts life or mana burn. Your AA choices should depend upon your group set up on raids. Typically - if you are in a group with a monk or illusionist - and no inquisitor you are really looking for dps mods not haste. However, with the two dps adornments, neck and bow, our own beserk proc, one dps mastercrafted ring proc, the rumbler shoulders, the buckler of the howler, the quested 8 dps ear from tunare - the 9 dps ear from wuoshi - you can see how the dps increase is pretty much the suck unless you dont have that gear. If you are with a dirge with super cac and an inquisitor - and have the same gear mentioned above - then you are in the same boat at the 200 cap with little efforts - your dps is gonna be maxed - but you might have room for some haste - like the 4-1 int line affords. The two items that are not subject to dimishing returns and are hard to get to triple digits with gear and procs for zerkers - are double attack - and crits. With that being said - it seems that the frontal afforded by AGI - as an augmentation for the 2 minutes of a fight that OW isnt up - would be ok if you do alot of aoe type fighting - but most aoes fights are over in under 30 sec - as the warlocks, conj, and everyone else ways in with their big stuff. In the end - you want big single target dps - and augment your aoe dps with destruction and open wounds and maybe the 4-1 STR line. But for me - until they show me the DW mechanics changes - its buckler of the howler and the GBH for me. 11% dbl attack post STA nerf will be huge - and with the dirge line changes they will get you another 9% - so you are back to 80%. If they come up with a 2 hander with a huge crit chance and 15 dbl attack - then it might make sense to look at other lines - but even then - it would seem that the high DR one handers will win out. Now if the passive buffs from your offhand still affect the primary hand in the proposed DW changes - then it will be more about picking the right delays of hte weapons so you can maximize combat arts in between autoattacks. Anyway - for me - its still 448 STR/AGI/STA until I see if they put any nuances in the math. In the end - look at what your group is bringing to the table then figure what you need to supplement to max your dps.
  11. ARCHIVED-Nitz Guest

    My guild is heavy on tanks, scouts and druids. We have one active dirge and one active wizard. I am close to the bottom of the tank pile for MT due to gear (started raiding six months after most others). So, I am STA/INT right now. I have the Flesh buckler, a crappy 65DR 1hb (Drakeborn Bludgeoner) and the red glowy 93DR 2HS from Labs. I am thinking of swapping to STA/STR but I will miss the haste+parry a lot when tanking instances. Just looking for thoughts.
  12. ARCHIVED-YummiOger Guest

    Hi ya Nitz , seeing as ur not MT or ST, i would go a stright DPS build. Looks like ur guild could use the DPS moreso than another tank. str448 stam448 int 448 .. to be adjusted after LU36 of course..
  13. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    I'm thinking the king DPS spec after GU 36 will definately be 4-4-8 Str/Sta/Agi. Myself I OT most of the time but I MT alot too so giving up the avoidance from Gladiator's Revenge isn't really feasable for me. I may try out Str/Sta/Agi but I think in the end I'll end up staying Str/Sta/Int like I am now since in order to get the AE auto-attack I'd need to give up 22% melee crit. Seeing as AE-autoattack is very situational and melee crit is always useful this seems like a no brainer to me.
  14. ARCHIVED-Vaddar Guest

    well i have decided to go 44862agi 44882 sta going to see if this works for the OT position. i think dragon reflex will be a big help now it at a 3 min recast
  15. ARCHIVED-digitalblasphemy Guest

    Karsgaar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    For those of us who rarely MT, but raid and tank instances etc., Club 448 (STR,AGI,STA) was and still is the best dps build I feel.
  16. ARCHIVED-fbitt Guest

    I primarily duo with a Fury -- now, since the str crit (executioners wrath) and Accel Strike from the Int line are on the same timers, I'm wondering if it's not a bit of a waste to have points in both str and int; i'm pondering either all str (4/6/8, rest in STA) -- or going all the way down the agi line for dragoon's reflexes. While we can duo some heroic instances, our primary roadblock are 68+ named mobs. Against these foes, essentially my Fury partner will run out of mana, and soon after I'll run out of health. However, I'm thinking with Animism (Fury tree power regen) + dragoon reflexes we might be able to tackle that hurdle. The problem (I think) will be my DPS will take a fair hit against normal heroic mobs ... any thoughts/feedback appreciated (I'm geared primarily with purchased legendary.)
  17. ARCHIVED-Oldlore Guest

    I'm staying 448 Str and 4468 Sta and 41 Int for now, same as before. I tank instances and off tank on raids. Agility is nice but I just don't see a lot of fights where the grouped mobs live very long. I often don't get the full use out of Open Wounds as it is. The final ability is very nice now but it's a lot of points just to get that.
  18. ARCHIVED-Jackula Guest

    QFE. The AGI final is very tempting with it's new and much shorter 3 minute recast timer. That final skill is THE reason to go down AGI, with a small boost to avoidance and a second poor mans AE as fringe benefits. If you're using what I see we're dubbing "The Club" DPS spec of 4/4/8 into three lines I don't see AGI paying off enough. Yes, it got bumped up to 40% chance to autoattack multiple mobs but how many of your fights involve 3 or more mobs, and how long do they live? AGI to final is really viable for a defensive spec, but AGI isn't going to be cutting it for a DPS spec for what I normally face.
  19. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    The four vampire fights in FTH on the way to Othysus. The Courtesan fights and blood collosus fights in MMIS (of course the courtesans need to die as fast as possible or they wreak havok). The brownie fights on second floor EH (which of course you can bypass now if you beat the challenge). Sariah the Bloomseeker on second floor EH. The "Dark Vampire" named in MMIS (I forget his name but he's the one with four epic adds). That's just what I can think of off the top of my head for EOF instances, I'm sure there are plenty more, but all of these are multiple epic mob encounters. Then of course there's plenty more in KoS (Labs, LoA etc.) that I could think of. My point is, it's situational, but very very nice. It's basically like a slightly weaker version of the Swashy's Hurricane ability (which is 55% ae auto-attack with AA enhancement). To me it's much more useful then the end line since when you cast the end line you can do NOTHING for 12 seconds. In other words you WILL lose aggro, unless your DPS are all complete slackers. Sure, you'll live if you cast it but by the time you're done standing there drooling the mob will be rampaging your raid. In other words, IMHO the end line in agility is pretty much useless. You're much better off putting points in Str or Int. Me, I'm staying my same old Str/Sta/Int spec. Great for tanking, and great for DPS. If I was going to be pure DPS I'd go 4-4-8 Str/Sta/Agi.
  20. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    The vast majority of the stuff you named is trash. When i look to improve my charater via something semi-permanent i think... will this make me better vs most of the NAMED EoF fights. If that answer is no then i look elsewhere. Killing trash isnt hard, and you dont hear people say grats on a trash clear. Granted i am somewhat bias because im MT and there are only like 2 fights in the game where i tank adds... but it still has limited use even to an OT.

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